‘I appeal to those whose consciences are hardened from here; Do not be deceived by the blessings of the world.

Home Minister Suleiman Soylu and AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were present via video conference. “We are together, we are with Idlib” He spoke at the inauguration and turnkey ceremonies of the briquette houses built with the help of AFAD as part of the campaign.

“God, our religion and our faith have an order for us, we are brothers,” said Soylu. “It’s not just an area where briquette houses are opened. It’s a place where there are objections against a world plundered by wealth, against a world where the oppressed are silent in the face of oppression, against a hypocritical world and where voices are raised.” Says

“85 million hearts of Turkey are here”

Noting that Turkey has built a “support bridge” in the region, they have opened 77,000 designed, 57,000 completed, 9,000 moving and 50,000 relocated homes, Soylu said:

“Here, our president instructed, ’20, 000 brick kiln houses will be built. ‘Together we have mercy. When we were united, our president saw us and said,’ We are increasing this to 50,000 briquette houses’. Now he saw. A while ago.” He said in his speech, “We are increasing the number in this region from 50,000 to 100,000 with God’s permission.” , I was in the cabinet. He asked, “How many briquette houses will you build? Put your hand in your pocket, help. The salary you get is our brothers. “He gathered the assembly and said,” I will see you all. How many brickyards will build houses for our brothers? ”He said,“ Each of our ministers, viziers and deputies in 81 provinces has the signature of contribution, support and brotherhood.

“We will finish 100,000 houses by the end of the year.”

Giving details of their work in the area, Soylu said, “We have not only designed 77,000 houses here. We have built 57,306 houses, 9,700 houses are under construction, we are starting work on 10,000 houses. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instructed Here we have completed 50 schools, we have run 23 schools, a total of 73 schools.We have completed 26 mosques, we have continued 24 and we have built 10 health facilities, we have continued 13. We have built 11 social facilities, we have built 7 of them. We have completed 7 parks. “We are building 18 playgrounds. We have built 21 reactors, we are running 13 reactors. We have 36 water wells built, we are running 4 water wells, ”he said.

Noting that Erdogan had instructed him about the region, Seoul said: “The roads inside the briquette house were dirty. He told me, ‘You will soon make them all of wood, for my brothers will have no shortage of things.’ There was water, there was electricity, we brought each of them here. God bless you. “You reminded us again. We know that we are being tested in the sight of God. You did not help us. Failed this test. “ He said.

“Don’t be fooled by the benefits of this world.”

Saylu says:

“Westerners are colonizing, we are together with Rohingya Muslims in Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. We are in Ukraine. Persecution is going on everywhere in the world. Accountability, both in this world and in the hereafter … “We must tell humanity what needs to be done, we must be united for it. Just as God has commanded. “

After his speech, Soylu prayed and connected with other camps via video conference and received information about the work. Representatives of non-governmental organizations also spoke on the occasion and provided information on their work.

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