‘Dede Kamal, don’t lie, or they’ll stick out their tongues!’

On the occasion of April 23, the CHP chairman hosted children in his office where he filled toys.

The children asked:

“Why did you lose your power?”

Kamal’s grandfather replied:

“If there is a power outage in a house, the children cannot study, they cannot watch TV in the evening, there are no guests, you will not feel comfortable, your refrigerator will not work … My power has also been cut off. To be the mouthpiece of 4 million customers who have been cut off from electricity and to deliver their drama to the masses!

It came in children’s language, but they couldn’t say:


How could they say that?

It’s a shame too ..

Another boy entered:

Dede Kamal said electricity has increased four times in three years. My brother is interested in internet .. he showed me .. there is a site called EMRA. There we can know the price of old dates. I was thinking, 3 years ago, how much was 200 kilowatts? I asked the price today. It did not increase four times. This Kamal Dada, he lied a lot. Shall we put pepper in his mouth, what shall we do? “

Another boy whose cousins ​​live in Germany took the term:

“My cousin told me .. the electricity bill of their house in Germany has tripled this winter .. his father was surprised, he didn’t want to pay .. but he asked his neighbors. When they said, ‘It was too much for us.’ They paid .. Dada Kamal is lying even when he says ‘Tayyip Erdogan is raising’ .. No one will believe Dada Kamal.

They wanted to ask Dada Kamal, but the children interrupted each other:

“Maybe he doesn’t have the money. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we asked why your power went out?

Showing the fancy toys in the house, the other boy reminded: “We don’t have enough toys to distribute to our children, but … my father can pay for our electricity.”

Another child support came out:

“Father Kamal would be upset if the power went out because he did not have money. However, he burst out in joy when he said ‘my power has been cut off’. There is a gene here. But understanding that monster is beyond our dignity. “

This baby ..

I’m thinking ..

“We are advised to fulfill our responsibilities at school. We are told to work on time. Why did Dada Kamal not pay his electricity bill on time? Is he not aware of his responsibilities?

Other answers:

“Dede Kamal doesn’t know how much the bill is, so he knows when to pay. He just says ‘I won’t pay’. He himself does not know how many bills came, how many were before. There’s a weird thing .. let’s go.

The children deepened the conversation:

He said, “Dede Kamal, we will be in the dark for a week with my wife. I know, Dada Kamal likes darkness .. He is afraid of light.” He contributed cautiously to the conversation.

This baby ..

Some people understand that gram is not a label.

Some people have a strong sense of comparison.

“I do not understand Dada Kamal. “I will sit in the dark now and feel the pain of my people,” he said. However, feeling the pain of others does not solve the problem. Kamal Dada also cut off electricity, he also suffered. Did the power of those who were disconnected come back? It didn’t happen. On the contrary, there was another house whose electricity had been cut off. It doesn’t solve the problem, it spreads it. “

Another well-meaning person brought this word to Syrian children:

“How can those who want to feel the pain of others say that they will send Syrian children to their country within a week?” There is a bad guy in Syria. Who killed his people with chemical weapons. Dada Kamal said, ‘We will sit and talk’ with that bad guy. My mother always told me, ‘Don’t talk to bad people’. But Dada Kamal was going to talk to the bad guy. What’s the matter, Dada Taiyep tells Kamal to stop Dada. Don’t let him talk to that bad guy!

Another boy with a strong calculus and business acumen jumps into the conversation:

“Dede Kamal was objecting to the high price of electricity. But without paying the bill, he brought two employees to his address late, without using electricity for a week, increased the cost of the power company, now electricity will be more expensive .. Dada Kamal will be responsible. For this! Those who could not pay the price of electricity before, will not be able to pay again if they face big bills. ”

Another kid who still uses a small tube in their home dropped the conversation.

“We do not have natural gas in our house. My mother always prays, ‘Hopefully, natural gas will be added to our building’. My mother says bottle gas is more expensive than natural gas. Cylinder gas is more expensive than anything else. But this Dada Kamal doesn’t know how to calculate. Either he doesn’t pay for the gas in the cylinder himself. Why is there a protest against increasing the price of electricity without increasing the price of cylinder gas while increasing the price of electricity?

Our adults said, get the news from the child.

This child of ours, who tells us, immediately says:

He began by saying, “I know, I saw Dada Kamal’s speech on TV,” and continued:

Dede Kamal used to say, ‘I can pay the price of electricity, my income is already enough. But the problem is the drama of a family without income or low income. Dada Kamal is a strange man .. why doesn’t he pay the bill he can, he tortures himself if he has the support of those who can’t pay? “

Question, question ..

Why not electricity bill and water bill?

Will the municipalities in Kamal Dada’s hands raise the flag of bankruptcy in the face of similar protests?

Electricity has been increased, but water has not come?

Excluding the city network, even Hamidiyah water, which is connected to IMM, has tripled in the last three years.

You know, the Istanbul governor’s office determined that they were selling “well water” as Hamidiye water, but that prevented …

Even the price of Hamidi water was three times.

Is electricity more essential?

Or water?

Why do those who do not protest against the increase in water, which is a vital need of humanity, protest against the electricity bill when it is true that we can live without electricity?

When it comes to municipal services, those who say, “The central administration has increased, what can we do?”

When the rise in world energy prices is reflected in Turkey …

“Tayyip Erdogan has augmented,” they say.

They are trying to deceive the people.

But the sun is not covered with mud.

Those who are interested in darkness ..

They find an occasion, they condemn themselves in the dark.

New agreement

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