Today is a holiday, get up early friends

I usually post this title every weekend.

Because I love so much and something comes to my mind automatically. One week before each holiday, I sing our brother Barish’s song, “Today is a holiday, get up early friends, let’s wear the most beautiful clothes, we have fresh flowers in our hands, let’s not bother our mother today”.

It remains to be seen how much Baris Manco has influenced our time. Impossible to forget. I hope we have more Baris Manso in our lives. Let us think of love, strength and positive thinking. At that time, famous names always had a power. There was always beauty.

There was always positivity.

Although the famous generation, which we call the Z generation, interprets the holidays as mere “holidays,” the joy of the holiday is still fresh in our minds.

Yes, I mean, as a child of Baris Manco’s age, the messages he gave on the screen have been passed down from generation to generation, but unfortunately the new world is blocking it as well.

In the past, he would not go anywhere, especially at Candy Feast, he would stay in Istanbul and I would definitely make breakfast that morning when my dad would come over for the feast prayer. Even if I lived in a separate house, nothing would stop me.

But now I don’t have much excitement and unfortunately it is getting less. I’m so sorry, but life, the world, the events are tiring.

Then I say, “Okay, we’re tired, okay, Baris Manco’s energy is missing on the screen. But we still have to feel this excitement, the kids have to live, teach and feel.”

Because today, the biggest lack of love, respect and patience is unfortunate !!!

I wish you this holiday. Hopefully, we will stop remembering the holidays we missed and spend the holidays we look forward to in the future. Let’s have a more beautiful, enjoyable and tasteless holiday.

Today everyone hugs, kisses, hugs each other. I would say, “Let the criminals be at peace,” but that doesn’t seem very possible these days. Because the ego of today’s people is also peaceful. Mashaallah he is in a very good condition. He does not remember or know how valuable it is. Nor did he say “a coffee has 40 years of memory”.

And no one will reconcile. We are going through a time when no one should deceive each other. I will not fool you either. But at least kiss the hands of your adults and the eyes of your children, sir. Give a handkerchief, a small pocket money if you have the chance. You can even buy holiday gifts for your loved ones. These are still good things. Don’t look at those who don’t see.

They shouldn’t do it.

For example, I don’t know how accurate it is to talk about the iPad youth handkerchief. But we children played in the streets, getting pocket money in handkerchiefs.

Our elders used to pocket money between starch and iron handkerchiefs. Of course, our handkerchiefs would get dirty by evening because we would go out and play in the streets.

Imagine us kids playing freely, fearlessly, on the street.

Now, we almost never let kids look out the window, let alone play in the street. Most of them live in shelters.

This body also felt the Covid period. How can we set our children free? We are out of sight.

On holidays when we were children;

We used to go from house to house collecting handkerchiefs.

We played on the streets like crazy and enjoyed our childhood. We would jump rope, play hopscotch.

– We wore our festive attire very early in the morning.

-We used to put our festive clothes on our beds at night.

– We would stand in line in the morning and get holiday allowance.

-We used to collect sweets and chocolates from the house we used to go to and eat them.

On the way back from vacation we slept in the back seat of the car. I still can’t find that sleep. Let me know if you find any. I

At the suggestion of lawyer Altan Mimir, “Come on girls, let’s go on holiday, let’s detox”, on Saturday we locked ourselves in Bodrum Le Meridien with 4 female friends. We will detox for four days.

We will cleanse both our body and our soul.

Today is the third day. I haven’t seen the bedroom yet. For me, coming to the bedroom means feeling both day and night. Less sleep means more travel and more fun. But this Bodram travel is different.

Is it going well? It’s beautiful in my opinion. Food for my life. I wasn’t too hard. It is quite good in food. Chefs are preparing table-like plates. They serve low-calorie foods so much that at least you wouldn’t say, “What is it, they have no taste, they have no salt. They are very cheesy.” They are not like diet food. It’s going pretty well.

I think every program made with both detox and female friends is very nice and enjoyable. Especially if there are like-minded female friends who have no whimsy, no bad mood, that’s great.

And then, “Oh, is it like this?”, “What happened to it?”, “What happened to it?” You chat freely.

We’ve been on vacation together before. We enjoyed it very much. In this group; No “I just talked here. Shall I hear somewhere else?” No problem. You talk freely, you talk, you hang out. What else!

And we four women locked ourselves in Bodrum on the third day of detox. And we are not allowed to eat or drink for two more days. But you enjoy.

With your family, friends, acquaintances … eat, drink, have fun, smile and even laugh.


Don’t worry about anything bad in this world full of chaos. Unfortunately, terrible things happen in life.

Take a nap, here, here, there, on this short vacation, for example. Lots of dancing. Let yourself go

After Thursday, we are all excited when we talk about traffic, pressure, pay, growth, business plans.

And we get very tired when we say whether there is an election or an alliance.

Let’s enjoy the holiday to the fullest, can’t we?

Many artists will be on stage today and on holidays. Enjoy …

Happy Holidays ….

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