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Kids are now spending more time online than ever before. Protecting kids from bad content on the Internet is not easy because it is a completely open world. However, it is possible to prevent many dangers with some steps.

April 23 celebrates National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, for many years children have been born directly into new technologies and the Internet. According to Volkan Yılmaz’s news from Hürriyet magazine; From a very young age, phones, tablets and televisions have become a huge part of children’s lives. This situation brings many dangers. Because the internet and new generation platforms have a lot of content that can harm the mental health of children. The big tech companies are working hard to prevent these issues, but they are still not completely eradicated. So how do we protect children, who must be properly guided, from Internet-based dangers? Here, the biggest work falls on the parents. Parents need to check their children’s food regularly and never lose control.

Create a custom profile

Safe Internet service and child profiles provided by many Internet service providers are the biggest help families can use to protect their children. Thanks to these, children may be prevented from accessing websites that may be harmful to them, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Restricting the websites that your children can access, including special profiles and the lists you create, will relieve you of many security concerns.

One of the best ways to protect children in the internet world is to keep them away from social media platforms until a certain age. Social media platforms like Instagram, TickTock or Facebook severely damage the adult psyche, let alone the kids. There are many research results to prove this and even the social media companies themselves know this very well. In this case, it would make a lot of sense to turn off social media-based access to get a child’s developmental outlook on the right footing.

YouTube is a platform where children spend the most time. YouTube is full of millions of content which is usually very dangerous for children. Preventing children from regularly accessing YouTube will make your life a lot easier. So what to do here? Kids love to watch videos. Where do we point them?

One of the first solutions here is the specially designed YouTube Kids application / platform. The children-only version of YouTube is extremely restrained and contains 99 percent child-protection content However, it should be noted that you do not fully trust YouTube Kids. Here, too, there may be some content that may be harmful to children and your supervision is still needed. However, the ‘Kids’ app brings much more secure entertainment and educational process than the usual YouTube.

Time must be controlled

Parents need to consider the physical health of their children as well as their mental health. Newer generation phones, tablets or television panels have serious blue light protection, but still, children need to control the amount of content they use and keep it within certain limits. It is very important for the health of children’s eyes not to look at the screen for a long time. Similarly, viewing distance from the screen must be checked and children must be trained in this matter. Similarly, it is important for children to avoid movements that may interfere with their body language while spending time on the Internet or using content.

Pay attention to online games

To protect children, it is advisable to keep them away from online games until a certain age. Because even in online games made only for children, you may encounter some perverted people. Adult children who pretend to be children can be friendly with online games and bring the process to real life and harm your child both mentally and physically. Of course, there is no point in keeping children completely away from the game. In this context, we recommend that you only write online games with your child and in other cases allow offline games that do not work on the Internet. There are many paid and free productions that will be very useful for children.


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