Dubai’s digital school initiative plans to connect 1 million refugee children to school by Euronews TR

Reuters. The Digital School initiative in Dubai has plans to connect 1 million refugee children to the school

There is a crisis of educational opportunities for refugees. According to the latest data from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, about half of the refugee children do not have access to education. This number is constantly increasing with the latest developments in the world.

Based in Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid has launched the Global Initiative Digital School, which is committed to change and change lives. The digital school project plans to bring 1 million refugees and disadvantaged children to school in the next 5 years.

The pilot phase of the digital school began in 2020. Officially, the first episode was launched this year in 5 countries: Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Mauritania and Colombia. More than 20,000 students are expected to be enrolled in the digital school. Besides, 500 teachers will be trained in the first year. It is expected to reach 1 million students in the next 5 years.

Omar bin Sultan Al Ulama, UAE’s Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Teleworking Applications, who is also chairman of the Digital School Board, told Euronews: Places that have connections are used While these benefits are not very good, we can at least provide access and service We download content on these tablets and provide educational courses on the tablets. “

Collaboration for the Future Digital School collaborates with more than 35 international organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, Harvard and the University of Arizona.

Digital School General Secretary. Walid al-Ali said, “We believe in collaboration and so our goal is to build unity for the future of digital education. Our approach is to bring together partners from different sectors like education, technology, academia, politics. We can do this. Make sure we have a more comprehensive model for that. ” He says.

The initiative collaborates with Dubai-based authorities such as Dubai Cares, Emirates Red Crescent. Together these organizations set up refugee camps or training centers in rural areas.

Agreements with the government have helped address a number of challenges, including providing local telecom providers with connections and free internet access.

Education for change Digital schools are tailored to the needs of each country and the national curriculum. Under the guidance of a teacher or assistant, digital learning materials are uploaded and learning is improved.

Digital school education director. Leslie Snowball says their approach helps students gain the flexibility and adaptability they need to best adapt to challenging situations. “It gives them the knowledge and skills they need for their immediate and long-term future. It puts them in the education system. With digital skills. Students will feel connected to the wider community and understand that the world really cares about them and their potential.”

Dr Walid al-Ali said teachers, students and assistants were shocked at the pace at which they had learned. “They think they’ll learn more slowly because they’re less fortunate and less fortunate. But they’re very smart. They’ve tasted it and are hungry for more,” Al Ali said.

The Jordanian refugee camp for Syrian refugees was part of the pilot episode. When it first started 2 years ago, it had 60 students, today it has more than 750 students enrolled.

Fatima El Gabaoui, herself a refugee, joined a 6-month training program to help the school. Mentioning that her experience has given her a sense of responsibility and initiative, Fatima told Euronews: “Digital schools help and empower them as they move from one stage to another. There are also world-renowned certificates issued by digital schools. Allow entry. It qualifies. “

Access to education and training can save lives. The digital school initiative, first in this case, and its potential outcome has raised a lot of hope for the future of these children and the development of the society in which they live.

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