“More than 100,000 people took part in the celebration” – TRT Spor

In the 35th week of the Sport Toto Super League on Saturday, April 30, images of fans celebrating Trabjanspar announcing the championship with a 2-2 draw with Fraport TAV Antalispor have become the talk of both national and international platforms.

Pictures of the championship celebrations, which were supported by organizations led by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, were shared by many categories, especially FIFA, and attracted a lot of interest.

In a statement to the AA correspondent about the championship celebrations, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Jorluolu said that many years later, Trabzon took the reins of the championship.

Emphasizing this important achievement of the burgundy-blue team, which has come year after year, Zorluolu added that it was on the national and international agenda with celebrations in the square and in different parts of the city. Says

Recalling that they had celebrated the championship in places other than Trabzon Square, Jorluolu continued:

“There were 10,000 people in the stadium, more than 20,000 people watching the match and celebrating at the Trabzon Nations Gardens. Lots of people, 10,000, in every street, avenue and square in this city, again in 18 of our districts, and in many cities in Turkey and Istanbul. The championship was celebrated entirely in Turkey. We said that the championship would be celebrated for the first time in 81 provinces. In fact, the championship was celebrated in 81 provinces. But it was very special in Trabzon. No, it’s a trend around the world. It was a great light show, and 100,000 men and women of all ages and backgrounds came together. “

With football played by Trabzonspor; With his management, technical committee, supporters, organization, city, off-field and off-field organization, he finally declared himself worthy of the championship, Zorulu said, “We believe that this is a very important and very proud thing. We congratulate our Trabjanspar for the championship.” He said.

“100,000 people have fun together in peace and tranquility”

Noting that there was no public order and unrest at the celebration, Zorluolu said, “100,000 people have enjoyed together in peace and tranquility. This is a great benefit for Trojan and our country. I would like to thank our citizens and supporters.”

Noting that the celebrations have greatly contributed to the promotion of Trabzon, both nationally and internationally, Jorluolu said, “We, as a metropolitan municipality, have made this celebration. The municipalities supported these organizations I would like to thank all the organizations that have created this organization, especially the Metropolitan Municipality. Good luck to our city again. “

Noting that they have been celebrating the championship for some time, Jorluolu said, “We have organized many similar events in the square area and around the stadium, both big and small. Our DJs and stage performers were ready. On the other hand, our fans So, before their rehearsal, it was held in a small organization, we performed that great enthusiastic celebration and indeed, Alhamdulillah, a great organization that made a sound around the world. Our Trabzon is a great contribution and will continue to be. ” Evaluated her.

Noting that they have managed a great organization in peace and tranquility without war, noise and weapons, Jorluolu said, “Now, our goal is to achieve something bigger than that. I hope we will be able to do better with all our organizations.” Trabzonspor Club and City. Such an organization will continue in future matches. ” He finished saying.

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