Health Minister’s Husband: “Epidemics are starting to come out of the agenda every day” Health Minister Fahretin Swamy hinted at Wednesday

Health Minister Fahretin Koka has hinted at a scientific committee meeting to be held on Wednesday, citing the decline in the coronavirus in Turkey and the fact that the epidemic is starting to come off the agenda every day. Also, revealing that the results of the Medical Specialization Examination (TUS) will be announced today, Coca said, “I would like to say that it could be announced today by OSYM. There will be about 11,500 specialty student cadres.”
Health Minister Fahretin Koka arrived in Bursa for a series of inspections. Bursa Governor Yakup visited Canbolat and then, in a press statement, assessed the Coca epidemic and the latest developments in Bursa investment. Pointing to Wednesday’s meeting of the scientific committee, Koka said it would be one of the most important meetings of the scientific committee. Also, Coca said that the results of the Medical Specialization Test (TUS), which is expected to be announced on March 31, will be announced by OSYM today and 11,500 doctors will specialize.
He spoke of investing in Bursa’s health
Health Minister Fahretin Coca evaluated health services and investments in Bursa and said, “We had the opportunity to discuss the state of the Bursa healthcare system, the health needs and the issues for which assistance was requested. One of the fastest growing cities in our country. At the same time, it is the center of health distribution in our South Marmara region. In Bursa, we now have our City Hospital, our 1,520-bed High Specialization Research and Training Hospital, our 900-bed Uludag University Hospital and state hospitals. Continuing health services 6 We have a total of 18 constructions, two of which are currently under construction In fact, we have a family health center and 112 emergency stations. We will open our Çekirge State Hospital and Harmancık District Integrated Hospital in 2023. Also, a total of 42 health investments, including four hospital buildings, are at project stage. These important projects include a 100-bed Spastic Children’s Hospital, a 600-bed Central State Hospital and a 150-unit Oral and Dental Health Hospital. It is possible for our countrymen to access qualified health services and with our dedicated health workers who give their lives in this hospital.

“So far this year, our health force in Bursa has reached a total of 26,015 people, including 7,433 physicians and dentists. In 2002, the number was 6,071, of which 2,562 were doctors and dentists. Our qualified human resources have more than quadrupled in a year, “said Coca-Cola.” You see similar improvements in the emergency health services. 7 cards increased to 145 ৷ Although the corona virus epidemic, which has occupied the world agenda for 2 years, is still on our agenda, it is time to get rid of it ৷ our minds. We are safer, we have vaccines and medicines now. The number of cases is 3 till yesterday. It has come down to 200. Yes. We will consider point landing and current arrangements. In my opinion, this will be one of the most important meetings of the scientific committee, “he said.
Asked about the epidemic’s decline and expectations, he said: “The epidemic is starting to come out of the agenda day by day. I can say that it has come down to 3,200 cases till yesterday, which is the lowest. The number of people who went was 17. I can say that we do not have any patients who have died recently without any additional disease including death. So, I can say that during this period, the epidemic has gradually disappeared from the agenda and more than 20 There are no patients in Covid Care Bed in the city. At risk, people over 65 years of age with chronic disease should protect themselves, take personal precautions. Yes, a drug is made for them locally, as you know. It is important that they do a preliminary test for access to that drug, taking personal precautions, flu, etc. As it is, we are entering a period where it will enter. In particular, the load on our pre-Omicron hospital has now dropped to a quarter in Turkey. It has come down a lot, ”he said.
Announcing today that the Medical Specialization Examination (TUS) will be announced, Coca said, “You know, the results were usually announced when the quota was announced. This year, a law was passed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly for an unjust regulation. Health. The situation of the ministry staff and the approval of our President. Honestly, we waited for that law to be passed. We have already informed SYM. I would like to say that it could be announced today by SYM.
Explaining its contribution to insulin production and health, Coca said, “There are 16 types of insulin related to the treatment and prevention of diabetes. We will support their research. In the near future, we want to make insulin from cells. Turkey has this infrastructure. We are also calling for an insulin sensor and pump in the near future. This is a very important development. In addition to these sensors and pumps, localization and TYPE1 diabetes, especially we want to start an early period for our children. In addition, we have three vaccines. “We’ve reached the final stage. After the transfer of technology, they will re-create this vaccine from almost all cells in Turkey. Let’s see carefully,” he said.
Minister Coca added that the number of cases in 20 cities has been reset and Bursa is not yet in this number, adding, “We have about 50 cases in Bursa at the moment. The number of intensive care patients has also gradually decreased. “Six people have died in the last seven days. The death toll is slowly declining. I especially emphasize that there are extra patients and there are older people who have passed. Away I think we will reach zero at Covid Bar্সa, “he said.

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