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The book I am about to write is a history of music that will remain in your library from generation to generation.

“Composers, their lives and work”

Front cover photo Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791).

On the back cover Maurice RevelA word from:

“My only love affair was with music.”

Antonio Vivaldi, Clara Schumann, George Gershwin.

We listen to a lot of musicians, what is their place in the history of music, what composition is known, we learn.

James NottyThe nature of the book in the introduction writes: “In the 600’s there was a great scholar from Seville. St. Isidore, ‘If people do not remember words, they perish because they cannot be written’ She complained. Indeed, the Babylonians and the ancient Greeks independently invented the notation of musical instruments a thousand years ago, but once their civilization was weakened, these methods were completely forgotten. In other words, the only way to preserve a musical composition was to have an uninterrupted performance tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries.

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Of course, not all composers have such memorable personalities, but they do have significant characters – lesser known as well as lesser known personalities. Among them is the Italian nobleman who brutally murdered his wife and girlfriend, but escaped punishment. Carlo Gesualdo; One of the patrons of whimsy is seen as a saint Eric Satty; She became a feminist hero not only because she was successful in a male-dominated world, but also because she was a leading figure in the suffrage movement and was imprisoned for it. Ethel Smith.

Some of the people featured in the book had sadly short careers – sick from childhood and dying at the age of 24. Lily Bolanzer As it is known, or believed, the death of many other musicians was hastened by syphilis (Dalias, Donijetti, Schubert And Smetana Such as) and MusargskyThe most famous example of a musician whose life was cut short by alcoholism. The opposite extreme is long-lived and dignified ink: Rodrigo And Tippet Over 90 years, Saint-Sense, Stravinsky And Gave He lived to be over 80 years old.

The order of the book, which includes about 100 composers, is:

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– Episode 1

Before 1600

– Part 2

17th and 18th centuries

– Chapter 3

Early 19th century

– Chapter 4

Towards the end of the 19th century

– Article 5

In the early 20th century

– Chapter 6

Towards the end of 20th and 21st century

The book includes biographies, photographs, composers’ opinions and illustrations.

It is a book not written with a classical understanding, so we can get to know the composer from all angles.

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Highlights from Aladdin Yavaska

Read while listening

The CD, released from the TRT Archive series, has 22 tracks.

Halil Aksay‘Fame, In Saadi IsilaOf, George BacanosThere are taxis

St. Isidore,

1. Hikaz Perevi, composition: Tamburi Osman BayLocation: Hikaz

2nd. Suz-e Dilden Kana Fegan-Nale, Composition: Haji Arif BayLyrics: Anonymous

3. I love you, listen to me, composition: Mr. ShoghiLyrics: Anonymous, Mode: Hikaz

4. Let me compliment Yari with a little Suhan, essay: Haji Arif Bay, Words: Mr. Mehmet SaadiLocation: Hikaz

5. What a Bahtim, What a Year-E B Amandir, Composition and Song: Mr. Semsetin ZiaLocation: Hikaz

6. Ut Taksim, Lute: Halil AksayPositioning service

7. Suck-e Kagithane Meknun Example, Composition: Lootmaker Cristo EffendiSong: Anonymous, Location: Segai

8. Let me sing a beautiful wish, Rouge-U Seb Afghan with composition: Endurini Hafiz Yusuf EffendiLyrics: Anonymous, Location: Hujjam

9. I like it again, like a disaster, composition: Tamburi Mostafa SergeantLyrics: Anonymous, Location: Hujjam

10. Ut Taksim, Lute: George BacanosLocation: Kurdilihikajkar

11th. Passed Jahm-i Tir-i Hikrin Talin-i Nasadima, composition: Haji Arif BayThe words: Sheikh GhalibLocation: Kurdilihikajkar

12. Say the word and composition: El Mitrib-i Nazende Eda: Mr. RahmiLocation: Kurdilihikajkar

13. Bleeding Derdin and Dide-e Girian, essay: Haji Arif BayWord: Anonymous, Location: Kürdilihicazkar

14. Violin Taksim, Violin: Sevdet CaglaLocation: Rust

15 Asude was far from my opinion, composition: Endurini Hafiz Yusuf EffendiLyrics: Anonymous, Location: Rust

16. Services, Composition: Confectioner Mr. SemilLyrics: Anonymous, Location: Rust

17. Tambur Taksim: Drums: Izzettin OkteLocation: Muhayer

18. Why do you make me look innocent, essay: Haji Arif BayLyrics: Anonymous, Location: Muhayer

19. Violin Taksim, Violin: In Saadi IsilaTerms: Bayati

20 Nightingale, destroyed by the love of roses in Sehre, composition: Fehmi TokeLyrics: Anonymous, Location: Bayati

21. Let’s Go Said-I Hunting, Composition: Tamburi Mostafa SergeantLyrics: Anonymous, Location: Bayati

22. Sehr Tomar Tomar Ah Jardan, Composition: Anonymous, Lyrics: Anonymous, Mode: Husseini

(TRT Woolus Music)

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