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Whose work does a mother love me? Who is the author of the book A Mother Loved Me? What is the theme and theme of “A Mother Loves Me”? What does the book A Mother Loved Me say about? A Mother Loved Me Is there a PDF download link? Who is the author of the book Beni Bir Mom Loved Halit Ertugrul? Here is the summary, song, commentary and review of the book, I Love Me By Mother …


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Author: Halit Ertugrul

Editor: Nesrin Kylie

Publisher: Generation Publications

ISBN: 9786051310305

Number of pages: 138

What does it mean for a mother to love me? Subject, main idea, summary

My name is Ajat. This is my story …

Stories of love, betrayal and regret …

Tragic, horrible, devastating …

Early in my life, when I was an orphaned helpless young man, I inherited something I never imagined. In the throes of this readymade search, I found myself in the embrace of a shiny zeal full of traps. In an endless frenzy, I was spending the day with the false earth angels around me. I paid no attention at all when my mother, whose heart was pounding, saw that I was rapidly falling into the abyss, and she cried out in front of me every day. At a time when this hero of compassion, whose heart I had broken into a thousand pieces, was burning with sorrow, an intruder knocked on my door unexpectedly. As a rebellious son, I found myself dying between life and death, losing all my existence and being abandoned by his friends …

That’s when the chain of heartbreaking nightmares begins. And then a terrible ending …

After all, he was the only one who didn’t leave me. Looks like a mom loved me …

To children who can tolerate …

A Mother Loved Me Quotes – Lyrics

  • – Don’t do that! Be polite! There is no profit to be made. He who insults his mother insults God.
  • Death is enough for advice.
  • His pockets are lazy, his dreams are hopeless .. ‘
  • The heart is full, the heart is crazy, the feeling is gone ..
  • Orphans, poverty is not someone’s fault, said the boy.
  • Emotions have no mind, so need to find an argument in this secret love? Let the hearts burn in the fire of love, let the flames turn into roses, they begin to knock on the door of the impossible.
  • The loving heart shares and feels happiness and pain from afar.
  • Remember that if you gather all the women of the world, she will not be able to give you love and affection like your mother.
  • Our house is big, our heart is small!
  • Hopefully Almighty God will open the door of mercy for your sincere prayers.

My mom liked me reviews – personal reviews

I have never read such a beautiful and spiritual book before. When I got lost in the line, I didn’t even realize how time passed. (Fatma Gunar)

I don’t understand that one person is really feeling these, my lord protect us all from evil. I just read another great book. I never regret Halit Bey’s books I definitely recommend you to read this Read, but learn, take an example. Good luck in advanceMuhammad Gorpuz)

“My mother” is my first word, my first teacher, maybe my only angel. Mother, the Almighty God, said that there was heaven under her feet, Mother, she embraced it with her mercy, and perhaps most of us do not know its value, we did not pay the price it deserved. However, he understands that heaven was declared as such. May my Lord grant us the ability to understand the value of our parents without losing them.Helen:)

A Mother Loved Me Is there a PDF download link?

One of the most popular searches on the internet for the book Halit Ertuğrul – One of My Mother Loved Me is the PDF link I Have a Mother Loved Me. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Halit Ertugrul?

Academician-writer Dr. Halit Ertugrul Adiyaman was born in the town of Sambayat in Besni district. He attended primary school where he was born, secondary school and teacher’s school in Kirsehir. He graduated from Nigde Educational Institution and Gazi Education Faculty, Department of Education Science. MA in “Family Management and Problems” in the Department of Public Administration, Kumhuriet University; She holds a PhD in “Family and Youth Communication” from the Department of Sociology, Sakaria University. He concentrated on his studies in the field of “Family and Youth Problems”. He has worked in different parts of the country as a primary school teacher, school director, national education branch manager and in the national education department. After completing his academic studies, said. Halit Ertugrul has worked as an administrator and lecturer in various universities. He also participated in various scientific and cultural activities at home and abroad. In his career he has published more than fifty books and numerous articles and essays on education and culture. His books have received numerous awards and have been translated into various languages. In addition, some of his books have been recommended by the Ministry of Education and the Department of General Security. Many of his published books, such as The Man Calling Himself, Duzseli Mehmet, Eisel, and Ateste Yeserdim, have broken printing records. That is why he is called the author of the year. Dr. Halit Ertugrul, who has so far received many awards for his work, was also nominated as Teacher of the Year. Academician-author said. Halit Ertugrul is married and has two children.

Halit Ertugrul book – his composition

  • The man who seeks himself
  • Dujseli Mehmet
  • Aisle
  • canan
  • Women are looking for themselves
  • I am green in the fire
  • Selim and Hande
  • The last breath in prostration
  • Emre
  • Love
  • I found myself
  • Resurrection with Azan
  • This is how love survives
  • The woman who found herself
  • Flowers bloom in the fire
  • Orient girl
  • New life
  • Desire
  • Back from the cliff
  • Last hope
  • A mother loved me
  • The sinner is going to heaven
  • Rebellious heart
  • Hu hu fell in my mind
  • Who makes the world cry
  • Who are you
  • A Guide to Student Success
  • Infinite awakening
  • The woman found what he was looking for
  • Youth Letters
  • I came to your door
  • Mysterious invitation
  • The Sun Born in My Life
  • How I passed the university exam
  • How should we raise ourselves?
  • Time to face
  • Before the sun sets
  • A Life Dedicated to Humanity: Nursery’s Epic Service says
  • Step by step marriage
  • Testament
  • Spring has come to my world
  • 12 goals in 21 steps
  • New book reading techniques
  • Three Mohammedans in Chanakkal
  • An exemplary teacher in every way
  • Teacher’s Guide to Success
  • Exemplary letter from readers
  • Mysterious night
  • I burn the ship for you
  • The fire of conscience
  • Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the teacher of all.
  • Forgive me, my God
  • A happy love
  • The cry of youth
  • Loving model teacher
  • A Blessed Resurrection
  • Give me my child
  • Spiritual Rise: With living examples
  • Problems and solutions of the youth
  • Service stories from teachers
  • Spring after winter
  • New techniques in scientific research
  • New teaching techniques
  • Bediuzzaman’s model in education
  • What is your parent’s grade?
  • Family and school children’s education
  • Service story from today
  • A blessed cry
  • New strategies in child education
  • Schools influenced by our culture
  • Love that leads to prostration
  • Influence of minority and foreign schools on Turkish society
  • The solution
  • Curious Yusuf-1- Seeking Allah
  • Curious Yusuf -4- Asked about the Hereafter
  • Raising children according to creation
  • Quest questions from Generation Z to Elif Generation
  • Curious Yusuf -6- asks fate
  • Curious Yusuf-5- Asking the angels
  • Curious Joseph-3- Asking the Qur’an
  • A happy teacher
  • Caliper School
  • Nur’s epic
  • The curious Yusuf-2 asked the Prophet

Halit Ertugrul Quotes – Lyrics

  • Just as saying “my heart is pure” cannot be purified, so saying “I do not want evil” does not get rid of evil. (Back from the cliff)
  • No air can help a ship that has not set its goal correctly. (12 goals in 21 steps)
  • It’s up to you: let what you say be true, but you don’t have the right to say everything. Everything you say should be true, but not everything is true. (Letter) (A happy teacher)
  • “For us, family, honor, personality and words come first. We love people once, we fall in love once and we promise once. Now it’s over. It’s an honor to share this life with her until her death. “(Orient girl)
  • Whoever does not know Allah, does not believe in the Hereafter, does not know that this world is mortal and the real abode is the Hereafter, then where will he find peace? Believe me, my teacher, this belief of mine has made me love death. (I found myself)
  • The purpose of sending man into the world should not be to fulfill his own desires. (I found myself)
  • When we were on earth, we could not bear enough in the face of unbearable pain, suffering and suffering, and sometimes we would rebel and say, “We cannot stand.” How ignorant we were. However, the weight that people in the world went through and the weight of life’s trials were helpful for the forgiveness of their sins. (The woman who found herself)
  • I hope we never grow up, but those childish beauties never end … (canan)
  • “Why does every Muslim pray in Arabic, not in his own language? If Allah hears every language and understands the prayers of every servant, then why are we forced to pray in Arabic?”Dujseli Mehmet)
  • * Most forgotten * names, numbers and dates, unwanted and difficult to learn, things that are against our prejudices, failures, mistakes and sins. (Problems and solutions of the youth)
  • In short, love; It is not a deliberate, conscious and real choice. It is an indescribable, indescribable emotion that at any time silences a person’s desires and arguments and drives them with his feelings. (Youth Letters)
  • The biggest reason we became “religious, unbelieving” people was first our families, who were not part of being servants, and then our teachers, whose goal was to build a “religious” society … (Flowers bloom in the fire)
  • “Let’s see what my Mevlana is, anyway good thing …” (Mysterious night)
  • Does your conscience confirm what you are talking about? (Mysterious night)
  • Break your superstition, embrace. Try to explain the facts in terms of humanity, not politics. If you respect ideas and opinions, you will be respected. (I found myself)
  • GOD never returns halal income and the light of the eyes. (Back from the cliff)
  • Saadi Shirazi: The world is not a product of war.A happy teacher)
  • He knew very well the psychology of understanding people. (Who makes the world cry)
  • What a precious piece of bread. Only the hungry know its value. (Emre)
  • Now Miss Nilufer’s name was the woman who had found what she was looking for. (The woman found what he was looking for)

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