The proposal for a new sports law is in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

MHP Deputy Chairman and Ankara Deputy Dr. Sadir Durmaz, He said that transforming Turkish football into a paradise for foreigners was one of the biggest misdeeds for Turkish football. HDP Marsin Deputy Ridvan Turan“Our clubs try to look like a frog that looks like a bull, they can only borrow money for development, to buy better football players, to find better infrastructure,” he said.

Aksar Deputy Aihan Earl, who spoke on behalf of the Good Party Group in the second part of the Sports Club and Sports Federation Bill in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, claimed that deserving youth were forced to go abroad and their dreams were stolen during the AKP government.

Noting that young people graduating from Turkey’s best universities are willing to work in unskilled jobs abroad, Earl claimed that the government has turned universities into “institutions that delay unemployment for four years”. Earl said, “In this country, young people have to go into professions like motor courier and cashier, which are not related to them and do not create additional value.

“It’s hard to work for a boss”

HDP Mersin deputy Ridvan Turan argued that the proposal abstracted the sport from its social dimension, was a football-centric inauguration and directed the centralization of the autonomous structure.

Noting that the last 20 years have seen the impact of financing on football, Turan said that through this financing England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy have begun to receive the lion’s share from UEFA.

Turan said that these leagues, which are at the top of financing, form the Central League, while the leagues of the other 50 countries have become Peripheral Leagues. This is also in the background of borrowing Apart from this, there is no other financial instrument left Borrow from their team, “he said.

“Authorities will cast a shadow over the independence of our federation.”

CHP Yozgat Deputy Ali Kevin said that with the proposal, the Minister of Youth and Sports was approved to determine the main status of the Federation, appoint General Secretary and Provincial Representative of the Federation, determine the Sports Branch, General Renewal of the Federation. Rally and dismiss their administration.

“The Minister may send a representative to the General Assembly of the Federation to his nominee, and if he does not like it, he may ignore the General Assembly. The presidency, which gives extraordinary powers to the one-man system, is seen as a coordinating project, and if the proposal becomes law, clubs will have difficulty finding well-trained sports directors. Make the whole arrangement. “

The general amnesty is unlikely to save the financial condition of football clubs.

Durmaz, deputy chairman of MHP and deputy head of Ankara, said that Turkish sports had reached a critical stage in recent years and that athletes had achieved great success in the international arena.

Noting that the country’s football clubs are in a terrible debt-ridden conflict, where interest and support for football is growing day by day in the world and in Turkey, and football revenues are rising, Durmaz goes on to say:

“Today, the financial situation of football clubs cannot be saved by configuration and general amnesty. Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor, which are described as the 4 best in Turkish football, have announced that they have lost 1 billion 121 million lira in the last 9 months. Today, Fenerbahce owes Turkey 6. 6.2 billion, Besiktas 4. 4.8 billion, Galatasaray 4 4 billion and Trabzonspor more than বিল 2 billion, according to data provided by clubs on the platform.

Mentioning the double deals and agreements signed behind closed doors have tarnished the image of Turkish football, MHP’s Durmaj noted that as soon as the proposal goes into effect, the ministry’s aid utilization areas will be inspected and indebted clubs will tighten their belts. Until they improve financially.

In order to be a football brand in Turkey, clubs should focus on infrastructural investment and have a mindset so that young people who leave infrastructure spend more time in their teams. “There is no reason for them not to participate ৷ in their own teams and in the big football organizations abroad. None of our children are the best. We all testify to what the children of this country can do if given the opportunity.” He said.

The proposal is being discussed in the General Assembly.

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