The parental factor of 2-year-old syndrome is that if the parents are too aggressive or, conversely, too relaxed and submissive, the child experiences the 2-year-old syndrome more intensely.

exp Dr. Meltem Yiğit draws attention to the familial factor of 2-year-old syndrome, which defines the period when children become aggressive and disobedient and enter into a power struggle with their environment. exp Dr. Yiğit said, “If parents are overly aggressive or, conversely, they are too relaxed and submissive and their environment is apathetic, the child experiences the 2-year-old syndrome more intensely. “The best medicine for a baby who has a little nervous breakdown is to hug him and show him love,” he said.
Kent Hospital pediatrician said. Meltem Yiğit says 2-year-olds have different reasons for being angry and resisting everything. Mentioned that the first of these factors is the child’s “still unable to speak and express himself”, Uzm. Dr. Yigit advises parents to help overcome the “2-year-old syndrome” more easily.

“Highest at 22.5 years old”
exp Dr. Easy says:
“2-year-old syndrome is a situation that we define when children around the age of 2 become aggressive, disobedient, do not say much and engage in power struggles with their environment. Sudden anger, resentment, hyperactivity, trying to do a lot of things alone, trying to get what you want, and establishing authority are the common behaviors of this time. These behaviors begin at about 1.5 years of age and peak at 22.5 years of age. With the right behavior model, 2-year-old syndrome usually ends around 3-year-old age, especially when speech and self-expression begin. “

“Not being able to speak makes you aggressive”
Noting that the child cannot express himself and say what he wants to say because his ability to say is not yet fully developed, Uzm. Dr. Yiğit said, “As a result of the lack of vocabulary, trying to get what they want using body language can be aggressive to the child. Since the child’s nervous system is not fully developed, he tries to do whatever he wants using body language, which is the best way for him. Especially during this time when self-awareness develops, the desire to prove oneself, the desire to introduce oneself, but again not being able to speak enough and not fully understanding the dangers, he tries to do it in different ways. Family is also an important factor during this time. If the parents are overly aggressive towards the child or, conversely, they are overly relaxed and submissive, the 2-year-old will feel the syndrome intensely.

Expert advice
Drawing attention to the importance of approaching a child with 2-year-old syndrome, pediatrician Easy suggests the following:
“If we think that the child is a mirror, when your child becomes aggressive and reacts more intensely than it should, do not react with the same pattern of behavior, that is, do not yell or punish your child. Otherwise, your child will think that he should do this behavior. Try to stay calm and wait for your child to calm down. Try to understand it. To confuse him, you can take him away from that environment, play with a favorite toy or offer to read a book. Don’t let your child take over all the power of the house, be your child’s friend and make him feel that you are his mother or father. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. Because these symptoms will continue in the child whose every wish is fulfilled without question. The best medicine to calm a child who is overreacting and having some nervous breakdowns is to hug him and show him your love. Hug, kiss and tell your child that you love and understand when your child reacts extra. Let your child drain his energy. Playgrounds and children’s playgrounds can also be a good solution. ”

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