April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day will be celebrated with colorful ceremonies

According to information compiled by AA correspondent, many activities for children will be organized in almost every corner of Istanbul tomorrow.

This year, for the first time organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Children’s Art Festival, the Atatুrk Cultural Center (AKM) hosts various workshops, exhibitions, children’s films, theater plays and concerts where children can have fun while learning.

As part of the festivities that continue throughout the week, master artist Fatih Erkoch will share the same stage with the child musicians at 17.00. The artist will explain a collection of children’s songs at the concert.

The Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra (IDSO) will give a “National Sovereignty and Children’s Day concert” at AKM tomorrow at 17.00. The orchestra will be accompanied by pianist Adil Kerem Unal and cornist Kagan Berissa, under the direction of young conductor Deniz Oliveira Erdink.

The concert will feature German composer Johann Sebastian Bach’s piano concert at F Minor BWV 1056, Austrian composer Ofgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Horn Concert No. 3” and Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev for children’s compositions. Voice

Also, the award-winning actor and presenter will be on stage with the children as his Erkan narrator.

The festival, which runs until Sunday, includes the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet (IDOB) Painting Competition Exhibition, Photography Exhibition “AKM Through the Ice of Children”, Digital Aquarium, Painting House, Muscat Tour, Rhythm. And music workshops, color weaving workshops, eucalyptus, printing press. , Will host sculpture, ballet, bead and marble workshops for children.

“36th Children’s Festival” at Istanbul City Theater

The Children’s Carnival will begin tomorrow, April 23, at 10.00 am in the Yenikapi event area by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and where Neil Karaibrahimgil will give a concert.

The “36th Children’s Festival” hosted by IMM City Theaters will begin tomorrow at 14.00 with the children’s drama “Everybody Will Become a Magician”. In addition to all stages of the City Theater, children’s plays will be shown free of charge April 23-24 at the Cartel Boulevard Isevit Cultural Center and the Beylikduzu Atatর্কrk Cultural Center.

The show will feature plays titled ‘Everybody Will Be a Magician’, ‘Watchman and Postman’, ‘Dream, Once Upon a Time’, ‘Five Bad Boys’, ‘Trash Monster’ and ‘Iron Girl’.

At the festival, an activity station will be set up in front of the Muhsin Ertugrul Stage in Harbi tomorrow and on the second day in the open space in front of the stage at the Museum Gazan. The IMM City Orchestra Festival will also feature a concert for children with a sports track workshop for children, brain trainers, bubble shows and painting activities.

At the festival, which is intended for the children to spend two days as they please, there will also be a workshop on the profession, awareness will start in the language workshop and a story will be recited with Kelogan folk songs.

Dragon Festival at Fishekha

The Dragon Festival, held for the first time this year, will allow children to color the skies tomorrow and April 24. Children will be able to make their own kites through workshops organized by award-winning kite artist Jahit Mungan.

Kite making workshops, textile and ceramic painting workshops and kite sorting workshops will be open for the participation of children aged 3-13 years. The designed kites will meet the sky between 14.00-17.00. The event will be free and open to the public.

Children of LÖSEV will also enjoy kite flying by participating in the workshop.

Children’s Festival at TRT on 23 April

TRT’s traditional “April 23 Children’s Festival” celebrations will begin at 10.00 am at Başakşehir Millet Bahcesi.

On the main stage, TRT 2’s Ebru Workshop, TRT Spoor’s National Athletes and Small Show Group Performance, TRT Music’s Zamane Group and Shishu Zucchini violinist Eren Yavuz Concert, TRT Children’s Rafadan Taifa Musical, MSB Gencis, There will be a Concert Concert and Hastep University Folk Dance Team Rhythm and Dance Show.

Successful singer Murat Dalkilik will perform his songs for children on the main stage at 15.30.

TRT 1, TRT 2, TRT Child, TRT Spor, TRT News, TRT Avaz, TRT Music, TRT Documentary, TRT EBA, TRT Radio, TRT Archive, Accessible TRT and TRT Internal Production will have children on their promotional stand.

Participants will also experience TRT’s digital application in the event area. TRT Children’s World, TRT Assumptions and the TRT Children’s Library are special areas ready for application, where children will spend a delightful time in an interactive play environment.

The event area will include a storytelling tent, archery platform, innovation exhibition, sports activities and a jumping platform.

TRT cartoon

New episodes of the cartoons that have been eagerly aired since the holidays will be aired on the TRT Children’s Channel.

Viewers will see the new episodes of ‘Z Team’, ‘Yaade Yaade’, ‘Nilay’, ‘Blue World’, ‘Amber and Bead’, ‘Variloto’ and ‘Doru’. Of “Turkish Star”.

“Rafadan Crew Musical”, which will be staged at TRT’s traditional Children’s Festival on April 23, will also be presented live on the TRT Children’s Screen.

Celebrations in Uskudar Municipality

The children’s festival, which will be organized by the Üsküdar municipality of Validebağ Grove, will feature entertaining and educational workshops, stage performances and scenes of concert organization.

During the festival, activities like muddy dreams, calligraphy, face painting, art in nature, marble, science workshops, stage performances and traditional games will be held.

191 children from TRNC, Hatay, Erzurum, Tekirdağ, Ankara and Istanbul Sultanbeyli, ranimraniye and Eyüp districts will take part in the holiday celebrations in the municipality of Sariye.

The event, where the Pirlangin Child Concert, Juggling and Illusion Show will be held today, will start tomorrow at 11:00 and will continue throughout the day. Students from the Saria Municipality Youth Education Center will have performances, Maya, juggling, balloon dolls, Zumba shows, Winnie and Friends mascot theater plays, caricature workshops with Varol Yasaroglu and performances of festival groups with children.

April 23 festival at 7 points in Kadıköy municipality

Organized by the municipality in Kadiko in 7 different areas, the 3-day celebration will feature a variety of activities from art to sports to concerts and shows to workshops and plays.

As a holiday gift, the IDEA Child and Daphne Park Children’s Library will open to children today. IDEA Child, a children’s version of IDEA Kadıköy, helping children develop through the use of traditional and digital tools, including the idea of ​​playing, having fun, creating and reflecting for children aged 5-15.

Children ages 3-12 will be able to purchase stories, short stories and novels from the library, which will have three thousand books and a study space. Adults will also have access to books and novels on philosophy, social science, art and literature.

Classic car tour with kids

At the “Children Our Future” event, organized by Kadıköy Municipality and the Istanbul Classic Automobile Association, 23 children aged 7-12, who have never ridden a classic car before, will take part in a celebration caravan held on the street. Kadıköy, from Kadıköy Municipality to Kalamış Kalkedon, tomorrow at 11:00.

At the festival, which will begin tomorrow at 13.00 in Liberty Park, there will be workshops for archeology, preparation of my disaster kit, and caricature.

Gönül Yeprem Selamiçeşme will give a concert at the Freedom Park Amphitheater entitled “Songs for Children, Rhythmic Place”.

The “Freedom Park My First Library” cooperation protocol will be signed between the municipality and the life-sharing platform in Kadiko.

The Markan Selchuk Dance Ensemble, with 90 people, children and young people, will give a show at the Boston Cultural Center in Cadet at 21.00.

“Our Children’s Theater Team”, in which 11 children participate in the Halis Kurtka Children’s Culture Center Theater Workshop, will premiere the play “Bremen Town Musicians” at Alan Kadikoe.

Sakip Sabanchi Museum

Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) learning programs will present many museum activities tomorrow as well as online for children on 24th April.

The Karagöz show titled “Garbage Monster” will be held tomorrow at 13.00 on SSM the Seed. Children aged 7-12 will be able to take part in the show with their families to raise environmental awareness.

There will be jazz and dance performances on the SSM Fistally Terrace tomorrow at 17.00. The workshop, which will explore the steps of solo jazz dancing with instructors from the Istanbul Lindy Hoppers, will end with a jazz matiz concert.

The “Flowers in the Vase” workshop, where cardboard vases will be designed inspired by the colorful flowers of the SSM garden, will be held on April 24 at SSM Greenhouse Atölye for children aged 6-10.

“Colorful Flowers”, where children will create their own paintings by examining static lives in the SSM painting collection, and “Colorful Heroes” workshop, where they will design their own masks inspired by the portraits in the collection, will be held online.

Eid special concert at CRR

The “Children’s Day and National Sovereignty Concert” will be held tomorrow at 19.00 at the Cemal Reşit Rey (CRR) Concert Hall.

Young pianist Arya Su Gulenak, 13, and Kan Sarak, 15, will be accompanied by the CRR Symphony Orchestra, which will be led by Murat Sem Orhan. Actress Doga Root will explain the story written by Basa Basaran at the concert, where he will be the narrator.

The topic of “National Sovereignty with Children” will be discussed at the music discussion “Left to Enter” at the CRR Concert Hall Foyer tomorrow at 16.30. Conversation performed by musician Ersin Antep, flutist Assoc. Nihan Atalaye and his students will be present as speakers.

Business industry

The “Museum Memory Workshop” and “Medal Workshop” for different ages will be held at the Isbank Museum in Istanbul Eminonu.

Tomorrow at 11.30, an exhibition tour of “After a Century” for children will be held. In the free medal workshop to be held later, children will be able to see a presentation that exemplifies Turkish and world medals.

Children ages 5 to 6 will visit the museum with instructors at the Museum Memory Workshop, examine banking objects through the concept of old-new, past-future, similarities, and reinforce objects and spaces. They discovered “Unit My Line” with work and painting activity.

Author Yekta Kopan’s book “The Adventures of Effects and Daphne” for children will be presented to the participants. A video of the workshop based on the book will be available tomorrow on İş Sanat’s YouTube channel.

Forest and Children’s Festival April 23 from OGM

The General Directorate of Forestry (OGM) will simultaneously organize a “Forest and Children’s Festival” in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Adana, Eskiেehir, Sanliurfa, Mugla, Hatay, Kahramanmaras and Mersin.

The festival will feature cartoon characters from “Rafadan Taifa”, “Niloya”, “Kelogan” and “Great Wings”, which children will love to watch, colorful with competitions and entertainment. The Forest and Children’s Festival, to be held tomorrow in Istanbul’s Belgrade Forest, will begin at 13.00.

The festival will feature various competitions for children, theater plays, puppet and illusion exhibitions, inflated playgrounds.

April 23 Galataport will be celebrated with enthusiasm in Istanbul.

The Jorlu Performing Arts Center (PSM) will launch the “Children’s Festival” for 3 days from today.

The festival, held for the third time this year, will bring together children from many names, including painter Devrim Erbil, Tan Saturk Academy, actor Seren Phosphoroglu, Yagmur Tanrisevsin, Fadik Sevin Atasoy, Ragip Savas and sculptor Malik Bulut.

Galataport will host Istanbul events that will run all day tomorrow. Concerts, various activities and a children’s doll theater will meet the children around the Tophane Clock Tower.

The special concert of Dogus Children Symphony Orchestra Galataport Istanbul will be seen at 13.30 and 17.00. At the concert, which will be accompanied by the famous violin Virtuoso Sihat Askin, orchestra conductor will be Professor. My color Gökmen will take charge.

As part of Nostalgia Istanbul, which has been running since the beginning of Ramadan, the Children’s Puppet Theater will be on view from 20.30-21.15.

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