Last Moment: kuraykur Rizespor – Fenerbahçe What did the sports writers say after the match? Ismail Kartal has become a lock maker! Impeccable …

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Kuraykur Rizespor and Fenerbahçe have shared their trump cards in the 34th week of the Super League. Ridge won the match 6-0 at Fenerbahce.

In the 35th second of the fight, Reyespo, who was on the field with a red card, could not stop Rossi’s goal in the 9th minute. Yellow-dark blue, 45 + 3 and 45 + 9. He scored two penalty goals with Serdar Dursun in the minute.

The internal series lasted up to 10 matches

When the 51st minute showed, Serder reappeared on stage and scored a hat-trick, bringing the score to 4-0. Valencia, who later entered the game, extended the lead to 65, and Nazim Sangare made the final sound in the 76th minute.

In Fenerbahce, who has won the league’s unbeaten streak of 10 games and the 6th game in a row, he has scored 65. Risespor is at 30 points.

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Diego Rossi, Locksmith of Fenerbahce

Rossi, who has scored his first goal in the most Super League games on the field this season, has been netting for the 4th time in this sense. Increasing the total number of goals in the league to 5, the yellow-dark blue player was able to score 11 straight goals with 6 assists.

Enjoyed in the United States

Showing a successful graphic in his first season in Europe, Rossi has scored 6 goals, 1 assist in 2021; 19 goals, 5 assists in 2020; He finished 2019 with 17 goals, 6 assists and 18 assists and 4 assists.

What did the sports writer say?

Ugar Meleke: Perfect Fenerbahce

However, without Fabricio’s red card in the 35th second, it is difficult to consider yesterday’s match independently. At that point, in a way, the game was over. Even the Rise season is over …

In the 27th week, Rise faces Galatasaray. Fabricio was sent off after seeing two consecutive yellow cards in extra time. This is the second innings of the Brazilian right back this season. He spent the 28th week with a suspended sentence. In the 29th week, Kasımpaşa started playing again in the first 11, he was thrown again! Postponed 30th week. In the Alanya match of the 31st week, he entered the game at 46 and moved to 76. In the 32nd and 33rd weeks, he is again in the top 11 in the Konya-Kayseri match. Fabrizio received his fourth red card in front of Fenerbahce in the 34th week.

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Kabahat is in technical management

So a player gets 3 red cards in 10 weeks. He has postponed 4 matches. He still plays in the other three tournaments … Interesting, don’t you think? Which football player in the world could have such a debt? Gattuso was one of the best and most combative midfielders of his era. I don’t think he caught such a statistic in 2 months. In a film like this, I think Fabrizio is to blame, as well as those of the technical management who act as if he is not to blame when he returns from punishment.

Last Moment: kuraykur Rizespor - Fenerbahce What Sports Writers Said After Match Ismail Kartal Was A Lock Maker ...

Unplugged from the right wing

Of course, whatever the red card, Fenerbahce’s consistent good play deserves credit. The Yellow and Navy Blue teams started using the right wing very effectively, just like in the Galatasaray and Gazette tap matches. Merit in the first goal, Irfan-Crespo in the second goal, Irfan in the third goal and Irfan-Nazim in the fourth goal, the right wing organizations dragged the match. Another positive detail of yesterday’s match for Fenerbahce was Assad’s form and appetite from the sidelines. As you already know. Nazim’s contribution is 2 goals. Valencia scored the goal. Tisarand and Gustavo also could not accept it for a long time. Another important plus point for the coach is that Ismail Cartel can get such high skills from them even though he did not play much with the first 11 players.

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Guntekin One: Good game in Fenerbahce

The match, which is a final for host Çaykur Rizespor, actually ended in the 1st minute. Fabrizio Bayano’s irresponsible and subconscious exclusion from the game and leaving his team with 10 players spoils the mood of the match. Fenerbahce, which has been the fittest team with Antalaspor in the last 2 months, took the lead with Rossi in the 9th minute and went ahead. On paper, the 90 minutes that were expected to be difficult before the match turned out to be the easiest match of the season.

Disciplined play and stability

Ismail maintained the stability of the squad that occupied the Cartel Rise, and regardless of the situation, the Fenerbahce team again reflected his orderly play on the field. At Rize last night, we saw a Fenerbahce that makes a difference with team play and sharing, rather than a game where individuals are very different. Has anyone played great? I don’t think it was. However, we did not see a single player from Fenerbahce who did not perform his duties.

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Upon entering the game, 17-year-old Arda Gারller immediately made a difference with her skills and footballing intelligence and received applause from fans of the host Rizzespo.

Ismail Kartal style

Fenerbahce continued its irresistible rise with Ismail Kartal, who won the Rise very differently yesterday. Thus in the last match the yellow-dark blue team reached their 9th victory; He consolidated the 2nd place claim by scoring 6th and 3rd points in a row and continued to follow the leader.

There was not much to talk about. We saw a one-sided match where Fenerbahce ran without any difficulty. Ismail Kartal and the team he formed once again deserves praise and admiration. Following yesterday’s results, Kaikou’s claim to stay in the Rেসjespo league is far behind Mount Cuff.

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