We will free sports clubs under CHP rule

CHP Istanbul Deputy Gokan Zebek; During a discussion between the Sports Club and the Sports Federation on amending the law, he called on the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to take the force that led Turkish football to bankruptcy with its supporters.

Turkish football, which was 3rd in the world before AKP, is at number 43 today thanks to AKP!

“How did Turkish football come to this stage in 20 years?” Jabek begins his speech by saying this; He went on to say that in 2002, before the AKP, Turkey was ranked 3rd in world football, but today it is back to 43rd;

“Turkey will not be able to send a team directly to the Champions League next year, and it will not be able to send a team directly to the UEFA Europa League. So why do we get to this point?

Heads of football stopped running football, doubling their wealth in 20 years!

First, clubs that should be independent and autonomous were first designed by politics, then by managers. In general assemblies made up of designed sports clubs, we have seen presidents and managers of federations who do not understand football, whose fortunes have increased 10-fold and 20-fold when they are gone.

Who did we see?

The AKP brings in Demiroren, who did not pay $ 750 million from Jirat Bank, to the head of football. This is where Turkish football broke down. Then, a step was taken, Demiroren was taken, and they brought in the owner of one of the 5 companies, which by the power of the government exploited all the resources of the state and took all the tenders. We have the report. When he took power, men, whose wealth was 1/20 of their current wealth, Turkish football dropped from 3rd to 43rd place, but they increased their wealth not 1 times, not 5 times, not 10 times, but 20 times. .

Hodry Square … let’s make a new arrangement; The management of the country must pay the price for their personal wealth!

Now they are saying, ‘I will save the people who run the club from debt problems, I will give them legal responsibility’. I call it ‘Hodry Square’ from here. Let’s make an arrangement; Those who run the country and multiply the debt of this country will have to pay the price of their personal wealth! When clubs transfer 1 million, the club manager will take the risk. Those who misappropriated billions of dollars in Turkey through public investment, those who falsely invested -4 350-400 million in the Melan Dam. Come and talk on this platform, but it will not have legal liability. There is no such thing!

Bet, Claim, Cyprus, MHK, 13 Referee referees exit the stadium after stopping the Turkish game!

Betting, allegations, Cyprus, the Central Arbitration Board, 13 sacked referees, all managers of sports-betting companies whose investigations are not over but who died suspiciously are the result of a fundamental conflict between Turkish sports and the collapse of Turkish football. During the AKP period. Today it is not just about who will win the matches, who will see the red card in any minute, how many crowns will be thrown in any match, the claim that the referee will show the yellow card first and the management approach that remains. Silence in the face of these demands has put an end to Turkey’s sport and has driven football fans away from the stadium. Therefore, when the AKP took power, its broadcasting revenue fell by 90 590 million to 120 120 million during the rule of their rulers.

Only the glorious partners that they brought from Qatar also put AKP on a mission, and did not enter the tender. What will happen to the digital boxes in the hands of the nation?

Turkish people, Turkish sports fans, Turkish football fans, because there is no justice in the football run by AKP, there is no fight on the battlefield, the directors of the sports world are not elected by those who have become members. The clubs come with their free will, they come with instructions, the presidents of the federations are not elected by the free will of the clubs, and because they come to that authority at the behest of the palace. He left. Their glorious partners, whom they had brought from Qatar, abandoned them and withdrew from the broadcasting tender. Now, I ask;

1-What would you do with those digital boxes belonging to the nation?

2- Who will bear the loss of these boxes bought by the citizens for the tender of this multi-billion dollar publication? Who will give the account?

We will release sports clubs under the authority of CHP. We will make football independent. We will bring Turkish football back to the worthy top

It is not possible to succeed in football with the help of free and undemocratic federation. We will liberate football, democratize football clubs. Most importantly, we will free sports clubs, make football autonomous, and completely abolish the process of hiring former deputies in football clubs and former managers in federations.

When it is not the presidents of the federations who take 300 politicians on a flight from Istanbul to South Korea, but the managers who protect the rights of their athletes, coaches and spectators, you will see that Turkey regains its rightful place in football. The world. “

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