Children bake “peace” bread at the bread festival

The municipality of Esenler, which hosts the 13th International Peace Bread Festival on 23 April due to National Sovereignty and Children’s Day; It brings together 100 children from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Gagauzia, Kyrgyzstan, Iraqi Turkmen, TRNC and Romania. The show, which began with a Cinema-Vision showcasing events held throughout the festival, took place in Essenler Dortiol Square. National Education Minister Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ozar, Istanbul Governor Ali Yarlikaya, Essenler Mayor M. Tevfik Goksu, Provincial Director of National Education Levant Yajisi, Essenlar District Governor Adil Karatas, AK Party Essenlar District President Umut Ozkan, District National Education Director Mehmet Nuretin Aras, City Council members citizens and children participated.

The children of our civilization represent peace
National Education Minister Prof. Dr. spoke at the festival. Dr. Mahmoud Ozar said, “Today, for Ramadan, April 23 is National Sovereignty and Children’s Day and for peace, it is really great to be together and combine these three things. National Sovereignty and Children’s Day is a message dedicated to children. Love for the whole world, Peace and justice. Bread is sacred in all religions. Here, we unite all the children of the world with the bread that is sacred in all religions, and send it to the whole world from Essenler. This message is really meaningful. “
“The children of this civilization are the representatives of peace. They are the doves of peace. The message that our honorable Mayor Tevfik, Essenler has consistently conveyed from Essenler to the world for 13 years, is the message of peace and well-being, the most urgent need of the whole world. Brother of Peace.”

Our table is open to everyone
Istanbul Governor Ali began his speech by celebrating the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23 for children in Yarlikaya Square. By saying, “Bread is sacred to us,” Yarlikaya summed it up in her speech: “If we see it on the ground, we do not blame anyone without being angry, as if we have made such a mistake, we immediately accept it, dust it off, clean Put it in a place where no one can trample it. Maybe a bird, we put it in a special place where wolves can eat. In fact, in all faiths, bread is sacred. Why? Blessings. We share our tables with our guests that our tables are the table of hearts. It is open to all. Soon, our innocent children from this heartland will say, “We will say Bismillah and all the water, yeast and flour brought by these children, who are our future, The light of our face and the power of our life, and we will crush it with our heart. Each of you. We love to create for God’s sake, without reckoning. “

We call the world our three saints
Essenler Mayor Mehmet Tevfik Goksu, father of the host of the Peace Bread project, said they have been organizing the festival for 13 years and said, “There are three important words. Peace, bread and children. Peace is our name. Civilization. In the 21st century, humanity is probably the most More desirable. “My guess is that the thing he counted days and minutes to achieve with the greatest desire was, unfortunately, peace. The other is bread. The most valuable thing in a person’s life. The source of his struggle is his struggle. The other is children. The most sacred being in a person’s life, “he said. Goksu said those who want to suck the world like vampire vampires, who make weapons day and night to destroy people, who drop bombs, who leave children orphaned, whose mothers send a message to them. Widows and their children are orphans. For 13 years, Essenler from different parts of the world, if we say something to children with their innocent minds and say, ‘O those who have shed blood on earth, enough! At the top of humanity. A justice must come. There must be a justice. ‘ We are hosting, ”he said.
The most sincere bread in the world
Mentioning that the bread baked at the festival was sent to world leaders, Goksu said, “Flour is made from different parts of the world, water is given from different parts of the world and yeast is given from these countries. I hope we can cry. To this day we will continue to cry.” “So far we have sent and will continue to send our peace letters. As long as there is peace in the world. When we offered this bread to our esteemed President, he said it is the most sincere bread. I hope the world will find guidance with the most sincere bread in the world.” ” He used his expression.

Bread slices have been sent to world leaders

After the speech, Minister Ozar, Governor Yarlikaya and Goksu wore aprons and prepared flour for barley bread together with the children of the world. The flour of 10 countries was mixed with the leaven of love and brotherhood of Turkey. The flour was called “Bismillah” and was baked in the oven on the stage. Baris bread made from flour and water brought from 9 countries, Mayor Goksu and other protocol members took it out of the oven and first served it to the children. Minister Ozar, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ piece of bread, Governor Yarlikaya, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s piece of bread and the piece of bread that Goksu cut were delivered to the event by PTT students to US President Joe Biden.

The wall of peace has been opened
The inauguration of the Peace Wall, which includes the national flag and important structures representing the country, as well as a peace dove, was held by Minister Ozar and his entourage. At the end of the program, children from around the world perform a visual feast for the audience by performing folk dances. The children who have shown their talents have been widely praised.

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