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After 15 years, I went to school again and graduated. I threw caps with 20 year olds. I gave a concert at my graduation. It was a very emotional moment for me.
Winter went well, I gave 6 concerts. It was an unexpected explosion. Now I want to go all over Turkey. For example, I would go to Şirnak and give a concert.
I wanted to shoot a video with Nihat Odabaşı. I borrowed 30,000 lira. The woman I borrowed from prayed a lot for me. I was very lucky. I have always met good people in my life.
“Can you describe the man of your dreams?” They say. Let me smile, just be a man. Character influences me, I don’t like handsome men, I don’t like what everyone likes.
I wear clothes that I don’t wear to my colleagues. I would be very happy if a famous person sends clothes. Gulsen was giving me clothes and shoes. I know the meaning of this absence very well.
I can’t dance and sing at the same time. There are examples in the world, but I don’t think they are doing very well in Turkey either. I think Hadith dances very well. I started taking dance lessons after the age of 30. I can’t dance, I have no pretense. But I play Oriental well. I will learn dance from Didim, who is one of the best people.
Marriage and having children is scary to me. In my experience, it didn’t go well. I’m not thinking about marriage. I’m in my mood.
I was good at literature when I was in high school, but my math wasn’t good at all. I still don’t know the multiplication table by heart. When I entered the Conservatory, my grades improved.

Cancel Elsin
Jealousy in my dictionary There is nothing
I was born in Tire. Then when I went to France, my culture was in shock. I have lived in France for 25 years. When you are in Paris, you are interested in art and sports. The teacher in the classroom gave me a wooden noise. But I did not understand what happened. My mom asked my dad and they said we don’t know. I asked my brother. He told me it was a tennis racket. He said, ‘You play it, stylish, rich people play it, go ahead’. It’s a hobby that started there. Although tennis is seen as a bourgeois sport, it is not. Tennis courts need to be set up everywhere.
I am a 50+ national team player. We have national team tournaments in Miami. Unfortunately, we’re renewing badly. We need champions.
In 2017, my dad died, my dog ​​was gone. I was depressed, not feeling well, not enjoying anything. Then Tuğçe came into my life. Her big eyes made her feel like medicine to me. He was also dissatisfied at the time, I guess. We’ve been good with each other. Marriage does not change after a certain age. Being in the same profession is an advantage. There is no rivalry or jealousy because age is different. I don’t know what the word violence is, I have never felt anything like it in my life. I want her to be happy.

Erhan Guzel
My ballet is out of town
Dance is actually incredibly popular in our country. In traditional weddings, most men dance, they dance better than women, but when it comes to ballet, there is a problem. There is a sociological fact that ballet and opera are disliked. However, the Ottoman Empire also has a ballet with 900 employees. There is such an idea because of incomplete information, because those who are against westernization.
Ballet is one of the most difficult occupations after mining. Dance is a very ancient tradition. Medical students from the cardiology department came to us during school. They measured our heart rate and said, ‘A ballet class costs 3 derbies.’ Consider its presentation and rehearsal. In Three Musketeers, I lost 3.5 kg in one day.
I started ballet at the Mersin Opera when I was 7 years old. My father was an opera decorator. My ballet from the village. For this I am indebted to the enlightened people of the Republic.

Deniz Kilink Tunselli
I was playing ballet when I was 8 months pregnant
4 years ago, while preparing for the premiere of Don Quixote, I learned that I was pregnant. They said you don’t have to jump. But my favorite thing is ballet, I was worried if it was taken away from me. I danced for 8 months. I had a daughter.
I don’t dance in the main character, I dance in the solo character. When I danced, I couldn’t sleep after the performance. Adrenaline. Our body rhythm is changing. He is slowly getting used to it.

Mehmet Nuri Arkan
I love being on stage even if I have a tree behind me
Stage is an incredible therapy. When you go there, you forget everything.
I also acted solo, starring the main character.
I love the stage even if I play in the back tree.
We were thinking about how high we jumped in my 20s. Now we are wondering how to express ourselves at this age, how to overcome emotions.
I do horn, I do tango too.
My wife and I opened a ballet school in Atashehir. It’s going great.

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