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In the first education our children are given one week off. Especially those who are preparing for the LGS test and many of our puppies are already excited for the upcoming LGS test. Of course their family …

I wish all our children and teachers good luck and success for this period.

Teachers make our kids love school and lessons. Their teaching style and approach is of course very important.

As I write these, I am reminded of my primary and secondary education and high school teachers. I remember our first grade primary school teacher being like today. This was Lutfi Helvasiolu of Balvadin. Then I studied at Hanif Alnia. Ali Chataltas from Ermenekli, in his senior year. We loved and respected our teachers, and at the same time we were shy. He taught very well and his attitude towards us was very good. I finished primary school at Cedirlara Primary School as the first in the school. In our time, based on graduation exams from school.

My late father gave me to Imam Hatip School. The late Dr. on the way to school. Mehmet Hulusi has played the role of Babel. Imam Hatip’s entrance was with a test. However, the top students have been admitted to the school without examination. We had a math teacher at this school. His name is Yücel Bilgic. We shivered in her class. When we didn’t know what to put in the dictionary, we would hit him on the leg with a stick in his hand, make fun of us when we moved, say how good you dance, and we would try to escape from math. Class

Then I left Imam Hatip Middle School and went to Karma Secondary School. His math teacher, Nekmeddin Taraksiolu, was there. This teacher loves me and everyone else mathematics through his explanations and methods. I finished high school and university with what he taught. As far as I know, at present SU is a professor of mathematics. Dr. It works as

So that’s what I mean;

Education and training are very important. More important is the teaching of our children and the attitude of our teachers. Let’s hope our kids will be better prepared for the LGS test during this time.


But cutting a fool with a sickle will not end.

In one of his poems, Neigen Tevfik says:

Perforated iron does not hit.

You have to go after it and keep an eye on it,

This man cannot be fooled,

He should know himself and make his words.

I blame it on people being deceived again and again.

For this reason, I want to raise a generation that understands what they read, not what they read. Our teachers will do the same.

The Turkish national education system is based solely on learning and imitation.

Studies are usually randomized in children.

Let me give you another example from Imam Hatip School. In our time, IHO will pass. It wasn’t high school.

If Imam Hatip died in our physics-chemistry course in 3rd-4th class, may Allah have mercy on him, if he had anything else, it would ring in his ears, we had a teacher named Mustafa Ilmaz. She was extremely delicate, neatly dressed and tolerant. He valued time very much.

Her exams allowed for forgery, notebooks and books. But he explained the lesson very well, he kept it in our heads. Back then, tests were mostly done with classical questions.

He used to say: While preparing the copy, the children work and prepare. I value the effort. I don’t ask questions in the classical way from notebooks and books. If it doesn’t work, it can’t be done. If those who make copies are not ready, they will not find the answer to my question even after seeing their copies.

I don’t know if there is such a teacher now,

Is there any student who makes such copy and studies?

Whom we call teachers

Some things should be memorized, in fact we need to know the history. They do not say in which year the battle of Mohawk took place, why the battle took place and why the enemy was defeated. Unfortunately, many do not know in what year Istanbul was conquered, who conquered and the anniversary of the founding of the Ottoman Empire.

There are university students who do not know how many cities there are in Turkey. There are those who do not know about the longest river and largest lake in Turkey. Children’s minds should be loaded with practical intelligence to work.

Where, we Turkish children have grown up over the years, without exception, to increase and show literacy rates, not brains.

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