In Antalya, the 10-year-old ‘written 25 million lira’ has shocked Czech heirs

The property of farmer Ünal Karcı (74), who died in the Serik district of ANTALYA in 2013, brought his grandson with the same name and 7 heirs. Family members, who started the deed transaction after the court decided to share 350 decayers of land with 8 heirs, were shocked to see enforcement activities started on March 10, 2022 due to a written check of 25 million lira, which was claimed to have been cut off. . When Kersey failed to hand over the title deed to the person from whom he had sold the money before his death.

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After the death of Unal Karsi, a farmer in Ceric, in 2013, his grandson of the same name planted a total of 350 daycare agricultural lands in different areas. Karachi’s heirs filed a lawsuit in 2015 alleging that Unal Karsi had taken over the land they had inherited from them. In the process, Unal Karsi claims that he entered into a lease agreement with his grandfather and cut down about 1,200 olive and tangerine trees in December 2020. In the process that the heirs try to stop the felling of trees by keeping an eye on the land, they take a precautionary decision from the court and protect some trees from being cut down.

The lawsuit, filed by Ünal Karcı’s 4 children and 7 heirs, his grandchildren, ended on March 7 last year. The court decided to divide 350 decayer lands among 8 heirs and register title deeds in their names.

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’25 million lira ‘written check

Karsi’s heirs were surprised at the loan notification documents sent to their address from the Seric Enforcement Office while sharing the land. The heirs learned that the enforcement action was initiated on March 10, 2022 due to a 25 million lira check, which was claimed to have been issued on behalf of AG by Unal Karsi, who died in 2013. Due to the process of application on Ünal Karcı’s property, the heirs could not share the inheritance. Objecting to the checks and debts, the heirs initiated legal action to hear the case in the enforcement court. The heirs learned that AG, whose name was written on the check, bought the land from Ünal Karcı and paid 25 million TL and claimed that a check was written 10 years later because the title deed could not be sold due to the lease agreement. The lands at that time. The heirs, who have ceased functional activities, have begun to wait for the day when they will share the inheritance after the decision.

‘Demand for field purchase’

Isel Karsi, one of the grandsons of Unal Karsi, who died, spoke of their struggle for 9 years to inherit from their grandfather. His brother, who cut down 1,200 trees two years ago and tried to lease the land to a banana grower for 15 years, said: “The lawsuit we filed for inheritance ended on March 10, 2022, with a check for 25 million lira. , Which my grandfather allegedly wrote 10 years ago. We don’t believe in that. “With these 25 million checks, we’re trying to take away our rights and our property. AG claims that it bought a field from my grandfather. We haven’t heard from this person in 10 years. We do not know or see him. We heard his name for the first time. There is no comment in the document that this field was sold, “he said.

10 year check

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Ainur Karsi, another grandson of Unal Karsi, said:

When we said, “We got our rights,” we saw a check. I, my brother and my aunt did not hear or know who gave this check. 10 years later, we are facing such a debt. The owner said in the check that he bought 350 deckers of land for 25 25 million and paid for it. He says he couldn’t get the title deed because he rented it to his grandson. My grandfather then said, “I have no cash, I will write you a check in 10 years. The owner of the check claims it. Is there a trade? I have never heard of a 10 year check being issued, if anyone has heard tell me.” “She is OK.

‘This is the time to buy a hotel with money’

Halim Ilmaz, daughter of Unal Karsi, said that they did not find any loan while researching the loan after the death of her father. Yılmaz said: “When my father died, there was no field value like 25 million lira. There is no way to have so much debt. We cannot imagine that he would write a check with this amount. Because at that time, with so much money. The hotel has been purchased. “

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Explaining that they have made an application to the bank with an application where the check sheet is registered, Yılmaz says that some check sheet is missing. “The letter from the bank states that my father has no debt, but he could not give us a positive letter because of my nephew’s personal debt,” Ilmaz said.

‘We are against a fraud’

Fatma Buluk, one of the heirs, said they were confronted with a check prepared for an AG which they did not know. “My father planted a tree 25 years ago. I know when it was planted. I was newly married then, I worked with my wife. Isn’t it sad that those who cut down trees were not held accountable? This effort. My father is in debt.” He did not like to be. He paid the workers, “said Buluk.

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