Last Moment: Donors who traveled for the story have become hopeful for other children

It became an icon in the fight against leukemia! Hope for other children

Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML) was diagnosed on November 11, 2018, in সন্তানykü Arin, the child of Eylem Şen Yazıcı and Çağdaş Yazıcı, a couple living in Izmir. The family launched the ‘Hope for Öykü Arin’ stem cell donation campaign on November 15, 2018, after doctors said that Öykü Arin could sustain life through stem cell transplantation. Thousands of people have become donors for Öykü Arin, who has become an icon in the fight against leukemia. Öykü Arin, who was hospitalized on April 11, 2019, underwent a semi-compatible transplant from his mother, Eylem Şen Yazıcı. When the transplant was negative, the marrow match in the semi-compatible transplant performed by his father ağdaş Yazıcı on June 26 of the same year was 98.5 percent successful. 5 months ago, Öykü’s brother, friend, was born in October. It was said that if needed, a transplant of friends can be done from October.

Donors have enjoyed matching with other children

Donors participating in the campaign met with other children awaiting stem cell donation. Thanks to the campaign, a lot of replacements have happened. Umut Ozar, 23, who lives in Istanbul, received news from thousands of people who supported the campaign that 4 years after becoming a donor in 2018, he met a Turkish citizen living abroad. One of the donors involved in promoting the story, Izmir-based psychologist Burku Altantas, 32, found that it was compatible with a leukemia patient living in Italy. Firefighter Ali Sinan Batmaz (40), who was a donor for Öykü in 2018, was 100% compatible with a child with lymph cancer in January. Donors who traveled for the story said they were overjoyed when they learned that they had hoped for other children.

‘We got the news of the match on April 23 Creation’

Noting that there were thousands of matches and synchronization with the 2019 campaign, Eylem Sen Yazıcı, Öykü’s mother, said: “More than a thousand transplants have been performed. We are receiving very good news. Our campaign is a campaign that carries generosity and life not only for Turkey but also for children and adults in other parts of the world. Another good news came from Kokayeli. It’s been two years and the baby has regained his health. 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. From one end of the earth to the other it is possible to have a heart for each other. Maybe Öykü Arin himself is with other children in the world Things, ”he said.

The book that they talk about is the difficult process of their experience

Explaining that they would institutionalize and continue the campaign under the umbrella of the organization, Yagisi said, “Become a donor, be a hope, and don’t give up on anyone you meet, regardless of the age of the person who decided to be our daughter. We are very happy to be a donor and to take action. ” Noting that they are preparing to publish a book where they describe the difficult process of the experience, Yajisi has announced that the book will be published in May. Eilem inen Yazıcı, providing information on the current state of Öykü Arin, said, “Semi-compatible transplants are more likely to have a brain war. Öykü Arin also had a brain war. We continue to use high doses of drugs. “We hope for a replacement. There is no need for a process,” he said.

‘I am very grateful to hear this news after 4 years’

Umut Özer (23), who lives in Istanbul, said he decided to become a donor for Öykü in 2018 after hearing about the campaign. “I was very happy to receive this news. If I had not received this phone call, I would have forgotten. I decided to be a donor in my daily life. I am very honored to receive this news. I think people should be encouraged about this,” he said.

‘Donor Candidates Should Never Wait’

Izmir-based psychologist Burcu Altıntaş, 32, said he did not feel any pain during the stem cell transplant and continued: “The story was that I was a donor to Orin’s campaign. I came back in May 2021. I was. I was told I was. I met another patient and was asked if I wanted to be a donor. The patient was in Italy. They asked me if I wanted to continue with each stage because it was completely voluntary. The donor candidate should never give up. Are prepared for transplantation in a special unit, then they replace the stem cells taken from the donor candidate. At that stage, donor abandonment can even cause harm to the patient. “I think it is a duty. If one unit of blood taken from us is to give life to a human being, it should be a fundamental responsibility. I don’t think it’s a heroic deed. “

Ali Sinan Batmaz, 40, a firefighter in the Izmir metropolitan municipality, also said he was a donor to the Oiku campaign and met with a patient with lymph cancer. Batmaz, who decided to become a donor in 2018 and said he had a compatible patient last January, said: However, since the child’s general health condition is not suitable for replacement. “The transfer process was delayed for some time. I look forward to calling them again, “he said.

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