TOBB Ereli will build a school – Kdz.Eregli Demokrat Medya

Arslan Keles, chairman of the board of the Black Sea Irregular Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO), Mustafa Tutuz, governor of Jonguldak, and provincial and district education directors met with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchange (TOBB) schools in Turkey.
Keles said TOBB had reached the protocol stage to build the school in the Irregular district and said they had met with Mustafa Tutulmaz, the governor of Jonguldak, Zuleha Aydogan, the provincial director of Jonguldak national education, and Ismail Aksoy, the director of national education in Ergley district. Final preparation. In his statement, President Keles said:
“Our TOBB president, Rifat Hisarcikliolu, promised the school we requested earlier during our visit, and they announced their decision. Today, we have Zonguldak Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, Provincial Director of National Education Züleyha Aydogan and Kdz. Together with our Ereğli District Director of National Education Ismail Aksay, Kdz. In Ereğli Kırmacı Mahallesi, where the Science High School and the Science and Industry Center are located, we have proposed to build the school on an area of ​​4,500 square meters. Now the final preparations are underway. Hopefully, we will complete the infrastructural work as soon as possible and move forward with the protocol signing phase. Kdz. We are happy and proud to bring a much needed modern school to Aragali. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our TOBB President Rifat Hisarkikliolu and his management, and in particular our Governor of Jonguldak, Mustafa Kepz, our provincial and district education directors. “

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