The Turkish Grand National Assembly has adopted 13 articles proposing a new sports law

13 sections of the new sports law proposal have been adopted

At the General Session of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, in the debate on the Sports Club and Sports Federation Bill, some articles were amended with a joint resolution signed by the opposition representatives.

According to A-News; Without anticipating provisions regarding “establishment of sports clubs and acquisition of legal personality”, “acquisition and loss of qualification of a sports joint stock company”, “financial provisions”, and “imposition of penalty in case of movable allotment”. Clubs and the assistance provided are used outside of their intended purpose “, the provisions of the proposal are reserved. Regulations will not apply to sports federations, including the founding law.

Military sports clubs staffed by the Ministry of Defense and affiliated organizations may be registered and participate in sports activities as per the offer, but other provisions shall not apply except the provisions of the offer regulating participation in sports activities. To these clubs.

The rule that sports clubs registered by the ministry would be notified to the Home Ministry within 1 month from the date of registration was also removed from the text of the proposal along with a joint proposal.

Management, audit, discipline, and other optional board membership of persons convicted of hate and discrimination offenses by sports clubs, subsidiaries of sports joint-stock companies, and affiliates will be automatically revoked on the date the court or the relevant board decides.

The sports club’s membership conditions were removed from the general rules and regulations of the sports club, stating that “the rules of the sports club will not include provisions that would illegally limit membership.” The text of the proposal.

Assets can be consolidated and transferred from the end of the season as determined by the Sports Federation and from the date of registration until the start of the new season.

Resources and troop-joining arrangements, cooperation, jointly establishing and using sports grounds and facilities, which are among the founding objectives of higher organizations, have been removed from the text of the proposal.

In the case of the Turkish Penal Code under the law relating to the prevention of financing of terrorism, production and trade of drugs or stimulants, or the laundering of property caused by crime, their position will be completed with alternate members. If this cannot be done, it will be done through an extraordinary general assembly elected by a commission appointed by the governorship.

The obligation to fulfill all requests for access to all buildings, facilities and their attachments has been removed from the text of the “Use of the Club” while the obligation to provide all kinds of information, documents and records requested by the officials during the audit by the Sports Club and Sports Joint Stock Company officials.

From the interview

Dursun Atas, deputy chairman of the IYI Party Kayseri, who addressed the general assembly, said the bill was aimed at resolving the financial problems of sports clubs and clarifying their legal and financial situation.

In addition, Atas says there are provisions to regulate the unrestricted borrowing of sports clubs and to ensure transparency in management. Wrong. Unless it recommends preserving and strengthening their current autonomy, one-man rule seeks to bind our centuries-old institutions to itself.

Sadly, Atas has claimed that Turkey lags far behind Europe in almost all sports, especially football.

Noting that Turkey did not participate in most of the international competitions and when they did not succeed, Atas said, “Today almost all of our clubs are in debt. The club’s income is in Turkish lira, but most of the expenses are in foreign currency, he said.

“Sports cannot thrive without resources”

HDP Diyarbakir deputy Garo Pailan says he has played basketball year after year and has long worked as a manager at amateur sports clubs.

Noting that 80 percent of Turkish clubs ignore football clubs, other branches, infrastructure and amateur sports clubs, Pelan said:

“The agenda of this law is to save the big clubs. They are in financial trouble. Because these clubs did not play Ahmed and Mehmet; they transferred millions of dollars to Hans and George. You see it. When you think of sports, the only thing that comes to mind is football. It has basketball, volleyball, swimming, handball, athletics, but are there resource transfers in these sports clubs? Unfortunately, they are not there. Can develop? ” According to some statistics, 2 percent of our population, according to some statistics, 4 percent play sports. In European countries, the rate has risen from 50 percent to 60 percent. Percent. Sport is a culture, acquired from kindergarten. When we look at it from this perspective, we are going the wrong way. “We are taking a wrong policy as a basis. Have you seen any structural measures? This law with these? I have not seen. Just sight is not enough, without resources it is not possible to develop sports in Turkey.”

CHP Mersin deputy Ali Mahir Basari claimed that many teams in the 2nd and 3rd leagues of Turkey do not have training grounds and that the stadiums have been replaced by shopping malls.

“Leave football to national athletes who know football, basketball and volleyball, not to media executives, not to contractors, not to your political fossils. We can’t come,” Basari said, noting that the number of shopping malls in Turkey outweighs stadiums and infrastructural facilities. Ardala, Abdul Kamerlar, Keremlar, the little ones give me hope, but if we want to raise these children, we have to establish. ” Says

Hot reminder from MHP’s SNCAKLI

MHP Kocaeli Deputy Saffet Sancaklı, on the other hand, used the phrase “I and Alpe have been hitting the half-pound ball so hard for 20 years that you will tolerate us now.” He said his words were misunderstood by HDP van deputy Murat Sarsak.

Underlining that his words were perfectly ridiculous, Sankakli said that Sarsak said, “This bill is also a bill made with this mentality.” Responding to his words, he said,

“Now, the heads you call ‘these heads’ are written in gold in the history of sports in this country. These heads have been sung the national anthem dozens of times around the world. This is probably not strange. If we had brought a law about lawyers, you would have been right when you said that. But this head is a beautiful head. This head is a national head, this head is a national head, this head is his homeland. The flag, the land, the prayer, represent this great Turkish nation. Loving head. “

The meeting was adjourned after the Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Nimetullah Erdoোমan accepted 13 articles of the resolution.

After the break, Erdoোমan closed the meeting at 14.00 without a commission.

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