No final love letter – for now …

Drawing: Ekzge Ekmekçioglu

As someone who has fallen in love twice in my life, I would like to go back to my endeavor to understand people through philosophy and psychology, explaining why I am stuck in the fact that there is no love and this article series with this article leaving a semicolon.

At 54 years old, “Oh where are those old loves!” I won’t fall for your stupidity, because I would be about seven thousand years old to be able to tell where those old loves are. So I was born in the same relaxation, when love comes.

However, as a Turkish citizen, relaxation is our reality, which we have always been and which still exists today and has not changed and even deepened. When a man is born in a shack and has no other place to compare with, he realizes that he is there without any question, and only when he goes to another country and starts living there can he realize that his head is even his. The stench of feces on the skin and the fact that it is not impossible to get rid of it is very difficult.

Why do I say love? Of course, this has nothing to do with the sharp point of my departure, i.e., the last few months I have been suffering from a love affair and trying to correct from anger by trying to deny what I have done. Has been through.

From the first moment I started the series of articles, I emphasized that human beings are imperfect and helpless animals. I want to emphasize that this is the key issue that should not be forgotten. Those who wonder why, stealing the fire of Prometheus can read the myth of giving to people on the Internet.

Furthermore, when we look at nature we can easily see that the root of our helplessness and need for others lies in our premature birth. No creature of nature needs a mother to survive for so long. And this addiction lasts for several months. It gives birth to the knowledge in our minds that we cannot live without the other. We feel this unconscious information deeply when we are alone or abandoned. Separation is so difficult because it subconsciously reminds us of our mother’s absence, which means death.

The knowledge that we are imperfect and helpless, that we will one day die and be a victim of wolves is the saddest knowledge of any human being. In addition, it is much weaker in terms of physical features than other creatures in nature. From the very beginning, Homo sapiens lived as a community and were able to compensate for this deprivation, dependence on others, and survival. This is because in a sense family – attention is not marriage – always exists.

Over time, the food available in nature began to become sufficient for humans and settle down. Gradually, patriarchy emerged and the millennium industrial revolution took place. A person is deprived of the right to live in the community and large family where he was born and has to move far away, especially to the city, to earn a living as a laborer or businessman. As a result, he felt his lack and helplessness deeply, and the sad knowledge that would eventually die began to be felt more heavily. For a long time, this feeling of inadequacy and helplessness, especially the deep poverty of the cities, was sought to be ignored by the desire for oneness with God, that is, the love of God.

Man’s love for man was equated with the love of God, be it in Christianity or Islam, and was consistent with the need for heights and perfections. Of course, the things that would not be compatible with such high feelings are physical desire and sexual desire. For the human mind, this meant a great division, which we can also consider as soul-body separation.

As our day draws to a close, the only thing left for the secular person is a lack of love for another imperfect and helpless person, and a helpless person’s love, in which God has been forgotten or even God has completely disappeared. The pain of love started right at this moment. The needs associated with the concept of love that only one God could meet could not be met by a deficient and weak person. Since physical desires and sexual desires were also separated from love and it was sin and / or forbidden to live without certain religious rules or permission of the municipality where we are staying, there was nothing left for man except the pain of love. No one can believe that the other was enough and he can no longer believe that the other is enough for himself.

However, there was love, of course, but when we do not call it love or when we have been responsible for this idea for hundreds of years and have nothing to do with normal sexual desire and aspiration, we can distinguish between emotion, intimacy, compassion, Compassion and love.

How I know, of course, what I have experienced and what I have not felt.

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