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April 17, 2019… I deliberately used more than three points. There was much more to learn from Dominic’s name. But it did not happen. My Lord loved him so much that he took him away from us. Don’t say who he is talking about. Of course, I’m talking about my teacher Hassan If. It’s been three years since you left us. May his soul rest in peace.
The Covid-19 outbreak, the ongoing complete shutdown in the fight against the epidemic and the ensuing economic crisis. Our businessmen who are angry and our people who are overwhelmed. For the first time in a long time, our people are spending Ramadan like this time. The month of Ramadan is the last week of this blessed month. Energy night in front of us and a vacation next week. Finally, the month of Ramadan came in unity and solidarity. There is a blessed night of strength that we will realize this week. I congratulate Turkey and the Islamic world in advance on the holiday of Ramadan.
Last week we celebrated April 23rd. All the children of the world, including the children among us, were happy that day. In our district, the festivities were celebrated in a way that matched the glory of the holiday. In short, we were as happy as the April 23 children.
Children are the continuity of a nation and a generation. In this case, the family is primarily responsible for his upbringing. A society made up of well-established children will look to the future with more confidence. In the hope that state administrators, who handed over their offices and seats to children, even for the April 23 moment, would look at “April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day” from this perspective.
Children’s love has always been one of the most sensitive values ​​in Turkish society. The Turkish nation, which fought for liberation before the proclamation of the republic, lost millions in the struggle, and Kazim Karabekir determined that about 50,000 orphans were in need of care. In 1919, these children were trying to survive in misery.
Kazim wanted to keep them alive through a project called “My Child’s Case” by Karabeki. To this end, Pasha started working socially, culturally and educationally. He wanted these thousands of orphans and orphans who lost their families in the war to have a job and serve the nation. The children of the martyrs have been given the responsibility of skill training as well as military training.
Kazim Karabeki brought orphans and orphans before Atatর্rk. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatুrk ordered the establishment of vocational schools for children.
On March 6, 1917, the Istanbul Himaye-i-Itfal Society was founded. The organization had the same goal as the children’s organization founded by Kazim Karabeki. Are dealt with more closely. The Himaye-Itfal Society began commemorating April 23 as Children’s Day.
Dominion Day, which became the first holiday of the new Turkish state on April 23, 1921, began to be celebrated as National Sovereignty Day and Children’s Day in the following years. The banquet, where the Ministry of National Education and Turkish Hearts took an active part, occasionally carried out various activities for a week. Name this holiday after 1980; It has been designated as “April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day”.
Due to ignorance or indifference towards the basic values ​​of the republic, this holiday given as a gift to the orphans of the martyrs from time to time was not well received. However, to make orphans happy, to commemorate our martyrs, should be everyone’s national duty.
Atatুrk addressed the orphans as follows: “Little lady, little gentleman! You are a rose, the star and the light of future destiny. You will make the country shine. “
In short, the nation builds their future for what they teach their children. Children; They carry their national culture into the future through education from family, school and environment.
In short, April 23 is a turning point in the history of Turkey, where the Turkish nation cries out for its independence to the whole world with the prayers of orphans and orphans. Today’s children will take charge of tomorrow’s civil and administrative authorities. In this sense, I congratulate all the children of the world, especially the children of martyrs and the elderly, on the 23rd of April, National Sovereignty Children’s Day, on the 102nd anniversary of the inauguration of our Veterans Assembly. Be well.

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