The number of Syrian children in Gaziantep schools has exceeded the number of Turkish children! Gaziantep education alarm bell! Do you want children to be educated together with Syrian refugees in Gaziantep? Your comment

Studies conducted within 1.5 months at the school by the Gaziantep branch of Türk Eğitim-Sen revealed the level of risk of the experience in terms of the future of education. A study conducted in 25 primary and secondary schools across the city found that 80 percent of the students in some schools were Syrian students.

The number of refugee students is increasing every day!

The results of the study were shared with the public at a meeting held at the Gaziantep branch of the Turkish Ezitim-sen. Referring to the study’s findings, Bekir Avan, president of the Turkish Itim-Sen Gaziantep branch, said: “Since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, the number of Syrian refugees fleeing the war in our province and country has steadily increased. “Although the number of Syrian students has increased in many provinces, the growth of Gaziantep has been different from other provinces. Syrian students are educated in almost every school in Gaziantep except a few villages.”

“Refugee children must be educated”

“The children of the Syrian refugees who have left our country must be educated,” he said. No country in the world accepts uneducated people. Educated people, especially some professional groups, receive invitations from all over the world. Educated Syrian students become useful to themselves, their families and the country in which they live. On the other hand, uneducated Syrian students cannot make a positive contribution to themselves and the society in which they live. The uneducated can become a tool of criminal conspiracy of different groups. Unfortunately, we see examples of this in our country. That is why the children of Syrian refugees must be educated. “

“Some schools have more than 75 percent Syrian students”

Noting that they conducted research in 25 schools across the city, Avan said, “When we consider Gaziantep education, when many schools in our province have Syrian students, unfortunately, the number of Syrian students concentrated in certain areas affects us. Education system is negative. Gaziantep’s primary and secondary schools have a large number of Syrian students, especially in the rectangular area between Duztep and Alben Creek in Shahinbe district and Mahalesi in Beazler and Shahrekustur in some schools. More Syrians: The higher number of Syrian students in the school has also increased the size of the class. . ”

“Syrian students enrolled in school”

“In the study we did in 2019, 50 percent of the first and second grades in some primary schools consisted of Syrian students. Again we warned the authorities with the statement we made at that time. Today, the number of Syrian students in many primary and secondary schools continues to grow in terms of school and class size. Until 2019, sensitivities were shown so that Syrian students could not adversely affect our education system due to language and cultural differences. Prior to 2019, some schools in Gaziantep had allocated school and classrooms for Syrian students the rest of the time, after the end of normal course time. At the time, the classroom was taught by Syrian refugee teachers, consisting entirely of Syrian students. Again in 26 provinces, the PİKTES project offered language classes in integration classes for foreign students, and the project is still ongoing. In recent years, the inclusion model has begun to be applied to Syrian students. Syrian students start studying together in the same class as our students in our school. However, the number of Syrian students in some schools has increased significantly. School administrators could not prevent this situation with their current capacity. Since parents of Syrian students can easily be admitted to any school, they can easily manage the procedures required for the school district from the headman’s office. Being Syrian has become almost an advantage. School administrators had to enlist Syrian students.

“Why don’t the ministry and the authorities do something?”

“There are many schools in Gaziantep, where one-third, one-fourth and one-fifth of the schools and classrooms are made up of Syrian students, in addition to these schools where the number of Syrian students exceeds a certain rate,” Avan said. There, parents of our students have started sending their children to other schools. On the other hand, Syrian refugees have started sending their children to these schools more intensively. The National Ministry of Education, the Governorship and the District Governorships have done little to address these issues in schools where the number of Syrian students has increased.

“Administrators are assisted”

“In this situation, unfortunately, our students, not the Syrian students who get together in schools where the class size exceeds 30% and 40%. The situation is even more dire in the class where Syrian students of 50%, 60%, 70% and 75% class size. During our school visits, we learned that our children had begun to behave like Syrian students in a class where most of the students in the class were Syrian. Especially in secondary school it is seen that grouping, clashes and related fights are between Syrian students and our children. The distribution of some aid in schools for Syrian students only escalates conflicts and quarrels among students. Teachers are screaming in frustration. The school administration is incompetent and helpless. ”

“Want to educate your children with refugees?”

“In the face of the grim landscape, we are asking why the Ministry of National Education, the Gaziantep Governorship and our district governors do not come up with solutions for all the schools that have more than 30 per cent class size?” And how long will they see the collapse of our education system and move away from the goal of national education in Turkey? Are our national education ministry and officials waiting for an award from the Syrian Ministry of Education? Does the unusual education in schools and classrooms with high Syrian student rates match the ideals and goals of “Brand City Gaziantep”? Our national education minister, deputies of our political party in Gaziantep, our governors, our district governors, our mayors, our businessmen want their children to be educated in these schools and classrooms, where most class sizes are Syrian students. ?

“Get the solution!”

Those who say, “They are immigrants, we are Ansar”, who do not go out of advertisement year after year, do they want their children to be educated in this class? If their answer is “yes”, let them say. If their answer is no, they immediately create a solution! Isn’t it sad for our kids that the class size in school exceeds 30% and for the teachers in this school? As the Türk Eğitim-Sen Gaziantep branch, we alert the authorities and invite them to act. Education should be normalized in schools where the number of Syrian students in school and class size is more than 30 percent where the school provides distribution of Syrian students in different schools. We hope these schools, which are no different from a Syrian school in terms of student size and where our children integrate with Syrian students, will meet Turkish national education objectives as soon as possible and we invite the authorities to take responsibility. “

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