They painted the streets of the city with 1,920 pictures. They made pictures of students from 37 schools.

A total of 1,920 paintings by 37 kindergarten and elementary school students in Castamonu have colored the city center.
In Castamonu, the Yildirim Beyazit Primary School and Behchet Nekatigil Borsa Istanbul Primary School, the Open Air Painting Festival was held on 23 April to reduce the pressure on students who were away from school during the epidemic process. First, Kastamonu Provincial Director of National Education Genghis Bahakaoglu and Kastamonu Deputy Mayor Mehmet Yurt gave various gifts to the students attending the festival at Kastamonu Kumhuriet Square. Then the students freely draw on the banner. During the festivities, with the participation of parents and teachers, 1,920 paintings were hung on the iron railings of the Karaomak stream, which runs through the town center of Castamonu. Along the way, various colorful paintings are presented for the taste of the citizens. Citizens have thoroughly examined the pictures.

“We posted 1,920 pictures on the streets with the participation of 37 schools”
For the first time this year, Yıldırım Beyazıt Primary School and Behçet Necatigil Borsa Istanbul Primary School have organized a children’s festival on April 23, said Mehmet Karaoulu, deputy director of Behçet Necatigil Borsa İstanbul Primary School, a permanent festival in the years to come. We have organized this festival to reduce the burden of the epidemic and the Kovid process on our children and to reflect the importance that the founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatুrk, placed on children, our children and our people. . Our festival consists of two stages. In the first phase, with the participation of 37 schools from Kastamnu, we hung our paintings with ribbons on the railings of 1,920 paintings along the Kastamnu roadside. We turned it into an open exhibition by walking the streets with our people, parents and students. In the second phase, we organized a joint painting with the participation of 23 students with the participation of our Kastamonu Provincial Director of National Education Genghis Bahakaulu and Kastamonu Deputy Mayor Mehmet Yart. Here, our students draw freely. We also gave our kids gifts. We think the event is good and creates a good awareness. “

“Our students were happy at the event.”
Art teacher Marve Gulkan Ablak, who said that they participated in the painting festival with his students, said, “Our students were very cheerful and happy because they participated in the painting event. The painting stages were a lot of fun. The kids were taught painting techniques for 1 week and gradually new pictures were created. They were also happy when they saw that they were able to recognize colors and make better use of dry colors. They are also happy with the result. Our students were constantly excited to learn about the timing of the show, and I was excited about their excitement. Our students will go to see the exhibition with their parents today. ”
Jeanne Coole, one of the students participating in the festival, said, “It is great to be here. I gathered with my friends and we are drawing here. It’s very beautiful. I drew flowers here. Painting is a very beautiful, very good thing, ”he said.
One student, Nesil Epek Koilu, who said he was delighted to be attending the painting festival, said: “It’s great to be here. I like this place. It’s beautiful in color. I drew ‘Hello Kitty’. It was beautiful, but my hands got a little tired when I drew it, “he said.

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