Minister Varanak: “The existence of youth is the greatest guarantee of a bright future for Turkey”

The presence of young people is the biggest guarantee of a bright future for Turkey, “he said.

The University of Health Sciences 2022 “Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Shahne” awards found their owners at a ceremony attended by Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varang. At a ceremony held at the Congress and Culture Center in Uskudar Altunizad, awards were given to successful academics at the university, students of the University of Health Sciences who were successful in sports competitions and health journalists. At the award ceremony, 6 health reporters from different organizations were awarded along with their news. Minister Varang handed over the prizes to their owners.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varnak said, “It would not be wrong for us to call the School of Medicine the consciousness of Turkish modern medicine. Our medical legacy from Avicenna and Averroes was institutionalized with the School of Medicine. Since its inception, this valuable school has been a pioneer in the history of Turkish medicine with its experience. Thanks to his trained physicians, surgeons and pharmacists, many health institutions were founded in Anatolia. Today, this legacy continues with the University of Health Sciences. The University of Health Sciences is an international school of health with about 3,000 professors, more than 20,000 students, and dozens of faculties. His services now extend to Central Asia and Africa. ”

“Thanks to the health insurance we provide, we set the best example of being a social state.”

“We have set the best example of being a social state in the health infrastructure we have established since 2002 and the health insurance we have provided,” he said. On the one hand, while establishing innovative structures with city hospitals, we have trained the most qualified health workers in our country, from doctors to nurses. We have increased the total number of health workers from 295 thousand to 1 million. We know that the quality of our healthcare system is directly proportional to the well-being and quality of life of healthcare professionals. In this context, we did not hesitate to take steps to improve the quality of life of our healthcare professionals if necessary. Thanks to all these advances, we have created a high-tech, but more important, human-friendly health ecosystem. If we say that the world health system and Turkey gave the most difficult test during the epidemic, we are probably not mistaken. However, together we have witnessed how developed countries failed during the epidemic. So to speak, they almost fell into a coma and could not get up from the operating table. Turkey, on the other hand, has successfully passed this test with its health ecosystem, from city hospitals to domestic vaccines, from doctors to technicians. Turkey’s fight against Kovid-19 has been cited as an example to the world. In this context, the epidemic has once again shown how right we are in terms of health.

“We’ve developed a roadmap for smart life and health, products and technology.”

Noting that there have been significant advances in healthcare processes such as diagnostics, treatment, post-treatment and preventive health with the advancement of technology, Minister Varanak said: As a Ministry, we have created the ‘Smart Life and Health, Products and Technologies Roadmap’. With this roadmap, which we will announce soon, we will accelerate domestic and national production in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health information technology, which we have identified as strategic areas. As a ministry, we will lead Turkey’s transformation in health through many projects, from biotechnology production to the creation of the National Pharmaceutical Molecular Library. “

“As long as you chase after information, we will always be with you in our support.”

“My request to our youth is this: don’t stop dreaming. Don’t forget that dreaming is half the success, “said Minister Varanasi,” and never delay your work. Please stay away from evil talk which will lead you astray. Always lean towards science and run after knowledge. You will see that as long as you run after knowledge, we will always be with you in our support. And of course believe in yourself. If you work with confidence, I believe that Yeni Aziz Sankarler, Özlem Türeciler, Uğur Şahinler will come out of this hall in you. The existence of young people like you is the biggest guarantee of a bright Turkey in the future. “

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