3D healing! Titanium parts have been restored to its former appearance

The life of 45-year-old Sifatsi, a father of two living in Istanbul, turned into a nightmare when a thief broke into his house. Çiftci’s body and skull, which fell from the window of his house on the 3rd floor with the thief who was fighting, his body and skull were badly damaged.

The skull of Çiftçi, who was able to survive after months of intensive care and 2 years of many surgeries, was restored with the replacement of a special titanium skull piece produced by the Medical Design and Production Center (METÜM) at the University of Health Sciences (SBU). . ) Training and Research Hospital at Gulhan.

Explaining his experience in the process to the AA reporter, Çiftci said that on his birthday, while they were at home with his wife and children, a thief broke into their home. That’s why nothing happened to him, he escaped from the wall he climbed. The incident remains unresolved, unfortunately the thief was not found. “

– “Doctors say ‘miracle man has come for me'”

Noting that he went through a lengthy treatment process after the incident, Çiftci said he survived about 6 months in intensive care and 2 years with many surgeries.

Noting that the doctors saw a 10 percent chance of survival, the farmer said, “When I went to the hospital, the doctors told me, ‘Miracle people have arrived.’ “At that time, I didn’t really understand what was happening because I was in so much pain. I was always dizzy and black. No. ” Says

– “Everyone who sees me is constantly smiling as I go out.”

Explaining that the loss of his skull was due to both his health problems and his appearance, Çiftci continued as follows:

“I wore a hat all the time to catch germs, and when I went out, those who saw me always laughed, ‘Look at this.’ They would say something like, “After the last surgery, the place where the skull was replaced, it’s gone. I’m fine now, my head is back in shape. People used to look at it weirdly, ‘How’s that? Man’s head?’ They were talking. Thank God I got well. “

– “As if nothing bad had happened”

Mentioning that he is in good health as before the event, Çiftçi said, “Now I work diligently like in the old days. It has never been so unfortunate. I have only platinum in my body. My employers are satisfied with it, and I am satisfied. I try my best.” I work overtime on the weekends. In other words, the one who was called dead is working now. ” Used phrases.

– “We see that 83% of the skull has no volume”

Lecturer of Brain and Nerve Surgery Clinic of SBU Gulhan Medical Faculty, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ozkan Tehli noted that before applying to the hospital, Sifatsi underwent various surgeries at various centers due to a broken skull and bleeding in the brain.

Noting the size of the damaged part of Çiftci’s skull, Tehli said, “When he came to our hospital, we found that 64% of the surface of খুলiftci’s skull and 83% of its volume were missing. After our examination, we planned surgery for our patient. ” He said.

Explaining that before the operation the patient had damage to the skull due to balance problems, inability to walk, memory loss and visual, writing and speaking disorders, “We have seen that the patient’s complaints begin to decrease after surgery. About 90 percent of the complaints have been returned. ” Shared his knowledge.

Emphasizing that surgery is important not only to improve the physique of patients but also to alleviate their neurological problems, Tehli said, “The surgery we perform is very effective in improving blood circulation to the brain. The flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain. Patients with a deteriorating nervous system. ” Says

– Special models are made for patients with 3D printers

METUM’s director Prof. Dr. Simel Ayyıldız also explained that medical implant centers are designed and manufactured using 3D printers.

Noting that these products are specifically manufactured for individuals and are used in large bone lesions, Ayyıldız said, “Medical implants can be used in cases of damage to a thoracic cavity or skull. They are used in cases where the lesions cannot be removed. Cannot purchase or use existing artificial devices. ” Gave information.

Ayyıldız said they examined the patient’s details before preparing the piece for বড়iftçi’s large skull damage and said:

“After the patient information and tomography reached our center, the lost areas of the patient were 3Dized using various special software. Later, this model was extracted from the 3D printer. Thus, the physician was able to see the site of damage. He was in surgery. Produced later. Medical implants will be created by our engineers with special software. “After creating replacement models and with physician approval, titanium implants are created and surgically implanted. Patient. “

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