I have been going to a psychologist since I was 27 years old

‘Fatih Altayli ile Bire Bir’, which aired on Bloomberg HT on Wednesday evening, has gathered viewers on screen this week with its colorful guests. Altaili, on his program last night; It is hosted by actor Ceyda Düvenci, musician Selçuk Balcı, national motorcyclist Ileda Yagmur Ilmaz and chef Tolgar Mirelli.

“My father is also a player.”

Noting that her father is also an actress, Ceyda Düvenci describes her screen adventures as follows:

“My father was a student at Yıldız Kenter and Haldun Dormen, but then he returned to the family business. My grandfather had a gas station and flour factory in Bursa. No. Then we come to Istanbul. My father started me at the Doraemon Theater in Ferrica. Later, I auditioned for and was selected for Kandemi Konduk’s series ‘Bullshit Askler’. Later, I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and received a master’s degree in acting. “

Ceyda Düvenci and her father Ismail Düvenci.

“I’m very attached to home”

Duvensi, who moved away from the screen after the birth of her son Okan Ali, said: “I think I’m very attached to the house. I always want to be home after the birth of my son. I’ll make room for myself. This life happens only once. ” He continued.

“We lived in Bodrum for a year.”

Duvensi said they lived in Bodrum for a year for his wife Bulent Sakrak’s TV series, “Actually, we wanted to settle down, it’s still in my mind … but Bulent has a career. He’ll be home. 2 p.m.” Has done.

“Some people believe that we are constantly happy.”

The actress, who suffered from cerebral palsy due to cerebral hemorrhage shortly after the birth of her daughter Melissa, said, “I see you in terms of social responsibility.” He says in his comments:

“I am a person who has been using social media for a long time. I like to share every moment of life’s ups and downs. Some people think that we are very rich, very smooth, always happy. I feel uncomfortable in it from day one. I love to share. The things we’ve discovered about her daughter’s illness, the processes we’ve had with her. I’ve shared it. I wanted to let people know what I’ve learned. Good for you too. ‘ Then I discovered that the families of people diagnosed with cerebral palsy or the families of children diagnosed with the disease are highly confidential. On the street. They were very surprised, Melissa, that I was not involved in life. I was also surprised that they were surprised. That’s the way it started. “

“All of us children grow up with a wounded generation.”

Duvensi said he had been seeing a psychologist since he was 27 “We are injured children. The best legacy we will leave to children is to clean up those wounds. It’s a journey in itself.” Used phrases.

The 45-year-old actress has acted in many TV series like 'Sweet Eggs', 'Cooked Taxi', 'Wood It Happened Like This' and 'One Thousand Nights'.  Düvenci Cem Yılmaz's movie 'Everything Will Be Beautiful'.

The 45-year-old actress has acted in many TV series such as ‘Sweet Crazy’, ‘Flower Taxi’, ‘Wade It Be Like This’ and ‘One Thousand Nights’. Düvenci Cem Yılmaz’s movie ‘Everything Will Be Beautiful’.

“My mother wrote lyrics for some of my songs.”

Musician Selchuk Balsi said, “My father loved Turkish folk music, so he imposed it on us. He listened to all the masters like Muhlis Akarsu, Davut Sulari and Arif Sag.” My son, I don’t need to teach you anything about life. “Listen to these folk songs and apply them in your life.” He said.

Selkuk Bolchi

Selkuk Bolchi

Noting that the epidemic period was professionally difficult, Bolsi said, “It’s hard to make it into that psychology. I’ve touched nature more. I’ve raised a dog and three ducks.” Says

“I wanted to pursue my dreams by riding a motorcycle”

“My father was against it at first because it was dangerous, but when I met the motorcycle, I wanted to follow my dream,” said Ileda Yagmur Ilmaz, Turkey’s first female motorcyclist to take part in the international race. He said.

“My legs and toes are broken. My elbow ligament is also broken. My ribs and spine are also broken. My family is used to it now. Of course, it’s a bit difficult. They. They support them,” Ilmaz said of the accident. “They support me. Because I can’t be happy without riding a motorcycle.” He continued.

Ilaida Yagmur Ilmaz

Ilaida Yagmur Ilmaz

“A book changed my life”

Tolger Mirelli said he loved cooking since childhood. The first Turkish chef to receive “Star”. I worked with him. After that, I continued my career in Dubai. A book changed my whole life, in fact it was one. Books about the 50 best restaurants in the world. I sent an e-mail to 30-35 restaurants with the book. I got positive and negative answers. Geneva: “After I worked in Turkey, I worked in restaurants in London and San Francisco. Since I came from Ankara, my dream was to open a restaurant in Ankara. Then I did, but during the epidemic we had to close it. Now I work in a hotel I do. ” Says

Tolgar Mirelli

Tolgar Mirelli

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