Alara Kosibei Is The Girl In The Glass Nalan or Sedat’s Husband Sam Ujan’s Life Story

It was claimed that Alara Kosibe, who returned to the agenda after many years with the TV series “Girl in the Glass” on Canal D, was the Nalan of the series. Following this claim, Alara Kosibay’s mother and father were shocked. The mother of 50-year-old Alara Kosibe is Maryam and her father is legendary Rally player Ren Kosibe. She married Sam Ujan in 1996 in a simple marriage in America. He has a daughter and a son.


Alara Kosibei was one of the most intriguing and researched names of the last days. It was claimed that Nalan was the main character in Canal D’s TV series The Girl in the Glass, Alara Kosibe. Alara Kosibe, who had an incidental marriage with Sem Uzan and suffered serious mental health problems after fleeing to Paris, also wondered about Alara Kosibe’s life and parents. Alara Kosibe’s mother, Miriam Kosibe, the daughter of a well-established family, was the driver of the legendary rally with her father, Ren Kosibe, who died in a 1993 traffic accident. Alara Kosibe, who has two children with Cem Uzan, is currently living abroad and the mother of 2 children. Alara Kosibe, who uses the almaocibey Instagram account, has 44,000 followers.

Same Ujan Alara Kosibe’s marriage: Rumelli Holding’s heirs, Sam Ujan and Alara Kosibe, who met through a friend in the summer of 1996, were married on November 5, 1997 in a formal wedding in the United States.

The couple survived with great difficulty; Alara Kosibei stood by her husband when the entire property of the family was confiscated by the SDIF and when Cem Uzan founded the Genç party and went on an election tour.

However, Ujan, about whom an international ‘red notice’ was issued, moved to Paris, ending the marriage. Although it was claimed that Kosibay had a relationship with a Greek footballer, Ujan did not remain inactive. Ujan, who posed for pictures with Bettina Makhler, began dating Dermin Marmarci in October.

It was known that Sam Ujan had not taken care of his wife before fleeing abroad, and had other women in his life, so he went to Alara Kosibe’s bodyguard and driver, who fell alone. With the advent of this harmony, Sam Ujan fled to Paris, leaving his wife with only one palace. Alara Kosibei, who was removed from everything, is rumored to have gone to Gulseren Budaisiolu because she had a mental illness at the time and was supported. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So, let’s not know Sem Ujan, who is called Sedat and Alara Kosibe, who is called Nalan …

Sedat and Nalan, the protagonists of the TV series “Girl in the Glass”, were an elite couple. Cem, a handsome young man whose father grew up out of poverty, and Alara, whose father is a respected man, forced their family to marry on the basis of a contract. They could not be happier in this marriage because Sem had met other people.

Alara Kosibe’s mother Maryam and father assembly player Ren Kosibe

Cem Uzan secretly escapes to Paris: When Sam neglected his marriage, Alara was given a palace as a gift, but Sam did not visit the palace very often. Over time, Alara began to get closer to her driver and bodyguard. The relationship was identified and presented to him when Sam Ujan was planning to flee to Paris with a US private security team.

Because they already had a marriage contract, they immediately divorced Mrs. Alara at no cost. In the process, Mrs. Alara became emotionally depressed and began seeking counseling from Mrs. Gulsaren.

Who is Alara Kosibe: Alara Kosibei was born in 1971 in Istanbul. He started his education in Istanbul. His father is Rally Athlete Ren Kosibe and his mother is Mary Kosibe. She has a sister named Seben Kosibaye. After finishing his high school education in Istanbul, he continued his university life in 3 different countries. He has studied interior architecture in Istanbul, London and New York. From her marriage to businessman Sam Ujan she had two children, Emre Ren and Yasmeen Paris. 13 years later, by accident, Alara Kosibay moved upstream.

The Alara Kosibei project includes the Polat Insat, Vanico, Ulus and Yeniko housing projects in Cadabostan and Lotus House. After her divorce from Cem Uzan, Kocibey re-entered the world of journalism with her personal life. Then his love affair with Erin Morova, ten years his junior, began.

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