Offer “Heimlich maneuver poster” for school and restaurant

Ankara City Hospital Emergency Medicine Clinic Professor in charge of education. Dr. Hakan Oguzturk noted that Heimlich’s strategy could save human lives in cases where the airways are blocked by a foreign body and suggested hanging informational posters in places like schools and restaurants.

In a statement to the AA correspondent, Oguzturk said that in cases where the airways become blocked due to food or foreign bodies can occur at any age, but in most cases it is seen in infants and children.

Noting that bronchial obstruction is mostly due to the tendency of children to put small things in their mouths and to eat or talk fast while eating in adults, Oguzturk noted that it also carries a life-threatening risk.

Oguzturk said that respiratory obstruction can be divided into “partial” and “complete” and said, “If a person cannot speak comfortably but tries to express his pain with words and coughing, there is a partial obstruction. And if there is an annoying process. There is where the person is holding his neck with his hands, the person is in a state of complete crowd.He has shared his knowledge.

Explaining that people with partial obstruction should be encouraged to cough quickly, Oguzturk used the following expressions:

“The person may be able to cough up a foreign body, but if he cannot get it out, there will be a complete obstruction in the person. That is why the person needs to intervene quickly. First of all, we have to get the foreign body. In the middle of the blade, five times in a fast upward motion with the palm of our hand.

How to make Heimlich strategy?

Oguzturk noted that Heimlich’s strategy saved thousands of lives, which has been practiced around the world for nearly 50 years, and explained the practice as follows:

“To perform the Heimlich technique, we first go behind the person. We make a fist with one hand and place this hand between the person’s navel and the navel. With the other hand, we grab the fisted hand and apply pressure upwards and inwards. We also do this operation. We repeat 5-6 times. “

“Himmlich technique can also be applied while alone”

When the person’s airways become blocked, Oguzturk said, “If you are alone and have food or a foreign object in your air pipe, you can go behind a chair around you and press the back of the chair. Apply the Heimlich technique to that area. You should, and you can put pressure on the foreign body. You can throw the object. ” He said.

Heimlich reveals that the technique can be applied to people of all ages, says Oguztürk:

“If it is a baby with a foreign object in the respiratory tract, we must first lay the baby on our hands and check if the foreign body is visible in his mouth. If it is visible, we can remove it from the mouth. Pink finger, but if it is not visible, we lay the baby on our hands and tap the back 5 times first ৷ if we do not get results from this application. ” To practice Heimlich, we apply pressure between the navel and the navel with two fingers inwards and upwards. “

Professor Dr. Oğuztürk reminded that the application should be accompanied by 112 emergency call centers for professional health care.

“When you know what to do, you can easily save the life of a person who can’t breathe.”

After emphasizing that anyone can apply the Heimlich technique correctly, Oguzturk continues:

“Windpipe blocking is a problem that we can face at any time in our daily life. In this case, you can easily save the life of a person who can’t breathe when you know what to do. In this sense, the Heimlich strategy. Awareness can be raised by putting up posters in public places, such as public food and beverage restaurants, or by setting up visuals on how the Himmlich technique is practiced in infirmary and schools. In one corner of the classroom. Raising public awareness in this way will be more beneficial than we imagined. “

Professor Dr. Hakan Oguzturk underlined that emergency intervention should be performed within 3-4 minutes in case of obstruction in the airways. To warn

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