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Abdullah Turan was assigned to Buldan Chest Disease Hospital when he was working as a Patient Rights Unit Officer at Denizli Servergazi State Hospital. Turan won the legal battle by appealing to the judiciary. Turan, who was requested to be reinstated, was reinstated by health director Berna Ozturk at Buldan Chest Disease Hospital after he was reinstated for 1 day.
The editor-in-chief of our newspaper, Kadriye Sojeri, has researched a story for you at the Denizlixpress News Center.
Barna Ozturk again; Again, situations without the right to law
Abdullah Turan, who was hired as an exile at Buldan Chest Disease Hospital because of plans planned and set up by deputy administrators while working as a patient rights unit officer at Denizli Servergazi State Hospital, won a protracted legal battle. For years. Abdullah Turan, who was reinstated in his post, can only stay in his post for 1 day. Cause; Health Director Berna Ozturk removed Turan from his post and re-admitted him to Buldan Chest Hospital. Who or what brings this question to mind?
I was looking for my rights but my pattern was denied
When Abdullah Turan was working as the head of the patient rights unit at Sverghazi State Hospital, after a treacherous feto attempt on July 15, 2016, some people at the hospital complained that he was a feto supporter and the decision not to prosecute was given to Seemar. The same people made a second complaint against Abdullah Turan to Simer with slander and false statements and a lawsuit was filed against Abdullah Turan. The court acquitted Turan as a result of the lawsuit filed against him. Following the acquittal, Abdullah Turan stated that he had submitted a petition to the Chief Physician of Sarvargazi State Hospital on 08.02.2020 due to slander and false statements made against him, but this application was rejected by the Chief Physician of Sarvargazi State Hospital and the matter was closed.
They picked me
Abdullah Turan told the Denizlixpress News Center that he had experienced slander, conspiracy, snatching and court proceedings. In his statement to our news center, Turan said, “Following my request to the chief physician, Dr. Denkisley, the chief physician of Denizli State Hospital, and the Denizli Provincial Health Department, by proxy for a few days. It was planned and plotted. “
They have made illegal appointments
In his statement, Turan said, “R. He has approached me to justify this accusation, to the chief doctor of D Hospital on 24.02.2020 for ‘transfer out of the institution’ and to protect the office of BK, who is the chief physician, By Proxy, on the basis of the petition of R. D, who is an NGO power, arbitrarily without any investigation regarding me. The chief physician of the hospital, who had been working for several days by proxy at the Denizli Provincial Health Department, was admitted to Buldan Chest Disease Hospital on 04.03.2020, contrary to procedure and law.
I have won the war of laws
Mentioning that he started seeking rights after the events he felt, Turan said, “I have filed a lawsuit to cancel my appointment on the basis of the plot planned and set for me. I have won this case. The Izmir Administrative Court has quashed this illegal appointment and decided to return him to my former duty, Servergazi State Hospital.
Returned to duty for 1 day
Although Izmir’s administrative court overturned the illegal appointment, he was reinstated in Turan. However, for one day … Later, at the decision of Denizli Health Director Berna Ozturk, he was re-admitted to Buldan Chest Disease Hospital, his previous place of work. In addition to this illegal recruitment, there was another valid reason for Turan’s stay in Denizli. Because her father was a cancer patient and there was no one to take care of her in Denizli except her son.
My dad has cancer, I have to stay with my dad
“I won the legal battle that I had been fighting for years, and I was reinstated in my job,” Turan said. Before I was happy, I was informed that I would be sent to my old work place, Buldan Chest Disease Hospital, with a message on my phone after 1 day of duty at my place. What kind of lawlessness? How can they send me back to my old responsibilities without following the court decision? Besides, my father has cancer and I have to take care of my father and always be by his side. I presented it to them with the doctor’s report. In addition to this illegal attitude, what they do is inhumane. They know I have to take care of my father. What kind of humanity that they can do it. “I will demand my rights without bowing to anyone’s arbitrary behavior,” he said.
I will complain to the people concerned
After Turan announced in his news center that he had won the legal battle with his documents, he said he would file a complaint with the people concerned. “If we win the legal battle, I will be brought back to my old job at Servergazi Hospital,” Turan said. However, after 1 day of work, I was sent back to Buldan Chest Disease Hospital. Law and rights do not recognize the law. I will again file a complaint against Health Director Barna Oztuk and demand my rights. In addition, he was on duty with a proxy for a few days. BK, Dr. I will file a judicial and administrative complaint against ME and Deputy Syndicate RD. ”

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