Those moments on camera … Citizens try to hold the child who fell from the 6th floor of the apartment in this way.

Those moments on camera … Citizens try to hold the child who fell from the 6th floor of the apartment in this way.

They try to save the child who is at risk of his life.

Erzurum – Citizens prevent a 5-year-old child from losing his balance and falling down from the veranda on the 6th floor of an Erzurum apartment. The fall of the child and the moment of running of the citizens were reflected in the security camera.

The incident took place two days ago in Yakutieh district’s Om Nasuhi Bilman district, Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakalli Street, Mirkan Evlar Block C. At about 18.00 pm, 5-year-old Seren Azra Alpsoy was playing on the porch of their house on the 6th floor when she suddenly lost her balance and fell off the porch. Seeing the little girl hanging on the porch and hearing her cries, Ahmed Silan and Aydin Ildiz rushed to make the little girl’s fall easier. Those moments are reflected in a workplace security camera.

After the incident, the child was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The little girl was said to have fractured buttocks and legs and was kept asleep.

Revealing that his own daughter had died in the accident, Aidin Ildiz said he had rushed to the scene without thinking so that no other child would have died.

Aydın Yıldız said: “I was sitting on the street where the incident took place. Our apartments were on the other side. It happened about an hour after Iftar. A scream was heard from the side. Of course, when we raised our heads, we saw a small child hanging on the sixth floor, upstairs. Of the apartment. Of course, we lost ourselves at that moment. So when I ran, there was a company next to me. The friend who worked for the company ran with me, I thought. At that moment, I wondered what his mother was doing, like the baby was hanging. I fixed myself. The lady on the verandah threw the blanket at me. The baby was still hanging. I thought you could throw a blanket. I told my sister to throw a blanket. At that moment the baby fell. He threw a little foot. When the child is hit on the leg, the child naturally loses some of his balance, so that his speed gradually decreases. So the child survives the joy of the job. So we were very happy with him, “he said.

Expressing that he was sensitive to children, Yildız said, “My own child had died in an accident before. We lost ourselves in the moment he became a child. So we were able to recover only after fasting. We did, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Other people don’t run. In our society, we don’t need heroes. We need to do something for each other. I’m so sad. So, of course, it’s a joy for us that the baby survived the fall. It hurts me the most when he stops and looks at me. He’s so sorry for her. That really bothered me. I heard the baby had a younger brother. So his mother was inside to breastfeed him. She left the baby. The porch so she could play. A. Because of the stagnation, children in that age group need more protection. Because he doesn’t know what he’s doing because he needs protection. So if there is work inside the mother, she should not be by the side of the child. If they need to play in the garden or on the porch, they must be with them. Because children and youth are the future of this nation. The more we protect them, the better our future will be. I think so, ”he said.

Onur Kavuk, an eyewitness to the incident, said: “There was a child on the sixth floor who went to the roof porch. He was hanging by the hand. Then he saw a brother from across the street with his head held high. Kere flew over the wall. Then he extended his hand as he was flying. He also fell down at that moment. He touched your brother’s hand and fell down. Slow down to the ground. Otherwise, his brain was gone, it exploded, “he said.

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