The kids you stole from the seat yesterday will drop you off.

TIP Chairman Erkan Bash addressed a special session of the Assembly on April 23. Addressing the AKP, Baş said, “Tomorrow those whose children have been stolen will take you down from the seat of choice.”

Newspaper Wall’s In the news According to Bash, who criticizes the party’s policies, “The children you stole today and tomorrow from the seat of your choice will take you down. My young brothers. History will write you down. You will be reminded that ‘they expelled the party they were in power at birth.’ Says

The highlights of the bus speech were as follows:

Today, the anniversary of the founding of our Assembly, an important step in a great revolution that makes sovereignty unconditionally owned by the people … Three types of people are formed after each revolution. The first ones to defend the revolution. The second is those who try to take it further. And third, counter-revolutionary. If their struggle does not end, if the weight of the first and second increases, the anniversary of that revolution is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm … but when the third is strong … when the third is strong, it will be like today. First someone, then their so-called rival, sitting in the seat of one person. That single guy doesn’t even agree to come to Parliament from his palace, the show is held to show … We invite the children to a moment of silence at the show, and I invite you to a ‘state of concern’ for our children.

“We are full of all the bitter feelings of your power.”

Yes, we are worried. For example, we used to memorize from our childhood, ‘Today, April 23rd, people are full of joy’. Now people are not full of joy, but thanks to them we are full of all kinds of emotions inside us! In order to fill the safe space of gangs, stooges and people in palaces … The nets come back empty from the market, we are all full of trouble.

Because of your anti-social policies, the streets are full of murderers, we are full of shame. They say to those who have studied thousands of ordeals year after year, ‘Let those who go, let them go.’

Our eyes fill with tears when we see people collecting scrap from the market in the evening to look for food. We are outraged when we see parents struggling to find their children’s killers. Although citizens cannot afford to rent them, we are saddened when we ‘buy a house, citizenship is free’. In this age of your Ezcümle power we are all full of bitter feelings.

“Our kids are trying to spend the day with a meal.”

We would ask our children, ‘What will you do when you grow up?’ We will ask. They used to say, ‘I will be a doctor, I will be a teacher, I will be an engineer’. Now I’m not asking the kids, I’m asking you. What will happen to these boys? What will happen! Will they be expatriates? Will they be refugees? Will they die in the church house? Will they be tortured? If they are not from you, will they perish? It’s up to you, it will be!

We’ve always talked about what you ate on this stage. Today we will talk about what our kids can’t eat. Children cannot eat meat. She can’t eat eggs or cheese. She can’t drink milk. They see the news of increase in fruits and vegetables in advertisements or in major news bulletins. It’s no longer a matter of asking for ‘raspberries, chocolates’, children feel sorry for their parents and even hesitate to ask for a piece of bread. Since you started the journey as an unmarried man, our kids have been trying to spend the day with one meal.

“The kids you stole today and tomorrow will get you off your favorite seat.”

You stole those little kids’ dreams. You stole their hope, their future. So know that we are also full of rebellion. Thousands of young people who grew up dreaming of becoming teachers cannot be recruited. Their dream was to build a bright generation; Thank you, they are trying to raise money for bills and house rent. Math teachers are so crushed by inflation that you can’t count. Neither history will forgive you, nor history teachers who have been waiting year after year for appointment!

And know that; The kids you stole today and tomorrow will get you off your favorite seat! My younger brothers. History will write you. Remember that they overthrew the party in power at birth. You will be reminded that ‘they broke through the darkness in which they were born.’ You will be told ‘they have brought this country to light’.

“When we download the portrait of Tayyip Erdogan, you will see how the country will be filled with joy.”

Yes, we are full! The government that stole everything could not steal our faith, our hope, our determination! Know that we are living for those good days now. The day we send our children who were forced to work, our children who were begged on the streets, our daughters who were forced into marriage, to school through a ceremony … because we will bring back those who have gone abroad. With songs and folk music … when we download it, you will see how the country will be filled with joy. And with this joy, friends, we will all rebuild the country together.

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