Alp Emek protests from IYI party: ‘We will continue to speak freely’

Bahadur Erdem, head of law and justice policy at the IYI party, Baghra Kavunku, provincial president of Istanbul, and Hamza Yertsever, provincial head of the youth wing of Istanbul; IYI hosted a press conference regarding the arrest of youth member Alp Emeç (20).

At the meeting held at the IYI Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency building, Hamza Yurtsever, a lawyer who was the Istanbul Provincial Head of the IYI Party Youth Branch, first appeared. Yurtsevar said they followed the process of arresting Alp Emek with Secretary-General Ugur Poyraj at the behest of President Meral Aksener.

“They are not afraid of Alp.”

Yurtsever says he visited Alp Emec and got a message from her. “The news is a shock to members of the government who are trying to spread fear. Alp is in good spirits. And they couldn’t scare the alpine. Just as they could not intimidate Alp, so they could not intimidate the young people here. And at the same time, they are not intimidating young people who are determined to fight for their country. “ Says

Yurtsever says every lawyer who sees Emeç’s interrogation memo will say it’s a political text, not legal.

Yurtsever explained that the reason for Emeç’s arrest was a political text, based on the following statement of reasons for his arrest:

“There is strong suspicion of the crime and there is definite evidence that the suspect committed the offense against him. The manner in which the accused was charged in the commission, the subject matter, importance and value of the offense, the nature of the damage caused by the alleged crime and the gravity of the danger.”

The relevant part of the patriotic investigation report is on the minds of those who read it “There is a danger associated with the indivisible integrity of the motherland and the suspect has revealed it.” He said he was coming. Yurtsever says people were curious about the crime in the face of these heavy allegations and continued as follows:

‘A lawyer should combine this with a concrete event’

” What’s the crime? Insulting the President. What tools are used? Social media. A tweet with action and a tweet fifteen minutes later was deleted. All that? Of course this is not enough. The real question here is the gravity of danger. What danger does the judge see here? As a lawyer, it is our natural right to ask this question. What kind of danger does the judge see in Alp’s tweet here? A lawyer must associate the concrete event he or she claims with what he or she says in a text. However, this text does not make this association in any way.

‘ALP suspected of fleeing and blackening evidence’

And it continues. ‘Suspicion of suspicion of blackening evidence and possibility of escape’ … I mentioned at the beginning of the speech. Alp is a 20-year-old university student; Studying in a good university with full scholarship. There is no doubt of escape. You do not have to be a prophet to understand this. However, the day before, on Thursday evening, the police called and said, you have to come to the statement. Alp revealed it to me this morning. What will happen if my president leaves, will I be late for school? I went to think. “I went, thinking that if I told the school, to my friends,” he said. And he goes with his mother. Now Alp was suspected of fleeing. After a phone call from police, the young man, who left school in the morning, was suspected of fleeing. And there was also the suspicion of obscuring the evidence, which is a sentence contrary to logic and interpretation. What we call evidence is a screenshot that has already been taken. And the tweet has already been deleted. Now, no lawyer can explain the law with the lessons learned in the faculty.

“Politically, the judiciary has asked judges and prosecutors to uphold the current order.”

At the stage we have reached today, we are suffering the consequences of this monstrous system, which fights with the sword of the party chairman, defends itself with the shield of the president and turns the judiciary into a stick for itself. The political judiciary has sacrificed a public prosecutor and a magistrate two days ago to maintain its current order. In order to continue this order, it is necessary to stop this hunting from time to time. So, he obviously sacrificed a public prosecutor and a criminal judge to maintain the political order of this judiciary. Thus the present government has stolen another knife in the neck of the judiciary, whose confidence in the judiciary is dying. Our faith in the judiciary as a society was being eroded day by day. With this move, they stole another knife and I think these moves are the last struggle of the dead judiciary. In spite of all this, we will continue to fight against this illegal judicial decision within the framework of the rule of law, which has created a deep wound of conscience. “

Bahadur Erdem: ‘We will remove the crime of insulting the President from TCK’

Bahadur Erdem, president of the IYI Party’s Law and Justice Policy, also underlined that he was very sorry for Alp Amek, as a father and a lawyer, who had to make such a press release. The titles of Erdem’s speeches are as follows:

“In Turkey, according to 2022 data, more than 160,000 citizens were investigated for insulting the president. More than 35,000 of them have been prosecuted and more than 10,000 have been convicted. Among them, 1,100-odd children under the age of 18 and 10 children are detained; One is between 12 and 14 years of age. I am asking the President. Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan was jailed 20 years ago for intellectual offenses and became prime minister because of it, and he won the election. What has changed now is that 20 years later, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has become embroiled in controversy with his citizens. As the IYI party, we will remove the crime of insulting the President from the Turkish Penal Code (TCK). This is in our policy, the IYI Party’s advanced and strong parliamentary policy, and the six-table policy. Defamation charges already exist in TC. In addition, the crime of insulting the President does not need to be regulated in Turkish penal code. I want to emphasize that we will remove it.

‘President is trying to build empire of fear’

At the point today, the president is trying to establish an empire of fear so that he cannot express his views on his citizens, and especially the youth. But as Mustafa Kemal Atatুrk told his nephew, the strength that Turkish youth need is in the great blood in their veins. It does not scare you in any way. Where is our friend Hamza? Alpine said. He said he was not afraid. “He will not intimidate any of us,” he said. As the IYI party, we fully support freedom of thought and expression in the constitution. In the morning, we went for a walk. Now I am going to visit again. Because our president wants to be aware of the situation in Alp. We demand his immediate release. We want this unjust, illegal and unconstitutional arrest to be stopped as soon as possible. And in particular. I would like to ask a question to the voters who voted for this party. Alper, please; Let’s see their faces in the pictures of a bright young man of 20 years, a child of this nation who has studied with 100% scholarship. Let them see their own children with their own children in turn. After that, what kind of feelings and thoughts do they have towards this unjust arrest and this treatment? I want to bring the matter to the attention of Turkey. “

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