Returning from the dead, Hakan Tassian expressed his greatest regret: ‘If I had never lived …’

After recovering from a liver and kidney transplant last year, master artist Hakan Tassian expressed his greatest sorrow by attending an event. The carrier said his biggest regret was his ‘job’.

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Hakan Tassian, who was treated at Ankara City Hospital for multiple organ failure, recently had a liver and kidney transplant. The carrier was released after 7 months of treatment.

Your doctor “You have 1 month to survive” Hakan Tyan, the favorite name in Arabic music, has regained his health after a long treatment. Gradually regaining his health, Tanir also returned to the music world.

He also shot a music video for the song “Bölüm Halim”, written and composed by Yıldız Tilbe. Hakan Tassian, who survived the difficult times he lived in, took part in a program where he said, “In the days when you were facing death, did you want to do it or not?” He answered this question:

‘I learned a lesson from life’

‘I was born and raised in Ankara, we are a big family of 9 siblings. My dad was also a musician, I entered nightlife with him at a very young age, I spent my years in entertainment. I had an uncomfortable journey, I worked in difficult situations in the night world, I worked in music halls. That life gave me rashes, I learned lessons, but if I didn’t spend my time like that, I’m sorry for that. Sadly, in my time, if I didn’t have a life like that, my job would make me sick. “

Khan holder

“Fry in our own oil!”

Hakan Tassian added, “I have no grudge against anyone. We are fried in our own fat. Thank God, I am standing. May God bless all those who have not given up their prayers. In the process, our beloved President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our Health Minister Fahretin Koka and MHP leader Devlet Bahcheli said, “May Allah be pleased with him. They never gave up their support. They were always by my side. “

“My father is my pride”

Tanir’s son Ramzan Haktan Tayan did not leave his father alone in the video shoot. Haktan, who was in front of the lens for the first time, “A very beautiful song is coming. I am also proud of my father. He came out of the hospital and regained his health. Hakan Tassian is back now!” Says

Hakan Bearer and his son

He said he survived the hard days!

Hakan Tassian, who participated in the program “Smile to Life with Allison”, talks about the difficult days he survived in the live broadcast of Tyan Allison’s show, which aired on TRT1.

She thought her legs hurt!

Hakan Tassian’s life suddenly changes with the onset of pain in his legs. Carrier, who went to the hospital thinking of an injury to his leg, found that his lungs and kidneys had been damaged.

“As Mostafa Kamal Baba said …”

Noting that he doesn’t remember much about the conversions, Tanir said: “I also had a brain problem at the time. I don’t remember much, but I do know that a fluid spilled in my lungs. God is pleased with my doctors. As Mustafa Kemal Baba said, ‘Give it to me. Turkish doctor. Said. ” Says

“We have news from the president …”

Continuing his words, “I was in Gulhan for 2-3 months. Then I was admitted to City Hospital. Allah was pleased with our President, he was informed and interested … His beloved wife Emin was also there … Allah is pleased with the Minister of Health, Koka. I am with beautiful people. I was fine. “ Says

She sang her autumn rose song

The pictures that make the fans happy come from the career Taşyan, who sang the unforgettable song ‘Güz Roses’ at a venue, found both and gave morale. Ufuk Ozil, a friend of the famous singer, shared those moments on social media.

“They are the beacon of hope.”

Famous singer Hakan Tassian, who recently said in a statement that organ transplantation was a ray of hope for him and that he was resurrected. “They have become a beacon of hope for me. I am back in life. I have started a new life. Let’s be a beacon of hope for those who are waiting for healing. One organ is one life, let’s be hope for our hopeless people. Let’s reconnect people with life. “ There was talk

Hakan career, “I invite all of us who are sincere volunteers to be sensitive. Let us be more enlightened about this issue. This is a very sensitive issue. May Allah not separate us from our loved ones. May Allah be pleased with those who give sincere unity and. Don’t miss their prayers. Life is beautiful, breathing is beautiful, loving is very beautiful. Let’s not keep it away from each other. Indeed, a great reward in the court of Allah. Let’s become an ointment for all our patients who are waiting for an ointment. We need it. “ Made a statement.

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