The children of Antalya learned agriculture and animal husbandry practically.

Antalya (UAV) – AntalyaThe children have practically learned agriculture and animal husbandry.

At Jetinpark, in addition to theoretical education, they did it in field practice.

Antalya – The “Agriculture and Children’s Workshop” was held on 23 April, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, in collaboration with the Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB), Antalya Agriculture Council (ATAK), Antalya Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry, and National Education Department. Within the scope of the workshop, in addition to theoretical education, children create practical applications in the field.

At the workshop held at Jatin Park; From the past to the present, children were taught by educators about agriculture, the environment, aquaculture, the world of animals and plants. At the end of the training the children discuss what they have learned among themselves and express their views and suggestions on agriculture. Also, the purpose of the workshop was to introduce agriculture to future generations, popularize agriculture and increase children’s awareness about nature and their interest in agriculture.

Professor in the workshop. Dr. Bullet Topkaya Environmental Education, Professor. Dr. Aquaculture training in the water, Professor. Dr. Tuncay Neyişçi Ecology Education, Assoc. Dr. Aşkın Galiç Animal Husbandry Education, Assoc. Dr. Nafie Unal provided training on plant production.

Gokhan Karaka, director of the Antalya Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Department, said that they would like to have a different activity on April 23 this year. , Then we asked our kids for advice. “

“We wanted to benefit from the children’s ideas.”

“There are many reasons for this,” said Karaka, referring to agriculture as one of the most talked about issues in the world. We do it in nature, not in halls, “he said.

“Our children have moved away from agriculture.”

ATB President Ali Kandir noted that since the epidemic, climate change and the last war, the importance of agriculture and access to food has increased. Noting that there is a problem with sustainability in agriculture, Kandir said, “We met this April in the 2,630-daycare living area of ​​Antalya with the provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the provincial education department and students. We are trying to reach the inquiry. The concretization brought by urbanization and globalization has pushed children away from agriculture, people have stopped production. Now we are trying to get output. See if we can re-establish this bond with children, with our vision We can lend to agriculture, we can expand access to food. We will try to do that, “he said.

“Our children will be more successful”

Referring to the workshop as a good start, Kandir said, “We are now in a time when we need to produce instead of consuming, renew instead of wearing, develop instead of destroying. Especially if we give our children environmental awareness, access In food and agriculture, we can achieve a significant result. We are not successful at the moment, we hope our children will be more successful than us, “he said.

“Let them discover nature for themselves”

President of the Western Mediterranean Branch of the Turkish Forestry Association, fire ecologist and environmental scientist Professor. Dr. Tuncay Neyişçi noted that they would provide a much more important target audience education than university students, and noted that the sooner such education begins, the more successful they can be.

Noting that they would teach children to discover as much as possible, Neyişci said, “How they moved from rock to soil, how they switched from soil to agriculture, what is the relationship between agriculture and forest, it will be a system where children can ask questions and They can answer for themselves. We want children to see nature. Let them discover nature for themselves, let them look for their own relationships. Let her study regardless of her teacher, “he said.

“For the first time I love a lamb”

One of the students, Fatma Betul Kolak, we love lamb. This is where we are surrounded by beautiful animals. Our teachers teach very well. We have learned about environmental awareness, forests and agriculture. “For the first time, I like lamb,” he said.

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