The exhibition “Victims of the Ukraine Children’s War” has opened in Buুকukchekme

The inauguration of the exhibition “Ukrainian Children of War” organized in collaboration with the Consulate General of Ukraine and the Municipality of Büyükçekmece in Istanbul was held yesterday. Büyükçekmece Mayor Hassan Akgun said they wanted to draw attention to the killing of children in Ukraine this holiday, which is a gift for children. There is fighting between the soldiers. “Children are not killed with artillery shells, mortars and missiles,” he said.

In the ‘Ukrainian Children Victims of War Exhibition’ prepared for the week of April 23 to draw attention to the children killed in Ukraine, pictures of the victims of the war that Russia has been waging in Ukraine for almost 2 months. And paintings calling for peace are displayed. The program, which began with the national anthems of Ukraine and Turkey, continued with an introductory speech and ended with an Iftar dinner. Büyükçekmece Mayor Dr. B উপস্থিতyükçekmece was present at the event held at Kervansaray Kursunluhan. Hassan Akgun, Consul General of Ukraine Roman Nedilsky and his wife Lyudmila Nedilska and many guests were present.

‘208 children killed, 368 seriously injured’

Noting that Ukrainian children are not safe, Ukrainian Consul General Roman Nedilsky said: “The Russian attack killed 206 children and seriously injured 36 others. The Ukrainian people will resist, fight, defend their land, their homes, their women and their children The children should live in safety, stay at home and grow up with their parents. It is the duty of every state, every family, every mother and father and we are trying to achieve this. April 23 is a great holiday in Turkey. On this occasion, Dr. We have an event dedicated to children which we have jointly organized with Hassan Akgun. Today, through this event, we will try to show what war has brought for children, “he said.

Roman Nedilsky’s wife, Lyudmila Nedilska, who came up with the idea for the exhibition to draw attention to the children killed in Ukraine on April 23, thanked the Turkish people and all those who support the children, and said that more than 100 trucks have so far been delivered from Turkey to Ukraine. He said another reason to hold the ceremony was to thank the Turkish people.

PRESIDENT AKGUN: We strongly condemn Russia’s anticipation of a brutal war

Hassan Akgun marks the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Grand National Assembly this year, and Mustafa Kemal Atatুrk continues his speech by emphasizing that this day is a gift to children and youth in the Turkish world:

“Thanks to Atatুrk, we only have a holiday called National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. When we celebrate this day with our children, we also live among ourselves the fact that in the first quarter of the 21st century, under our noses, on the coast of Europe, Russia With the invasion of Ukraine, we were all shaken, our blood froze. As we celebrate this holiday with our children here, we see the situation in Ukraine. Speaking of which, we see that millions of children have been killed in the war. The world needs to stop it. Condemns that Russia is waging a brutal war. We are a state that knows how to fight. There is fighting between soldiers. Children are killed by artillery shells, mortars and missiles. No. It was unthinkable to see such atrocities in the first quarter of the 21st century. As citizens of the world, we have faced an event we never imagined. “

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