Trabjanspar News: Storm is rising in the championship game! Here are 11 possible

4 weeks before the end of the Super League, leader Trabjanspar took to the field for the championship today. The Black Sea Giants will have a happy ending if they do not lose to Antalyspor in a match starting at 20.30. Coach Abdullah Avicii put the historic pre-match work very hard. The experienced coach told his players that in the last 10 matches of the league the opponent had a serious break and he has done a very serious job both in terms of visibility and performance on the field.

We will announce

Avcı also gave the following speech to his players yesterday: “From the beginning of the season, we had a holy fight that we wanted to win the championship trophy. Your dedication, effort and effort will never be erased from our memory. A final touch is needed now.” To play. This is our first holiday, this game will be the announcement of the championship we deserve. “

Here is Travzonspor – Antalyaspor Match 11

Ahmet Can

Eastern Blood
The sky is the limit

Two goals in one match

Trabzonspor, who will play in the championship game with Antalya, has another account. Storm, who have lost twice in 34 league games this season, suffered their first defeat in the 16th week against Antalya. Krishna wants to see the giant account of the sea.

The series will be completed

There are 2 teams left that have not lost in the Super League this season. Defeating 17 of their 19 opponents, the burgundy-blue men could not win against Antalya and Basakehir. Today, Antalya will play Basakehir last week, and he wants to complete the series.

The first 15 weeks are not characteristic

In the first 15 weeks of the league, leader Trabzonspar was unbeaten, where he started well. He has collected 39 points with 12 wins and 3 draws. The burgundy-blue people experienced their worst periods in the 30th and 33rd weeks, with 1 loss and 3 draws in the 4-week period.

28 weeks lead

The storm, 34 weeks behind, sat in the leadership seat for 28 weeks. Trabzon, in first place in the first and third weeks of the league, defeated Fenerbahce 3-1 in the 9th week and held the lead for 26 weeks.

After 11 seasons Anatolia

Together with Trabzonspor, an Anatolian team will win the championship after 11 seasons. After becoming the Bursa champion in 2009-10, 5 times in Galatasaray, 3 times in Beşiktaş, 2 times in Fenerbahce, 1 time in Medipol Başakşehir.

3 champions in Super League

Only 3 names have won the Sport Toto Super League Championship. Beşiktaş became the name of Dorukhan and ISmail, and Başakşehir’s Visca became the championship trophy in Turkey.

I told the teacher

Bahadur Gunes, who played for the Trojans in the 1983-84 season, announced that he had told Abdullah Avicii at the start of the season that they would be champions. Güneş, who currently runs Afyon, says Avcı told him, “Well, tell me what you want from me.”

He did not lose to the big three

The Black Sea Giants were unbeaten against three of their biggest rivals this season. (3 wins, 3 draws). Storm has ended an unbeaten season against three of its biggest rivals since 2019-2020, where it has won 3 wins and 3 draws as of this season.

24 players for the first time

In the Black Sea Giant, 24 players will win the championship for the first time. Abdulkadir, Ahmetkan, Arda, Batuhan, Berat, Perez, Ers, Emrehan, Enis, Quetta, Hussein, Kausi, Kerem, Siopis, Hamsik, Muhammad, Murat Sem, Salih, Serkan, Taha, Puchakz, Ugurkan, Yunus and The top league will strategize.

F. will hold the garden

If Trojan wins today, it will be Fenerbahce’s first-ever championship record. The title of the team that has declared the championship belongs to Fener. With three weeks left in 1967-68, 1969-70 and 2013-14, Canary reached its happy ending.

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