On the day of Arafat, on the way to the graveyard, they clashed and their trial began.

One person was killed in an armed clash between two hostile families last year while visiting a cemetery on the eve of Eid al-Adha in the Takopru district of Kastamonu. In the case filed in this case, 6 accused, out of which 3 were convicted, appeared before the judge.

The incident took place on the eve of Eid al-Adha last year in the village of Yavuk in the Taskopru district of Kastamnur. According to the information received, the two families were seen on their way to the graveyard due to a land dispute. The family got into an armed fight over the quarrel. Selahattin T was killed in an armed clash that lasted for about half an hour. Gendermary team arrested 6 people after the incident. SK, his brother UK and his brother-in-law I.A. He was arrested and sent to jail. From other families, MT, HT, ZT and Ş.Ş. He was released on bail pending trial.

After the incident, a case was filed against the accused in the Kastamnu High Criminal Court on charges of ‘premeditated murder and premeditated injury’. In the first hearing of the case, the court board heard the statement of the accused.

“If I wanted to kill them, I would.”

Defendant ST, who was arrested in self-defense, said, “We were sitting at the door the day before Eid al-Adha. There was a crowd of children at home. We were going to the cemetery. The masters were working at home. My brother left. He went to get his jacket and said, ‘ After firing three or four shots, my brother said, “I was shot. My brother’s shirt was bloodied. I tore his shirt in fear. I looked at him. He was wounded in the chest. Then they came home with gunshots. The bullets fired at the house pierced the walls. The children were crying in the room, they were scared. They told my wife to call Gender. The bullets they fired were passing by us. And took the cover. A gun was being fired at us, so I pulled out my gun and fired into the air. Then they fled back. The incident lasted for 25-30 minutes. “Gendarmerie came and arrested us. We did not ambush the children when they were at home. “I want to kill them, but I want to scare them.”

“They used to come to the village from time to time and cultivate the fields. I was also building a house in the village. He said, ‘Don’t give us a window next to us.’ I said, ‘There was a window in the old house,’ and the issue was closed. They said, ‘You’re going through.’ So I took back the land. It was closed again. But I have to put a scaffolding to build a house. So I called and asked for permission. They said, ‘OK.’ He also has some work to do. I was cursed for the third time and for breaking the scaffolding. My brother was with me too. My brother got angry and shot in the air with his rifle. While I was trying to calm him down, the rifle bullet hit the family. By

“They were shooting as if they were at war.”

Describing the incident on the way to the cemetery, UK said: “My jacket was at home. The artisans were working at home. I went home and first checked to see if there was any drainage. I came, where are you ‘. I was shot. I crawled up the stairs. I told my brother, don’t come upstairs, I was shot. I went downstairs with my rifle. I went home. My brother hugged me Asked about my wounds. We laid the kids on the ground, they started firing at the house. They were shooting as if they were fighting. Meanwhile, I said call Gendarmerie. 2 cartridges from 3 drawers. ” They were blown up by God. I threw it away without noticing. They were shooting at us. The bullets were going through the bricks. The incident lasted for about 25-35 minutes. I’m sorry that happened. I am newly married, I want my release, “he said.

“They wanted to kill us by design.”

Mentioning that their house had been shot down earlier, HT said, “They kept swearing outside. When we entered the house, my wife asked what had happened. We were going to the cemetery. As soon as we left the house, they started firing at us.” My father fell to the ground. I took the rifle and fired my rifle to protect my daughter. The rifle was in the car. We had no other weapon. The people at the crime scene were not ours. .And the UK was shooting at us. I answered them alone, I fired with a rifle. When the gendarmerie came, I dropped the gun. “There were shots. Rifle, but I stopped firing. They designed and wanted to kill us. If we fired first, the kids would go out and shoot. We didn’t even have guns. I loaded the rifle and fired. Otherwise they would have fired. He hit us. 3-4 times. “” I think I loaded the rifle. SK was in front of the car. I saw him and he saw me. He shot me and I noticed them, “he said.

“The purpose of the accused is to kidnap us from our village and fall on our land.”

Mentioning that he was called and cursed during Ramadan, MT said:

“He threatened me. He said I would kill you. They wanted to take our house. They had their eyes on our land. They fired at our house. They fired both pistols and rifles. We were going to see the cemetery that day. We were having tea. Dad was holding a cherry. My father was dead. ” He fell to the ground. We get out of the house and get in the car. As soon as they got into the car, the accused had rifles and pistols in their hands. Suddenly they started firing. I threw myself on the ground. When I came out of the target, I saw my father falling to the ground. No weapons. My father had a rifle, we were being shot. My wife grabbed the rifle and told us to call Gendarme. Because my grandfather was shot, he fell on my daughter. Otherwise, he was killing. Our daughter too. After firing for a while, they entered the house. Shot at our house before. My father also shot at their house. My wife was shooting at them with a rifle. There was only one rifle. These three shot. Their motive was to kidnap us from our village, they were like village mafias anyway. I’m sorry, they killed my father. I am also demanding my release. “

The court board, which heard the defendants and their lawyers, adjourned the hearing until July 4 to make a discovery at the crime scene and hear witnesses.

The court arrested the accused SK, UK and 8.A. And decided to continue the trial of MT, HT, ZT and 7.6. – Kastamonu

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