The dance of earth and fire is crowned with ceramic

Manisa (UAV) – Dance of clay and fire is crowned with ceramic

ManisaThe ceramic course opened in Turkey attracts a lot of attention

Although it is an expensive course due to its materials, ceramic trainees want to attend the course again and again.

In the open ceramic course at MANISA – Manisa, trainees, who have witnessed the journey of ceramics of clay and fire, both improve their hand skills and relieve fatigue and stress throughout the day. Trainees, who make art work out of clay mud, enjoy learning something new every day as they deal with difficult and demanding industries.

Shahjadela Municipality The Ceramics course, one of the only open courses in partnership with the Shehzadella Public Education Center in the historic Kurşunlu Han, attracts a lot of trainees. The trainees, who turn a piece of clay into a work of art, improve their hand skills while socializing and relieving the stress of the day.

“Students feel good”

Berin Akdogan Koskun, the master instructor of the ceramic course jointly opened by the Shehzadella Municipality and the Shehzadella Public Education Center, said: I have been working on art for a long time. Everyone has a story that starts from their childhood, and my passion for art starts from childhood. I continue this art ironically. The success of those who fall in love with their work is a bonus. People feel good and comfortable. In their industry, they make different products as objects, as food for their home. They develop their hand skills here, they socialize together. Whenever they come they learn something new. They move on to different jobs step by step and they are aware of it. When they first come, they are afraid of what I can do, but its They do not want to be frustrated if they cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. “

“Dance of the Earth and Fire”

Noting that in the course they witnessed the dance of clay and fire, Coşkun said, “When our ceramic clay is a mud on stage, we take it to modeling. After modeling, there is the drying stage and its sanding stage. When sanding and drying is finished, we all Let’s go downstairs and wait anxiously. All our trainees are anxiously waiting to get out of the oven, but the excitement never ends. Throw it back in the oven. It’s even more exciting. The secret thing is like the name of the glass, you don’t know how it will come out of the oven. It amazes us. We call it the dance of the earth and fire. We create models and decorations that we use in both modeling and food products. We have trainees of all ages. I also do night courses for their staff. We have kids too. They can start this course from the age of 3 and develop skills. She is drinking. Among my current trainees is our 6 year old trainee. In previous years, I had a trainee at the age of 80. “He said trainees of all ages showed interest in the course.

“Expensive but satisfactory results”

Koskun said that although the materials used in the ceramic course are expensive, the trainees want to take part in the course again and again. When people come here, they feel relieved. We forget everything while doing our job. “

“I love what I do.”

Coşkun explained that his love for art also influenced the trainees, saying, “I work a little in a sculptural style. Ceramics, bowls, cafe bowls are usually made of objects, but I focus on sculpting in my own work. My last work was called Akakiz. While doing it, my trainees were impressed. I witnessed it and I do it with love. Because I fell in love with my work, I fell in love with my art. I do great work. My work is a kind of sculpture. Horses are my last work, but before that, my work on elephants, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, such details of ceramics enter the sculpture a little and “It’s going out of ceramics I’m going to the sculpture department as well.” I do my job with the utmost love, and it is reflected in my trainees. They have the same motivation to create work as I do, “he said.

Latif Gurbuz, who attended the course with his mother, said, “I love spending time with you. Let’s make ceramics together and relax. I was already interested. My mother researched it and we decided to come here. I made the wish tree and my mother made the fish dish. ” Says

“We do it with love and enthusiasm.”

Serpil Gurbuz, who attended the course with her daughter, said: “I am attending the ceramic course at Kurusunlu Han. We do incredible work with my teacher Berin. Every time I return home, I return with happiness and peace. It makes us happy to work, keep them at bay and wait for the downside results. We do it with love and enthusiasm. I invite everyone to join these courses. I recommend to everyone. This course takes away your boredom, sadness and grief. You immerse yourself in a different world. The potential for public education is truly limitless. There are different courses for everyone’s skills and tastes. ” I think everyone should benefit from these free courses. “

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