Gulsaren Budaisioglu’s sincere confession – last minute

Speaking of himself at the beginning of the program, Gulsaren Budaisioglu described his character as follows; “My most important characteristic is that I am a curious person. I have never had a shortage of books in my life. I am an angry person from time to time, but this condition does not last long. Thank God. I am a sympathetic person. My favorite thing to write. I am such a person.” “I love people. I think people are very holy. I can’t throw away my own things. I’m such a person.” I open on one side and close on the other. My role in this. Life is always heard and understood by someone. It wasn’t just because of my profession. Even when I was not a psychiatrist, I was always in a position to listen, understand, and always try to comfort people. I almost forgot to say. My problem with someone. Since I’ve learned to talk to myself, I don’t feel alone. “

I have a baby that will grow up soon!

While telling the story of his childhood, Gulseren Budaisioglu expressed the following in the face of Gokhan Chinar; “I am sorry for baby Gulsaren and I love her so much. My childhood ended when my brother was born at the age of one and a half. I officially moved to another role as older sister in those years. Since my mother got married at a very young age, Or I became friends with my mother when I was six years old. I had a mother who wanted to share all her responsibilities with me. All of this has to do with a responsive structure. Let my mother love me, let my mother not be angry with me, and let me help my mother. I could do it. I had to grow up early. My mother had a sentence like this. I would tell her, “Mom, I can’t. He will answer me, “What are you going to do?” This sentence is ingrained in my soul. I have to do everything but you will always have this idea in my life. “

Things that I didn’t expand on have expanded my imagination

Going deeper into his childhood, Gulseren Budaisioglu continued his words thus; “My mother was a very sympathetic woman as well as harsh and ruthless. She was a very sympathetic and strict woman. You never broke my mother’s rules. We hurt a lot and it was very hard. However, she never gave up her support. Over the years, she has always been a pioneer for me throughout my life. For a very long time. I have lived with a mother. It has many advantages and disadvantages. Death is far away as long as your mother lives. When you lose your mother, Then death came to you. Then we grew up in the family. When I was young I couldn’t find anything to be angry about. I think we used to see Dad. Sundays and dinners. It was like a movie. Our house has been alive since the moment he came in. The time I spent with my father for dinner was wonderful. At that moment, my mother would look at my father and melt away happily. I love Gulsaren then. I could not live as a child. I was very happy in that environment, but I was always like a supportive mother. I even see it in my books. If I write a novel, I write a very detailed childhood story there. I still love listening to fairy tales. I have a great appreciation for these stories. My memory there sometimes makes me sad and sometimes makes me happy. It was very difficult to live with my mother during adolescence. Because of this, what I could not feel greatly expanded my imagination. My dream was endless. I had many colorful dreams. “

“I can’t save my doctor and my own father!”

Explaining the turning point of his life in the program, Gulsaren Budaisioglu says; “When I just started working as an assistant, I will never forget the moment I lost my father. My father was very precious to me. My name is a doctor and my father is dying. I can do nothing. I think you You can save him if you become a doctor. What can you do? My dad lived in the hospital where I worked. The moment I heard the news of his death, I went to see him. When I lost her, I was working on the other side. They told me that your patient came to me and there was nothing I could do. I went to my room and sat at the table. The lady came. He said to me, “Stop, girl, don’t mind. I’ll be back. What do you have You tell me. “I didn’t hear anything from me. The woman straightened up and pulled her seat towards me.” Tell me, my daughter. He said. She put it on my shoulder and cried. “Oh my daughter,” she said. She didn’t even comfort me, but she did share my pain. The woman was with me until I was relieved. Surrender, my daughter, you will feel more comfortable. “He said. He said,” I will come again. “When he left. I would feel half-hearted if he did not say this. The woman came to tell him. Speaking of my own. As an aunt from Yozgat, I wrote in all my books. How to be a therapist that day. I thought I needed someone who didn’t question me, who I thought understood me and shared my pain “Then I spent a lot of time with that aunt. She came and she left a lot. All my life I never forgot that aunt from Yojgat.” I learned what she expected from him. We try to understand the real. Problems of our patients. Our patients do not come to know their own problems. Usually, what they reveal to us is not their main problem. We try to find out where the bleeding is from the wound without making him feel too much like detectives. “

My dream is to come up with a red room

Gulsaren Budaisioglu said the following against the harsh criticism made about him; “My biggest inspiration was the following. I’ve worked for twenty years as a medical examiner in Ankara. My appreciation for the profession and the people has grown a lot. While treating them as much as possible, I learned a lot from them about life. Our country as a whole. Psychiatry does not know. Only I am a husband. I said that would not be enough to introduce me to this country. I was with thousands of people. I saw it as my hatred. What does psychiatry mean? Too expensive. You can’t go and finish your work all at once. You have to go. All the time. I was wondering what to do. A new state-affiliated system was started. I made room there. They responded to me. Not easily accepted. Then, when I was able to make the Red Room, I would like to thank Acun too. T Acun did not show up. With the Red Room, my dream came true. There is nothing to be ashamed of going to psychiatry. Those who criticize me are unable to make appointments. I worked hard. I am very proud that Turkey provides psychiatric services even further than Europe. My book is also written for this purpose. Privacy is very important in our profession. These are all adaptations. We are doing something with a true story that will destroy a person’s identity and diagnose them. The number of patients asking me to write has also increased, but I can’t do it. I’ve never done anything like this before. I can’t respect criticism. People need to know that a psychiatrist cannot do such a thing. Although I was annoyed at first, now I have given up. If you do something new, bring innovation to your country, you will be criticized whether it is right or wrong. I’m glad to be able to do something new. “

It was not easy to survive knowing that my wife would die

Speaking for the first time about his registered wife, Aydin Budaisioglu, Gulseren Budaisioglu said the following in front of Gokhan Chinar; “I always thought of my wife as my blood relative. Usually, husbands are hands-on. My husband has never been hands-on. He was one of us and my family. After six years of pure friendship with him, we became lovers. Also, at the beginning of our marriage, At the age of 29, my wife had a very serious heart attack. “The children were just babies. The doctors said that this man would die. They told me. Face. It was not easy to survive knowing all this. These things cannot be said. You can’t talk about this with your wife. We looked at each other and tried to understand each other. Your beloved wife and the father of your child. This is a difficult situation to describe. It was not easy to know that someone you loved so much would move away from you.

The girl in the glass was my job

Speaking about the television series he signed, Gulseren Budaisioglu said the following; “The Istanbul Bride Series was my first job in the sector. I was very excited. I was scared of Innocent Apartments. I wondered how much such a series could be bought. The Red Room, on the other hand, is very different. Others. The Red Room is a complete therapy It was a project for people looking for themselves. It was beautiful. I will never forget that show. The Girl in the Glass came out at the time I was making it. A television series. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. “

Gulsaren Budaisioglu's sincere confession!

Gulsaren Budaisioglu's sincere confession!

Gulsaren Budaisioglu's sincere confession!

Gulsaren Budaisioglu's sincere confession!

Gulsaren Budaisioglu's sincere confession!

Gulsaren Budaisioglu's sincere confession!

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