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On the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the opening of the parliament, on April 23 the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly convened a special session “Children of the Nation, Children of the Assembly”, with 102 children participating.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mustafa Sentop, after the commencement of the session, invited the people of the hall for the national anthem.

“Welcome to the Parliament, the home of our nation. You have turned our Parliament into a playground,” Centup said in a speech celebrating Children’s Day. Says

The speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Sentop, said:

“As the owner of the world’s first and only children’s holiday, you have the right and priority to remind all children in the world that you are the most beautiful face of peace, sharing and brotherhood. You have the right and priority to remind everyone. Children of the world. April 23 is Children’s Day. “

Sentop says Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatর্কrk, who gifted children the National Assembly founding day as a holiday, has shown his love and faith for children who will be the brains of a bright future with this holiday.

“April 23 is the most important turning point in the new history of our great nation Turkey. With a glorious past,” said Sentap, who founded a parliament 102 years ago to protect the homeland of Mustafa Kemal and his friends whose lands were occupied. Evaluated her.

“I trust you so much”

Noting that there is a great struggle against those who want to occupy the motherland, St.P said, “You will always lead our country into the future with unity and solidarity. I believe in that. I put the day in your hands. I trust you too, you. I love you so much. ” Used phrases.

Sentap said he expressed his respect and gratitude to his comrades in arms, especially Mustafa Kemal and deputies who have left the world to this day, and said, “Peace be upon their souls.” Says

Special session of children in Parliament

Gulez, a 6th class student, presided over the special session

The Senate began voting after announcing that elections for the Presidency Council would be held.

In the special session, 6th class student of Mamak Atlıoğlu Secondary School Hawa Dilai Gulez presided over the session.

Revealing that they have come together to better understand today’s meaning, Gulez celebrated National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23.

Explaining that he was happy and proud to be the first and only country in the world to give a holiday gift to children, Gulez mentioned that he remembers Atatুrk, who gave April 23 as a holiday gift for children, with respect and love.

Gulez also thanked Mustafa Sentap for hosting the children and said that Sentap had turned the parliament garden into a playground. Revealing that they have learned and played games in almost every field from science to art and sports in Parliament Park, Gulez said, “There is no doubt that we will teach April 23 to the children who will take over after us. When they grow up. . ” He said.

Special session of children in Parliament

“We must invite everyone to work to create a just world.”

Noting that all the children of the world should be happy in peace and away from war, Gulez later invited Berat Amir Cell, a 4th class student of Ali Kusu Primary School, to give a talk.

The cell noted that there are children who have lost their families in all scenes of the war and in the war environment on television, and that injured and crippled children form an important part of the war.

“We, the children of today and the elders of tomorrow, must work together and work hard for this good work. We must teach everyone. Peace and sharing,” he said, adding that he wanted all children in the world to live in peace and brotherhood away from war. About, and then hiring everyone to create a world of justice. We should invite him. ” Says

At the root of the floods, he said, are climate change and global warming, which pollute the world and will greatly affect future generations.

They hope the states will be sensitive to this, Cell reveals that natural life and cleanliness are needed.

“Everyone should be encouraged to eat less and live a simple life, and it is the duty of humanity to love and empathize with all the animals in the world, their families, friends and those they do not know,” she said.

Drawing attention to the forest fire that broke out last year, Cell wanted adults to take care of the trees and urged children to plant saplings.

Referring to the protection of children as the most important issue in the defense of the homeland, the cell said:

“I am grateful to our forefathers who protected us and made the right decision for us and left us a beautiful country after opening the Turkish Grand National Assembly 102 years ago. I promise that we will work together for a peaceful and beautiful future.” This special meeting was held in the Assembly and we have gained that experience. ” I believe with all my heart that it will contribute to the peaceful world that children deserve. “

Special session notification accepted

The speech was adopted by the children as a declaration of the special session “Children of the Nation, Children of the Council”.

Gulez closed the session, saying that the text they would present to the speaker of parliament, Mustafa Sentap, would also be published on the Turkish Grand National Assembly’s website.

The Speaker of Parliament then chatted with the children and posed for a souvenir photo.

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