Super League News: Mustafa Denizli’s statement in Galatasaray!

Sport Toto Super LeagueIn its 14th week Altai Away Medipole Basaksehir It was a goalless draw.

Speech after the match Altai Technical Director Mustafa Denizli“We played against an opponent with very good graphic. Sometimes we didn’t get points in a match we played well, but today the opponent had a real superiority. We are happy with the 1 point we got in this situation.” Says

Experienced coach Spor Toto also talks about fighting in Galatasaray in the 15th week of the Super League. “Both the community in Galatasaray and Turkey are happy. This is a community where I started my career. Playing good football in Galatasaray, especially in European matches. It will be a tough game, but our game will be much better than it is today.” Used phrases.

What did Mustafa Denizli say at the press conference?
Experienced coach Sport Toto made the statement at a press conference after the away match with Medipol Bakashehir in the 14th week of the Super League, where they drew 0-0.

Noting that he had shuttled between Istanbul and Izmir to inaugurate the stadium, Denizli said: “I am very tired today. I was very excited, but also very happy and proud. Naming the stadium is not something I can achieve alone. My football and coaching. Life. I have scored the most jerseys in the history of this club. I am a footballer who has scored the most goals and conceded the most goals, but these are not enough reasons. My assistants and soccer players have worked, played the most important role in naming me at this stadium today. I am grateful to all of them. ” He said.

Mentioning that he set foot in Alsankak Stadium as a football player at the age of 15, Denizli said, “My name was the happiest day of my life, when I was at the head of the stadium, where I started playing football and set foot. There were days, but it’s very different. It’s a moment of great pride for me. ” Used phrases.

“Our goalkeeper’s good play was effective at one point.”

The coach of the black-and-white team said that the good performance of their goalkeeper Mateus Lis was effective in their score against Medipol Basakehir.

Reminding that they have not won the last 6 matches before this match and Başakşehir had a 5-match winning streak, Denizli said, “Tonight, we saw a match between two teams whose graphics went in opposite directions. It shows them great results. “Tonight we have very little control over the ball. In fact, possession is not very important to us. We have never had more balls than we have won before. Opponent. After all, we are currently the most formidable team in the league. “Playing away and getting points will not negatively affect us psychologically. I think two weeks later, we will get back to the beginning of the season. Not injured, in the team. Başakşehir played a very successful game this evening. The good play of our goalkeeper was effective at one point. Whatever the situation, getting points from his graphic is a success. Says

“We were the best team in Turkey in many ways at the start of the season.”

Mustafa Denizli emphasized that his team was not happy playing defensive football, saying: “We are a team whose psychology is not very positive on the field. It affects the players that way. Sometimes. “” You don’t have a chance to interfere too much. The team has a very defensive look in that psychology and the situation doesn’t make me happy. It’s a very wrong situation that football and the team I’m leading as well. At the beginning of the season, we were the best team in Turkey. Today’s picture did not make me happy. “

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