30 April 2022 Solar eclipse in Taurus and its effect on the zodiac

The solar eclipse in Taurus will happen on the first day of your new life. You will create your new life with a new realization. From now on, your material-spiritual values ​​and your expectations from life should be different. You all dream and deserve a happier, more peaceful, healthier and glorious life. There is a desire to interfere in your life. In other words, your emotions, dreams and goals are in your hands. As long as you live in harmony with the changed universal and evolutionary process. Earth, discipline, destiny, time, etc. Change, you can’t stay the same. It is impossible to move forward with the old thinking.

In order to better understand the effects of solar eclipses (to apply celestial knowledge in practical life), we must focus on evolutionary and universal activities. The only way to make all the pressures and difficulties “meaningless and meaningless” is to apply evolutionary laws to life.

Cosmic time

What you can think and dream can come true suddenly and unexpectedly. Let’s underline our material and ethical values ​​and priorities. It is inevitable that you will face problems that prevent you from taking action. The person who is afraid of uncertainty and needs to feel safe resists change. If we depend on our familiar environment and stay with the people we know, it is not possible for us to progress or develop. Every situation and person that we cannot accept, postpone or prevent will compel us to create awareness. Evaluate astrological indicators to avoid this stress. Find out where in your life you need to question your self-worth and change your priorities. Achieving your true desires and passions is now easy, even if they seem like a distant possibility. Acceptance of every sincere feeling and desire is a priority.

God’s time

A lot of information about the evolutionary sequence needs to be updated. First, we must go beyond the knowledge of action and the understanding of time. The world, which is pregnant with a new order, is under a new time and process. Reach the moment by freeing yourself from the illusion of past and future. Past debts and receivables or future worries cannot be added at this moment. The moment is God’s time. Moment; It is not a unit of time, but an advanced level of consciousness free from chaos and fear. Those who reach this consciousness are not responsible for past debts. Man’s responsibility is to transfer the original power to where he lives.

Is it possible to start a new life without a big push?

Of course it is possible. We will learn to mix our search for safety and comfort with the current situation. I’m not just talking about search for security based on material. Partnerships, friendships, friendships, family, love relationships, etc. We will also look for comfort in the areas. We can see that abuse free love turns into marriage, cooperation turns into partnership, friendship turns into friendship. We will notice that family ties have been broken or deepened. Friend-enemy, arrival-departure, strong-weak, pious-unjust, married-divorced, beginning-end partnership, winner-loser, etc. We will talk about. By examining these issues, we can review our understanding of self-worth and self-confidence and solve our potential self-worth problems.

Why do we feel worthless?

The negligence of evaluating oneself in the eyes of others. Instead of seeking protection or praise for authority figures (God, mother, father, boss, strong-rich-smart-beautiful people, etc.) you should spend more time understanding who you are and what you really want. The whole person does not condition self-love and affection for the other person. Unconditional love is a matter of neutral consciousness. It’s up to you; Discovering all your personal qualities and creating yourself to its maximum potential. You already know that you need to express your unique talents freely. Over the years, you have been warned and inspired to find your inner gem.

In any area of ​​your life you will need spiritual-emotional-mental-physical security and comfort and whichever you step into, has been tested according to your zodiac; However, each of your birth lists is unique. To shape your new life in the most efficient way, I suggest you analyze a natal chart that prioritizes universal and evolutionary sequences.


You may have to question your financial security and comfort. You are in a time when you need to review your material and ethical values. Was your property like giving up on your dreams? How long can you avoid fighting for your true passion? Remember, you are solely responsible for your current life. Good news You do not have to make any fundamental changes. You can find ways to increase your income by maintaining the current situation. Without complaining, without delay, without fear of change, you must take great steps for a better future.


Solar eclipse in Taurus will keep you in an energetic, more innovative mood. The more self-confidence you have, the easier it will be to move forward with your goals. You are looking for security and comfort in all aspects of interior and exterior and of course you will find it. You will want to make your home-office more enjoyable and take care of your physical health. You are in a productive time to take important steps and make radical decisions. You can see the support of the environment as you move forward to reach your goals.


Believe in your dreams for the innovation that needs to be created in your life. You will feel that the outside world is making special efforts to make you tired. Good news That pressure will give you a big jump. Review your preferences. For what did you fear or for whom did you sacrifice your life? You are in a time where you have to protect your personal space and take care of your spiritual-mental-mental-physical health. Acceptance will give you the happiness of succeeding in building a bridge between your aspirations and your available resources.


Your adoption agenda; There may be material and moral satisfaction gained through social environment, clubs, associations and new friendships. You are in a time when you want to reach your material and spiritual dreams, realize your plans and secure your future. Changing your expectations also changes your future plans. Go further by doing things that are more connected to life, more beneficial to society and leave a mark. The reason you miss now; Your desire to hold on to the past and control the future. However, as long as you enjoy the present, you create a beautiful future.

The lion

You are in a time where you will question your social image and career. If something goes wrong in your business life, it’s time to set a new route. Review how far you have come in implementing your plans. If you feel pressured into business and financial matters, you need to start making changes there. You will feel the intense and transformative effect of taking on higher levels. To build your new life, you must take action and move forward by taking bold and idealistic steps. If you want to feel safe with money, show the will to make your dream come true.


Welcome to the first days of your new life. Opportunities for domestic and international travel, business and education may come to the fore. Circles, people and relationships you are stuck with should be reviewed for your security needs and your desire to protect your comfort. You are now ready to take bold steps and live in your relationships (love, work) that you have postponed and avoided. If you feel you have reached a critical juncture, believe in this feeling. Basically, you are the only person who needs to believe and gain strength. You will be supported to try the unnecessary, learn new culture and do foreign-related work.


You can control your anxiety and fear to the extent that you can establish balance and peace. Positive results can be found about unresolved legal issues. You are in a time where you can raise money for your material and moral progress. I recommend that you consider your financial situation among the changes you will make to be happy. Instead of focusing on the unpleasant things you have experienced so far, take time to be happier tomorrow. Express your desires and aspirations instead of waiting for others to think about you.


You stay away from situations and people that prevent you from reaching your dreams and goals. Especially in a bilateral relationship (marriage, partnership) there may be developments that will force you to say everything or nothing. Scorpios who want to win, achieve, own and follow their passions will behave more competitively and with courage. Review your current relationships, partnerships and collaborations and meet your expectations. This conflict could lead to the end of future relationships or partnerships. You can no longer tolerate situations that do not serve your purpose. The steps you take are a harbinger of your future life.


Eclipse can create the need for you to ask questions about your daily routine and create new plans. On the one hand, you know that change will be good, on the other hand, you worry about not being ready. How can you be happy if you do not take steps to change the situation you are complaining about? This change is inevitable and necessary. Don’t be reluctant to ruin your future. New routines can pave the way for new freedom. Freedom will positively affect your mental and physical health. As your inner peace grows you can put your business and career on a stronger footing.


You must discover the part of life that has nothing to do with success or failure. As you move forward with your passions, dreams, and goals, you prioritize results, not processes. You have to enjoy the love, the creation, the spotlight. Reconsider what you have given up or what you are not satisfied with after you have done it. Tired of the monotony of walking safely, Capricorns must discover new ways. Stop glorifying real values, insisting on maintaining habits, and rejecting love and entertainment. A hobby, vacation, job or love may come to the fore which will change your life completely.


You are in a time when you need to question ancestry, original family, home and home concepts. Thanks to this question, it may be possible to establish a new home and family. You will learn to express the emotions that you suppress, and you will learn to break the bonds that you cannot. Obviously, first you need to restore your inner world, your emotional priorities. Acceptance can encourage you to write rebirth stories. Feeling free, Aquarius can easily understand their future plans. The way you approach the eclipse will make it clear how your life will go from now on. You are in a time where you will be more beneficial to yourself and to society.


With adoption, you will be instructed to make important decisions that will affect your life. Education, short trips, can set new goals in trade. Close circles can raise questions about relationships with siblings. You may want to get back what you lost to maintain your comfort and feel more secure; But for a new life you have to walk a new path. Thanks to your high communication skills, you can easily realize your wishes and desires.

Listen to the sky.


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