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The mosque is the house of God. Therefore, it is extremely valuable for Muslims. The children first met Islam in the mosque. The treatment they receive here also determines their lifelong relationship with religion. That is why the mosque is an important address for children as well as adults. One of the most talked about topics in recent years has been mosque playgrounds or places of worship. Especially in Ramadan, the number of children and adults coming to the mosque to perform Tarabeeh prayers is increasing. As the number increases, the issue of children and mosques comes to the fore every month of Ramadan. Bursa Uludağ Faculty of Theology, Department of Religious Education and Head Professor. We knocked on the door of Mehmet Amin Eye. We asked how the children should be educated in the mosque and how the etiquette of the mosque should be explained. Come on in.

– What does mosque mean for Muslims? What about the importance of the mosque?

First let’s focus on the word mosque. Temples, often referred to as “mosques” in Islamic culture and meaning places where people prostrate themselves in prayer, are known in our culture as “mosques” and have been referred to as such for centuries. Again, in our culture, the word mosque is used for small temples where five prayers are held daily.

Kami literally means “those who are united, are united”. In fact, the word is related to the name Al-Qami ‘(CC), one of the most beautiful names of Allah, which we know as Ismaul-Husna. Because Allah Ta’ala has the power to unite all people in the world and on the Day of Judgment. With this unlimited power, he will gather all the pilgrims on the day of Arafat in one place in the valley of Arafat and will gather all humanity on the Day of Judgment. Here, the mosque is a sacred place where people of all walks of life, men and women, old and young, rich and poor, chiefs and officials gather. We say holy because, as stated in a hadith, “these are the places where the name of Allah is mentioned, the places where the angels look from the level of the sky. A mosque is a place like a lamp, where light rises in the sky and attracts attention, and the most beloved place to God on earth is the mosque. ” Done:

The roads to Allah pass through the mosques.

Mevla chooses her servants in prostration …

Everything is hidden in these two sentences:

There is no death, those who say Allah Allah …

Sacrifice my soul,

Head in prostration

Those who say, “God, God,” double bend …

    Professor Dr.  Mehmet Emin income

Professor Dr. Mehmet Emin income

A Muslim should not bother a Muslim

– What are the rules of etiquette in Muslim places of worship, mosques? What should you pay attention to while in the mosque?

We have just said that the mosque is the place of prostration. The moment of prostration is when a servant is closest to his Lord. It is our responsibility not to engage in any work other than the owner of that position while holding a high position, just as it is our responsibility not to prevent anyone else from performing this duty. Every Muslim should refrain from any behavior that disturbs the servants of Allah physically and spiritually, who are guests like themselves, and should control their behavior with this awareness. He should not bother every Muslim with his brother, his voice or his breath in religion and he should be avoided completely. In this context, he should not speak loudly, he should pay attention to the cleanliness of his body (clothes, socks), especially cleaning his face and teeth and should not disturb others in these matters. He should sit wherever he gets empty and people should not be tortured for thinking of coming forward. He should refrain from talking about worldly matters and arguing with people. Because our Prophet said that it is a wrong behavior and insisted that the temples are for the worship and remembrance of Allah. Our book states that Islam contributes to the cleanliness of the temple, which considers cleanliness as “half of the religion” and in this case focusing on cleanliness is also the etiquette of the mosque.

It should be said sweetly to children

– Especially in recent years there have been some pictures that have surfaced in the mosque and been reflected in the media. Sometimes we see children playing ball in the mosque, sometimes young men and women walk around the mosque with smartphones in their hands, and sometimes cats are left in the mosque. These pictures are sometimes the cause of complaints from the mosque community. How would you rate this situation? What should be considered in this regard?

Honestly, I think there is some confusion about this. Since this is a subject that directly concerns me, since this is my field of academic study, I also complain in some situations. If you want, let’s look at the subject in detail and try to reach a conclusion.

It is the duty of each and every one of us, especially the parents, to get acquainted with the mosque for the new generation and to be at peace with it. So parents have to take their children by the hand and take them to the mosque from an early age. This responsibility cannot be transferred to anyone else. The congregation of the mosque, especially the religious officials of the mosque, should love these little believers who come as guests in the house of God, think that their prayers will be answered for him and make their hearts truly happy. The word should sometimes tolerate mistakes he made unknowingly. Every child or youth should be happy and joyful when they come to the mosque and the officials of the mosque and the community should make a significant contribution to this happiness. What we have said so far is our general duty. After all, however, there are other situations that we need to be sensitive to, which can lead to some complaints. So what are they? As you said in your question, children playing ball in the mosque, feeding cats or playing loudly in groups of two or three while praying – these are, in my opinion, the problem of religious education which needs to be solved. Because it is the problem of lack of attention and tolerance that children should be shown to get used to in the mosque. I think parents are responsible here and they don’t do their job. A child does not know that his behavior is wrong. There is a saying that “children make childhood”. It is basically his parents who will teach him whether his actions are right or wrong. We fear that a child who does not get the opportunity to learn mosque etiquette from his parents will not be able to learn from anywhere else. In addition, children who are unable to correct their mistakes as they grow up may face isolation from their mosque and religion when confronted with a community that is responsive to this situation. For this reason, as in all matters, inside the mosque there can be no “unlimited freedom” for anyone in our lives, even for our beloved children, who are the jewel in our eyes.

An excellent way for an imam to make children love mosques: 'Box-box player'


An excellent way for an imam to make children love mosques: ‘Box-box player’

Tarabih leaves the train for the children


Tarabih leaves the train for the children

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