Ali Kok: It’s time to return to consciousness on July 3 – TRT Spore

Ali made a statement at a meeting held at the Farooq Ilgaz Facilities in Fenerbahce for the Coke Club’s 115th anniversary and celebrations.

Noting that the entire Fenerbahce community is celebrating its holiday, Coke said: “We all have to go back to the consciousness of July 3. Because they found the square empty. It’s time to show that the square is not empty.” Used phrases.

Note that as a club, they hold a traditional celebration on the third day of the holiday, but since it coincides with the founding anniversary, they consider it appropriate to celebrate on the second day of the year, Koç continued:

“Today is our day. With more than a century of history, Turkish sports pioneers, training thousands of athletes, sending the most athletes to the Olympics, playing a vital role in the country’s independence and establishment have shown that it is much more than a sports club. The biggest club in the country. We celebrate the 115th anniversary together, the 104th anniversary of the great leader Atatুrk’s historic visit to our club. Creates a just position. Its greatest strength is the strength of its community. Our sapling, which sprouted in 1907, has become a giant psychmor today. I did not give up, I am happy Fenerbahce, long-lived Fenerbahce. “

In the last match Trabzon drew attention to the opening of the shares and banner, Ali Kos said:

“The atrocities we’ve witnessed, looting, breaking the rules, not being ashamed, even trampling on the values ​​of the country as a celebration in the name of a championship, have now come to a point where Fenerbahce fans have to be. Struggle. The first match we played this season “After the match, I told reporters outside the stadium that we were in Fenerbahce as supporters. , We have to fight for our rights. A few months later, at the stage we have reached today, I would like to reiterate that this call is much more valid and should be acted upon as soon as possible. I want If I didn’t feel compelled to say so. “

“You can understand what a protective shield means.”

Ali Kok says the Trabzonspor club did what they wanted under the protection shield they provided and that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The president of the Fenerbahce club insisted that what he meant was better understood by the information he shared with the community on Thursday. “Whether it’s a championship post or a banner, don’t look at them one by one, don’t look at them from the big window, and don’t be surprised. With the courage to give a protective shield. I will share it with you on Thursday. With the information you can understand what I mean, you can even understand what the shield means. ” He said.

Explaining that the content of the punitive referrals to be announced should be carefully considered, Koç said:

“Today, there are punitive referrals. How will they be protected from those referrals? Will there be a report on the attack mentioned by the president of Antalispor? Will there be more spectators than the capacity of the stadium? When the test is done, you will see if the cameras have been checked. You will also decide if the report has been tampered with. Consider what would have happened if a similar incident had taken place. You know better than I do that the time has come and gone to defend the rights of this sacred community. Usually in a different environment, in a match like this you all know what the TFF will do if something happens. It happened in the past. I will tell you all this on Thursday. Today You’ll see what happens at night discipline disciplines. “

“Communities are not so excited for the championship”

Ali Kok used the following statement about Trabzon’s will to play their last two games in Istanbul:

“They will show this courage too. Congregations are not so motivated for the championship. Yes, there is a federation, there is a ministry, but I am afraid that their protective shield is stronger than all of them. I do. Don’t be angry with them, naturally.” Naturally, they don’t see how exciting they’ve been with the inspiration of not being champion for 38 years. But I will tell you on Thursday that it is more important not to sow hatred. The unity of this country than any championship. “

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