From Minister Yannick to the kids: “Try to keep your ideas alive”

Kukurova, Adana (IHA) – Family and Social Services Minister Daria Yannick addressed the children at the opening of the “Techno Children’s Festival”, saying, “We want you, as the scientists of the future, to start your work in this field থেকে from today, and try to keep your ideas alive.” “

For a series of morning visits GingerMinister Yannick, who is in Turkey, took part in the ‘Techno Children’s Festival’ organized by the Ministry of Family and Social Services on the campus of Kukurova University Technopolis.

Speaking here, Minister Yannick reminded that April 23 is National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, the world’s first Children’s Day and said, “April 23 is the world’s first Children’s Day, which Gazi Mustafa Kemal gave to the world’s children. We also began to celebrate this holiday very early. We’re here on vacation. GingerI celebrate the holidays of all the children of the world through you, our beautiful children who are with us in Turkey and I hug you all with love. This year, we are celebrating April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day with the most entertaining and exciting form of technology. Today, our Techno-Children’s Festival has many activities ranging from our robotics workshops to artificial intelligence, from our toy trucks to sports, songs and concerts. Through our Techno Children’s Festival, we want you, as the scientist of the future, to start your work in this field today and try to bring your ideas to life. “

“You children will bring peace and well-being to the whole world.”

“Children are the hope of the future,” said Minister Yannick.

“On April 23, the day our Gazi Council opened. One of the most important steps we took for our independence during the most difficult time in our country was the inauguration of our Parliament. It was a symbol of non-acceptance of the Turkish nation. Children are our hope. Our future is the name of our future. That is why Gazi Mustafa Kamal gave this day to your children. Our Parliament is the hope of our motherland, and you are here. Hope for our Parliament. Bring peace and prosperity. A group of our brothers and sisters who have come to our country from Ukraine will also join us. The incident will happen soon. “

“I’ve always been honored to be one of our puppies.”

GingerReferring to Turkey as a leading city in many sectors, Family and Social Services Minister Daria Yannick said, “You may not know, but Adana is the city where I was born. “Adana. We believe we can make the same progress in science and technology. The smart and hardworking people of Kukurova will do what Yasar Kamal has done in literature, Fatih Terim in football and Senar Sen in cinema. We have full confidence in you. I grew up in this country and I have always been honored to be a member of Kukurova, “he said.

“You will be the hero of the next generation”

Noting that children should follow their dreams, Minister Deria Yannick said, “You too will be the hero that the children after you follow your dreams and do something that will make you happy and benefit all people – the way to be a true superhero. We live in that time.” Kari’s consciousness is science, information science and science. We are living in an age of technology that has been growing steadily since 2000. So, as a ministry, we attach great importance to the fact that our children and youth are consciously introduced to science and technology. Granted, they are effective in this regard and grow up with a vision that brings their new ideas and unique projects to life. “

“Believing that you can do it, you will follow that knowledge.”

Explaining that children should test technical devices, Yannick says:

“In our daily lives, we use dozens of products, including coding and software. Our mobile phones, computers, cars, televisions. In short, all smart systems and electronic devices. You curious and check them out, don’t you? We are consumers and we hope However, Vecihi Hürkuş, Nuri Demirağ, Nuri Killigil, Selçuk Bayraktar did not expect others to produce, they worked and produced themselves. These people have become a beacon for all of us. You keep asking, ‘How was it made?’ How an instrument, an instrument, an engine, a vehicle was created. You will wonderfully search for it. You will follow the knowledge that you believe you can do it. “

Adana Governor Suleiman Elban spoke of the importance of April 23 and said, “This holiday is a very precious and important holiday for us. It represents a very good understanding with our children to turn this holiday activity into a technology festival. To prepare you for the future.

Kukurova University Rector Professor. Dr. Mary Tunsell, on the other hand, says that on April 23, 1920, the Turkish Republic shouted to the world that it had determined its own future.

AK Party deputies, provincial police chief Dogan Inchi and district mayors were also present on the occasion.

At the end of the speech, Minister Yannick and his entourage toured the stand.

(Umutcan Handleci – Elif Ayşenur Bay – Bahadır Turgut-IHA)

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