The health minister called the medical students of Coca-Cola

Fahrenheit met with assistant physicians and students studying in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at a program held at the Atatুrk Congress Center at the Adnan Menderes University.

Minister Coca has revealed that being at the university in the name of Adnan Menderes has made him emotional.

Revealing that he was not aware of the day of the execution when Menderes was taken from his cell to Imrali Island, Koka said: “He asked where he was taken. They said so. This combination of hope and falsehood, going to the hospital and hiding behind death must be a strange manifestation of fate. Despair, I don’t know. ” He said.

Referring to the research he did before he came here, Koka learned that assistants had to use the restroom during shifts. He said he would personally address the issue.

“My ministry’s struggle for every incident of violence is unknown.”

Dokankan Kilik, an emergency doctor at Didim State Hospital, recalls that in December last year, a drunken man was raped, Coca said:

“As with all incidents of violence, we have focused on this, and have taken the initiative to provide the necessary information and evidence to apprehend the suspects who were released. My ministry’s struggle for each incident of violence is not well known. A case of violence against the Assistant Director of Health is being pursued by our lawyers. We try to provide necessary assistance to our victims. The provincial-based framework I have mentioned is under my coordination. It is true that these processes do not satisfy our sense of justice. Existing law, unfortunately, does not allow for the detention of members of the judiciary in a significant part of the case. “

“Crime is attractive to media, punishment is not attractive”

Emphasizing that decisions that are strong enough to reduce violence efforts should be disseminated and announced as much as possible, Koka said:

“Social media and other media should be used effectively for this purpose. There is nothing more valuable than being part of the solution in an environment surrounded by problems and grievances. It is against us that the notion that violent health crimes are common. The results, in some cases, fill our sense of justice. The perpetrators of the violence targeting two assistant doctors at Denizli Pamukkale Medical Faculty Hospital have been sentenced to 8 years and 5 months in prison. There are those who think they can explain it with the phrase ‘I lost myself for a moment.’ Unfortunately, crime is attractive to the media, but punishment is not attractive. Unfortunately, the way violent crime is handled encourages crime. I request your cooperation. Hopefully no new crime will be committed. Lama will be arrested for the crime. Don’t leave unwanted. We should all share that news.

“Fate cast me into the role of Operation Man.”

Note that it is a fact that the number of pre-trial detainees is not high among the perpetrators of violent crimes, Coca said:

“In fact, we know that there is an advanced justice system capable of overcoming all our problems, from violence to abuse cases, from low pay to heavy and long transfers. Rest assured, young doctors whose brothers or sisters you will not be. Go through the same situation.” Maybe you just think of them. You’ll survive. Fate has given me the role of an Operation Man. I prefer the word to action. “

“Our problems are grouped under 5 headings”

Mentioning the major health issues in five headings, Minister Koka said: “We see the loss of professional dignity, violence, misconduct, personal rights, especially in wages and the work environment. But there are other points. “He respected the doctor more than he does today, when he had no special need to protect the law. Today, for example, the problem of violence both degrades dignity and as the dignity of the profession diminishes, so does violence. “

Recalling that an important step had been taken in Parliament against the crime of violence against health, Koka continued:

“A regulation has been passed by the Parliamentary Justice Commission, but in the eyes of many of our friends, they were like ships passing by at night. Maybe we didn’t explain it enough. The crime of intentional injury is a catalog crime. There will be far more serious offenses in terms of procedure অপরাধ the crime of injuring a health worker is now grouped under the same heading as serious offenses such as intentional homicide, torture and incitement to suicide ৷ So that the public service is disrupted, the punishment is increased. “

Noting that developments related to malpractice are important in the history of Turkish medicine, Koka said: He will not compensate for the problems that may arise.

As a physician, assistant physician, specialist physician, not as a physician or minister, he is willing to express concern about livelihood, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also expressed his desire for personal rights, especially salary improvement, and expressed his determination. In all matters. Drawn.

“I will be your colleague as long as I live.”

Referring to the seizure problem, Coca noted that it is not a problem that they can completely overcome and its solution will spread over time. “But the 36-hour shift is far from humane. It’s a very heavy burden.” I know my duty to you. I’m sure I’ll be back in Ankara, with new responsibilities, at the ministry building, “he said.

Coca then answers students’ questions.

Aidin Adnan visited the governor’s office in Coca-Cola, before his program at Menderes University. Coca-Cola has visited gynecology and pediatrics hospitals and listened to the concerns of healthcare professionals and patients.

Ramzan performed noon prayers at the Pasha Mosque and met shopkeepers after Koka.

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