Ayhan Akman: Let my boys play for this team in Galatasaray first, we’ll see later

“It was a funny coincidence that Arda came into the game instead of me and replaced Hamza Arda. I liked it very much, I was proud. He was excited on the sidelines, he didn’t know what to do.”

There is no need to explain what Ayhan Akman did as a footballer, who rose to prominence in Gaziantep in the late 90’s and then went to Besiktas and then to Galatasaray, winning 4 league championships, 2 Turkish Cups and a Super Cup, as well as 5 championships. 59 goals, 48 ​​assists. Akman, now 45, is a football commentator on the TRT screen. But recently, it has been on the agenda with an interesting coincidence. Arda Turan, 18, and Aihan Akman, 28, who first played for the team in Galatasaray.

The same Arda Turan left the game at the age of 35 and was replaced by Ayhan Aqman’s 16-year-old son Hamza Aqman. We asked Ayhan Aqman about this interesting coincidence and his thoughts as a father of a football player.

It was repeated 17 years ago … Arda Turan, whom you left in 2005, left his place to your son Hamza Igit in a friendly match against Dynamo Kiev? How did you feel as a father at that moment?

It was an interesting coincidence. I found out later. Since I was a commentator on TRT, my friends there posted a video of that moment. A beautiful Tawafuk … a funny coincidence. I liked it so much, I’m proud. He was already very excited when he entered the game. His hands and arms were playing separately. He did not know what to do. After the match we went to have Iftar together. We celebrated that beautiful moment.

“My kids are interested in football, but they grew up with the ball. I was shooting balls in every room of the house. Donating is also important. They’ve been sweating in Florida since they were 7. “

In addition to Hamza, you have another son, Efe … He was born in 2006 and is working on infrastructure in Galatasaray. Will there be two Akman in this team next year?

They have both played for Galatasaray and the national team. He is in the Efe U16 national team. Hamza is also in U18. They love this job and they are passionate about it. They have been sweating in Florida since they were 7 years old. Both of them can play in this team, I will definitely watch it when the time comes with great pride.

Every father wants his son to be a football player. Is work enough or is it a matter of genes?

Which path do you draw for them based on your own experience? I was throwing balls all over the house. There were balls in every room. They grew up with the ball. Of course, their interest comes from me. But creation is also important. To give heart. They have been working and struggling since a young age. They are doing quite well now. It’s an honor for me. So are his cousins.

He is already wearing a big club jersey, but what is your dream for him, what is his dream for himself? Where do you want to see your son?

After Gaziantep, I played for two big clubs in Turkey. I won trophies at Galatasaray and Beşiktaş, but Europe was missing in my career, although there were offers. Let my boys play on this team in Galatasaray first. We’ll see you later. As I said, it would be better if it was Europe, but it depends on the time. Goals need to be short-lived and stand firm on the ground. First, find them a chance to play in Galatasaray. The goal, of course, is Europe. God open your way.

Is it possible to coach in the future, to fight for the same team? That would be amazing. I hope so.

Ali will be even better next year

Your nephew Ali Aqman also made his way to Intracht Frankfurt at a young age. He played for Nijmegen in the Netherlands. How do you find its development?

19 year old young actor. He is a player from Frankfurt but they sent him on loan to Nizmegen to help develop Europe. Taking time in his first year in Europe was very important to him. Can he do better? He will, but as I said, he is successful in his first year. He saw the European environment, the professionalism there. I think it will be even better next year.

Can you criticize Ali’s match?

Of course … we’ll call each other right after the match, we’ll have advice. With my children and with Ali. I analyze our faces face to face through both phone and facetime and tell the truth and the shortcomings.

You can go to the target and steal

If you compare yourself to Hamza, what would you say? What did he get from your talent? What are their shortcomings?

I was an offensive midfielder in my first term, then I became a defensive midfielder. Hamza is currently playing as an attacking midfielder. An attacking player that can go straight to the goal and dribble. Hamza has now taken a step. This time is important for confidence even if you play a game for half an hour. Young people in particular want to feel confident. Then the important thing is whether there is a chance in his team.

As a parent, I say that abroad should be limited

If we want to create young players, these kids have to play. When I think of it as a parent, I see that limitations are essential for young people.

Recently, young football players have come forward with Arda Guler in Fenerbahce. What is your comment about Arda, how do you evaluate young people?

Ardar’s debut at the age of 16 is very important because of his young age. Ardar’s game is also a driving force for other players. It also pushes other teams. While playing Arda, he actually gave the message ‘give importance to young players’. This is encouraging for the other youngsters and, as we have said, challenging the other team, which gave Arda and Fenerbahce the opportunity to Emirhan, Ridvan, Ersin and Serdar Satsi. Arda is very talented. We have a chance to see him in the national team and in Europe.

The most talked about topic in Turkish football is the number of foreigners. How would you describe it as the father of a sportsman and soccer player?

We are talking about a total of 14 foreigners. This number seems too much to me. If we want to create young players, these kids have to play. When I think of it as a parent, I see that limitations are essential for young people. The player exists and he develops as the game progresses. How would it develop without the game? The total number of foreigners is much higher.

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