Bilal Erdogan has announced the newly formed Traditional Sports Federation

Bilal Erdogan, president of the World Ethnosports Confederation, said: “The traditional wrestling federation has been established, its formation will begin. The traditional equestrian sports federation is established.

Bilal Erdogan has been rated as a guest on the “Ask Anadolu” program on Con TV.

Expressing optimism that young people are growing up well, Bilal Erdogan evaluates his work in traditional sports as follows:

“Our story about traditional sports is based on the Archers Foundation, the neighborhood where I spent my childhood, Okmeydanı. At that time, Okmeydanı was the name of the district, the bow was the name of the street, but we didn’t know anything about archers. No, no one in the neighborhood knew, but Nusrat Beraktar, a former mayor of Beyoglu, and the late Qadir Topba, of course, under the direction of our President, revived the archery tradition where they restored the old archery lodge, Bayazit 2 Foundation. A foundation was set up here to protect this place. The work we started at the Archers Foundation in 2012, we met with traditional archers. . “

Noting that they initially sought to revive Anatolian culture, but at the moment, they aim to revive the traditional sports of all countries, as the World Ethnosport Confederation, Bilal Erdogan said: Traditional sports did not survive against the big sports industry, we are here, so we briefly defended our javelin, we took our traditional archers from the mountainside, there are 300-500 people with a traditional bow like a hobby. Whether the arrow is shot or not, he is the first of the 65 federations to be in the top 20. He will probably be in the top 5.

Noting that when the nation watched his ancestors play, he came to the field and was interested, Bilal Erdogan continued:

“People are seeing javelin for the first time, archers with traditional bows for the first time, we are promoting our sport in Central Asia, such as root ball game, for the first time we have oil wrestling, for example, there is an incredible trend, its federation has been established. Traditional wrestling. Equestrian sports federation was established. Out of 65 federations there was one traditional sports federation, today there are 4. Therefore, it will ensure that traditional sports will become stronger in Turkey. Today we have an international sports wing based in Turkey ৷ a sports confederation is the world’s largest umbrella organization আম we are the sole authority in the traditional sport. It is also a good thing for Turkey’s soft power. “

Bilal Erdogan said that “growing opportunities in Turkey gradually began to take root in traditional sports,” adding that “Ankara has become an advantage, and Kayseri has become an advantage. Facilitation work continues in Gaziantep and Konya. You come as a family, some shoot arrows, some ride horses. “

Erdogan reminded Ezni that the World Nomad Games would be held in September:

“There have been very positive developments in the Turkish world. The Turkish Council was reorganized as the Organization of the Turkish States. Since the Soviet Union, the Turkish world has been close to each other. They have cultural, economic and political solidarity with each other. Games. It will be an event involving more than 80 countries. Our work in Turkey’s traditional world sport has played a significant role in the development of international law. He has played and I hope he will continue to play. “

“We inherit a very serious foundation of civilization.”

Bilal Erdogan said that Turkey is the inheritor of a very serious foundation civilization and “we are the inheritors of a very serious foundation civilization. We are working on what we can do to institutionalize, strengthen and create more transparent institutions in the foundations.” I worked to revive it. Of course. “We will reach out to more students. The vision, quality and perseverance of the students we reach today is much higher than 70 years ago. Thank God, we are proud of it. ” Evaluated her.

Noting the importance of Turkey’s well-educated youth and scientists being role models for their country and nation, Bilal Erdogan said: “We are trying to build people. We have our own culture, our identity and our identity. We will overcome them. And again, with God’s permission, we will take our place at the top. ” Says

About the TÜGVA attack

Regarding the attack on the Turkish Youth Foundation (TEGVA) with explosives in Gaziosamanpas, Bilal Erdogan said:

“Terrorists mean that militants are trying to achieve their goals through unprovoked attacks at the expense of government property and civilians. Generally, if we talk about a democratic society, democratic processes are clear, you fight among them. We also do education related work.” We share things with politics, we try to give direction, we make public statements and declarations. The values ​​that make this land our birthplace, why it became Anatolia, why it became a homeland, how it happened Earlier we talked about Manzikart and Alparslan. Do we think that this place will continue to be a homeland when it is isolated from what it does? Does Bilal Erdogan have anything to do with this place, if I target this place, I will lose power, etc .. But it is a sad sin, people give their children here. Hey, playing games. When parents say where my child is, they take coding lessons in TÜGVA’s innovation room and do something about robotic coding in the try-and-do workshop. He reads poetry, reads books. Targeting such a place is really terrorism, and unfortunately there are politicians in our country who support it. “

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